(Severino dos Reis, Rational Culture student, Belo Horizonte – MG – Brazil)


Friends, SAVE! (*)

The addiction to drugs is an evil, which destroys the life of children, adolescents, and it tears apart the hearts of parents and stains the brilliance of society.
In this article, we will point out the cause, the effects and present the solution to drug addiction.

First of all, we would like to address you, children and adolescents, who are under the watch of all kinds drug dealers: in the streets, at the doorsteps of schools and at any place.

You that: want to discover the World – what is natural at your age; want to do what all adults do, and want to become an easy prey of addiction by your own fragility. 

In the beginning, after being sedated by the illusion of drugs, you feel courageous, bold, and you do all things you thought you were incapable of doing. And under their effects, prematurely, you feel like a man or woman.
In the beginning, you are offered some; the drug dealers will even give you some for free: it is very easy to manage drugs these days.

Afterwards, as you start enjoying the drugs, what started as a curiosity takes over your life and you become an addicted.
Then, your friends disappear, the drug dealers who gave you them for free, now, will charge you a high price: the drama of your suffering spreads in your life!

You need drugs but you cannot get them. Then, you start stealing money from your mother. Next time, she does not have any – you buy on credit and rob to pay for them. Whence, the doors will be open for a plunge in marginality, because you are in the hands of the drug dealers.
From the harmless hemp, soon you start up with the intake of oral and, later, intravenal drugs.

So my dearest children and adolescents do not go for that; this road has no way out. If you scape death after having an overdose or beings chased by the dealer, you will be exposed to the AIDS virus through the syringes for the rest of your life!!!… 

For this reason, now, I’d like to ask you, who are an addicted already: remember your despair to get drugs when you were lucid. Keep in mind the suffering, the convulsions when you were drugged, and never offer drugs to a child or anybody, who is still not addicted.

I also want to ask you that you have me as your best friend, for, in spite of the fact that you are considered a bad element by society, I believe in you and am sure that you are not useless nor a marginal; it is not your fault; you are just a victim of the weakening process of the Thought and the lack of the Reasoning development.

And, lastly, I‘d like to ask you that you go on reading, attentiously, each item of this article; which, at the end, will give you reasons to believe in what you are capable of leaving behind, that is, this addicting that is corroding your life.

I know for a fact that thousands of youngsters who got free from drugs and their consequences, without any effort, without any medicine or having to be signed in hospitals by just reading the books UNIVERSE IN DESINCHANTMENT. 

I’d like to put my words through, above all, to the authorities, mainly the Minister of Education; they should acknowledge and study RATIONAL CULTURE, so that they can through analyses measure its contributions to the battle against violence, drug dealing and addictions, because only the Reasoning can bring balance to people.

Only then, they will be able to adopt it in the school for all levels: from Primary to High school and the highest graduation at the University.
The future of Human Race will only shine if it in pair with Nature’s changes: from Thought’s Culture to Reasoning’s Culture.

RATIONAL CULTURE at school will also inhibits the progress of AIDS, CANCER and other unbalances caused by the paralysis or weakening of the Thought.

To bring light to the concept of this new cultural space, we’d like to remind that RATIONAL CULTURE, from its first steps, explains that Nature made 180 degrees in the cultural change.

Humanity did not realize that and kept going in the opposite direction to Nature, which after changing phases turned off the connections of the electric-magnetic energies that controlled the Thought. The latter had been commanding humanity, and it was replaced by a new energy, the Rational Energy, to command the Return of man to the Source. 

Explanation: the Energy of the Reasoning, the Rational Energy, will replace in humanity the energies of the Thought.

However, to receive Rational Energy, it is necessary to be in contact with the source of this Energy, which is the Rational Culture. And it is mandatory that this happens.

The lack of the Thought’s energy left a gap in the brain of each human being, which explains the cause to the downfall of this World! Mainly in Sciences: unnecessary monsters were created, intensifying the dangers of termination.
It comprises the creation of hallucinogens, the atom bomb, the excess of pollutants, culminating with the destruction of the Ozone Layer, among other damages caused to the life in this planet. 

The youth filled in this “gap” with drugs for being the most fragile.
With the Reading of the Book Universe in Disenchantment, the Rational Energy which emanates from the Reading will fill in the gap left by the Thought with the Reasoning.

Therefore, if you are addicted and you do not want to be slaved by this horrible evil, like Crack, and are at the bottom of the well and see no hope, you need to know Rational Culture. Reading the Books of Universe in Disenchantment, you will be able to fill in this empty space in your brain with the Rational Energy and naturally, without any struggle, you will stop using drugs, because you will control your will.

Do not look down on this suggestion before giving yourself the chance to check it. It is contribution of someone who could feel in himself the power of Equilibrium brought by the Reading of the Book Universe in Disenchantment, through the development of the Reasoning.

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