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Studying Rational Culture, you will be able to balance and compensate the weakening of the thought through the development of the reasoning. In order to achieve that it is necessary to know and read the book Universe in Disenchantment, so that the power of the Rational Energy can be felt by the reader.

It is necessary to know the functions of the electric and magnetic energies after 1935 to know why the scientists, who did everything to facilitate and value the life of men, are now working for their own destruction and decadency.

For example, the atom bomb, which could in minutes kill 140 thousand people in Hiroshima and 70 thousand in Nagazaki.

In this article we will explain how and when another disgrace, perhaps even worse than the plutonium bomb appeared: which are the chemical substances (drugs).

And the most important of all: how you can be free from them in a natural way.

The Rational Phase, as we have emphasized in this blog, had its beginning on October 4, 1935 – a date when Nature interrupted the process of thinking with the electric and magnetic energies, and started controlling man with the Rational Energy, through the Reasoning.

The consequence of that: the uncontrolled thought took over sciences and technology, producing a frenzy progress which culminated with the horrors of world war 2.

The war was over, the world then seemed to plunge into paradise. Everyone enthusiastic with the improvement of the Automobiles, the Radio, the TV and other fascinating things such as the Astronomy, the Advancement in Medicine and an astounding development in Physics etc. Nevertheless, humanity didn’t know that all that was a subterfuge of the thought: for more horrors would come!

In 1949, the mescaline and adrenaline were discovered in laboratory: these were the first addicting substances that appeared!

Hitherto scientists have been concentrating their attention on this products, which were given the name hallucinogens, for their main characteristics were the production of strange and colorful hallucinations in the user.

For this reason, the neurologists and psychiatrists got together to research that and came across with another discovery: in 1938 at the Swiss laboratories in Sandoz, Albert Hofmann had already synthesized the Lsd from the ergoline.

Soon afterwards, they discovered that the banana peal could also produce other addicting substances.

While scientists were undertaking these researches, their discoveries were being used abusively in the university campus and schools.

Since then the substances have become part of the routine of artists, students, teachers, intellectuals and the whole American society, because the newspapers, books and magazines described the great pleasures provided by these substances.

Somehow the scientists were also involved with the spread of drug taking, affirming that the mescaline and other addicting substances would open the mind of people to a new universe. Furthermore, they stated that experience into hallucinogens was very similar to those described by visionaries of almost all religions.

Under the pretense of freedom sensation, relaxation and stranding from the social and familiar burdens, the drugs

started to be popularized. What started as a glory for their discoverers, a escape for the depressed, and a new kind of therapy, which could be reached by all Americans, soon turned into a hell for humanity.

Today, while you are reading this article, parents are in despair to know that their children are addicted, victims of this nasty discovery of sciences, which is leading young people from all classes to criminality – from the humble to the millionaire, from artists to authorities in the highest echelons, for Nature won’t privilege anybody: everyone’s thought is getting weaker!

This monster seems invincible! Its roots are deep and its seeds have been globalized.

Now you ask: who are responsible for all that? The Scientists who created these substances?

The makers, the drug dealers, the addicted, the parents who didn’t provide appropriate education to their children, the authorities?

No, you are all victims of not knowing each other, for not knowing the forces in the background of your own lives!

For not knowing that you are made, conducted and fed by Nature through energies!

Human kind is responsible for that, and most importantly, for not studying the Rational Culture so that they could know that in 1935 Nature changed the connection from the electric-magnetic energies – which rule our lives – to the Rational Energy. On top of that we continue connected with the electric-magnetic Energies!

If the culture of this civilization had been natural, we would have perceived this change, and none of these monsters would have shown up, and neither bombs nor chemical substances.

Yes, then we would all be connected to Nature through the Rational Energy, and we would develop the reasoning, which substitute the thought. And the electric-magnetic would do anything but continue to rule the irrational animal what is exactly their function.

However, this never happened, and they continued making men think and imagine without Nature’s control, which had shifted to a new phase.

In this sense, the disoriented thought produced the chemical substances which, with the advent of the notion on “astral trips”, “wonderful visions”, gradually filled the gaps in the mind of the people who were dominated by these illusions. After they got addicted, though, what were pleasant and colorful illusions became a bunch of horrible sensations!

There are those who are struggling against their addiction but cannot set themselves free from them: they became all dependent, because they are filling the gaps left in the brain by Nature when there was the Phase shift. And this gap should be filled with the Rational Energy.

As nobody accessed this knowledge in the Rational Culture, so that they would know how to connect to the Rational Energy and receive it in their superior mind, they starting inserting in the gaps of their minds only the electric magnetic Energies with the illusion produced by the drugs.

Today the situation is alarming: 85% of criminality are in some way related to drugs. Crimes and Killings perpetrated by youngsters because of drug use; growing number of pregnancy and prostitution among adolescents.

In these dark moments of despair, everybody turns to God and start asking the question:

“Why so much violence?” How can we save our kids from this vicious situation?”

To answer all this questions, there is only one answer: don’t turn away from the solution, study Rational Culture in the books Universe in Disenchantment . Read the books to develop the reasoning, which completes the gaps in the mind, bringing interior peace, the true love and universal harmony. The thought now can only divide and bring dissonance.

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