Friends, SAVE! (*)


Do you have noticed the seizure that every day more spreads around the world?

Of course you have! The news never came so fast to our attention, as they arrive now by the advancement of electronics.

The human being has never been so unbalanced, so lost, feeling so threatened and insecure.

The disagreements, the misfits, the lack of confidence in everything and even in itself, the growing violence, the monstrosities, the corruption of leaders and followers, drugs and all of this negativity, are evidence that something very serious, that never happened before, is alarmingly dominating and spreading in the four corners of the world.

And nobody can find solution. Hence, all people are feeling lost, because evil is widespread over all heads.

And what is that? What’s happening?

The person feels weakening. She senses that something inside of her is dying. And search forms and ways to feel alive. Because to feel the death is what of worse exists for people, which never accepted the suffering and the death.

At this point, in desperation to feel alive, people throw themselves looking for support, looking for any pretexts that could bolster them.

But all in vain! Why?

Because this upheaval in the world, which is a consequence of this human weakness, is caused by a CHANGE of COMMAND in the ENERGY of the world we live in. And everyone suffer the same consequences because we are all in the same boat.

Please pay attention to this: it was the Nature that changed! Nature, the owner of everything and everyone, until 1935, commanded their deeds through the electric and magnetic irradiation. Everything and everyone are, and always were, commanded by energies, being devices of the energies, the electric and magnetic energies, which are transitional energies, which have had its beginning – and everything that has a beginning, has an end.

These electric and magnetic energies, have had its start, reached its peak and, since 1935, began weaken – the beginning of its end!

For this reason, the Nature, to assist everyone, changed the command to a higher power, which came from a transcendental world, where the Nature, everything and everyone are originating. And so, will be prevented the extermination of everything and everyone.

This Superior Energy, which is a SUPREME BEING to the electric and magnetic energies, is the only one which is able to avoid the extermination of everything and everyone, for being a PURE ENERGY, clean and perfect, of absolute wisdom and power: the RATIONAL ENERGY.

This Superior Energy, materialized on Earth as a human being, found the simplest way to link all people to her, avoiding the total chaos in the world.

And how is this? Through BOOKS, in a very humble and simple language, to permit the understanding of all people, indiscriminately, young and old, large or small, teaching everyone the way to be linked to the Nature and resurrect to life – which is dying inside each one of us.

Because the electric and magnetic energies are getting weak, leading to the extinction all those who remain linked to them. Because they are energies from matter, and in the matter everything that has a beginning has an end.

Electric and magnetic energies, before going into extinction, were forces that fed on the thought and imagination of human beings so that they could survive.

With its weakening, those energies ceased to feed the thinking of the thinkers, and the thought of the thinkers once wasn’t being fed, started to weaken, until dry, making of human a being without inner life, what made he feel empty, tasteless, no more finding any meaning in life, because once the thoughts dry, the human being loses all sense and becomes a monster.

Thus you have the real cause of the growing violence and creepy monstrosity that reigns over the world. Nobody is guilty, once the cause of all of this is the change of phase of the Nature, by virtue of the end of these two energies – electric and magnetic.

And who remain attached to the electric and magnetic energy is subject to extermination, as is all of mankind, except those who are already providing its connection to the RATIONAL ENERGY.

People who still resist are working with the dregs of thought that they still have, as a waitress that had the iron off for lack of electric power and tries to work with the remaining heat. She knows that soon this heat will end and she will not be able to get on with her work.

The situation is very serious and the Rational Culture students are warning people since 1970, when they began to disclose the subject of door-to-door in public parks, in radio, magazines and newspapers.

But, for ingenuity, some thought it was a new religion, sect or doctrine and refused to pay attention.

And the result is this: the people unbalanced, with the thought weak, people with a “dry thinking” that don’t understand to each other anymore. What it is seen every day is the worst physical, financial and moral degradation, because of the end of the Phase of Thought, and due to de fact that the thinker has lost the right to live, due to they are not linked to the RATIONAL ENERGY, the energy that develops and evolves the main part of the Rational Animal, which is the REASONING, the pineal gland. The REASONING undoes the effects of the electric and magnetic energy, which weakened, making the human a being without inner life.

Therefore, if you are reading this message and want to feel alive again, feeling peace, tranquility and serenity within yourself and finding meaning in your life, seek URGENTLY contact with the RATIONAL ENERGY of the phase in force in nature, the RATIONAL PHASE.

This SUPERIOR ENERGY, which restores your life, you will find in the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT of the RATIONAL CULTURE, the Culture of the Nature.

What we mean by “natural”? Natural is the condition in which stabilizes and reaches the eternity in LIFE, by connecting, in life, to our real world of origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, because there is no effect without a cause. If this world exists, the logic explicitly declares: there is a world which gave its cause!

And the RATIONAL ENERGY is the energy of the RATIONAL WORLD, which is on the pages of the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, materialized in letters.

By daily reading of these fascinating books, the person absorbs the energy of its pages, which, naturally, will give you the life you’ve lost.

And now, you’ve probably noticed that according to the quantity of hours of daily reading, faster will be your recovery until you be completely connected to the RATIONAL WORLD, away from the suffering, receiving the protection of the RATIONAL ENERGY, and never more being influenced by unbalanced people who refuse to adopt this procedure and benefit themselves.

And you probably understood that the reason for the dreadful situation in the world is not fault of the Government or the people. Energy is a force greater than the rational animal. If the person is plugged to the energy of extermination, she won’t have the strength to avoid these radiations, which command the person to steal, to kill, to rape, to be corrupt, to use drugs, to fight, to deforest, to pollute nature, etc.

Those who still govern themselves are still with “some little heat of the iron”, as mentioned above.

But, unfortunately, the day also comes to this person, losing his balance and no longer dominating herself. NO DOUBT My Friend!

And, therefore, you should not criticize or condemn anyone. Don’t let the negativity come and charge back your disrespect, doing your time arrive faster than expected.

Stop complaining and condemn. Don’t waste any more of your precious time with nonsense.

And don’t listen to anybody which acts this way.

Be smart, the sooner the better get your book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT and start developing your REASONING, to have who to count on and have where to grab – to feel alive, acquiring a state of perfect balance, the RATIONAL balance.


(*) See translation in Portuguese:


Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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