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(Nely, Rational Culture Student from Brasília, DF – BR)


Hello Friends, Save!

Read the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT and live rationally, consistently living a balanced life, with patience, always acting in favour of everything and everyone, realizing how you should live and accept the other, through the knowledge of the rational messages given by the SUPERIOR RATIONAL. You’ll know that everything bad that ever happened and that is happening in your life is a result of the action of the magnetic energy, which is the pure evil.

The magnetic energy put against each other, to provoke the misunderstandings, the imbalance and the outburst – until you come to blows!

If everyone could understand that all the fights and discussions are caused by the negative energy, humanity would try to walk into harmony, with patience and understanding.  Everyone would know how not be disturbed by negative circumstances like problems that occur unexpectedly, through things purposely placed in their day to day, to allow the entry of the negative energy in their lives.

My friend, with the knowledge of the RATIONAL CULTURE that will not affect you, by the fact that you will be protected by the RATIONAL ENERGY of the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

People who are actuated by the negative energy are misfits, are disturbing people that require amends for anything that happens.

So, buddy, try studying the rational culture, to recognize how is the behavior of the people actuated by the negativity, by the lack of balance, by the lack of understanding and coexistence. Improve your life avoiding live in this confusion of thoughts and allow yourself to live the harmony of the reasoning, as a civilized being.

And as no one see the energies, they easily fall on those setbacks of life, which can only be avoided in the reading of the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT of the RATIONAL CULTURE, meant for those who want to have a RATIONAL life, a peacefulness life!

So, wake up, buddy, for the rational knowledge!

Read the book is the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, to learn how not falling in the traps of the negative energy.



Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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