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Man has been on the search of the fountain of youth since he witnessed the first death. And that has been going on for eons and eons of time.

And, contrary to what has been intended, life is getting shorter and shorter, in an irreversible fashion. For, everyone was eternal in the primeval times, which is printed in their memories at the time they were monsters; back then, they lived for thousands of years; then, life expectancy went down to hundreds of years; today very few can reach one hundred years.

This is a one way direction and we are left with only one certainty: in the near future we would inevitably reach extinction through the degenerative process of the Matter.

In order to accelerate this process, man’s intelligence is playing an important role in trying to find the fountain of life; in spite of that, man has found only destruction so far.

In previous commentaries, we spoke of the emergency of hallucinogenic drugs which is the first crime against humanity (check: and

In this article, though, we will speak of the second monster: The Atom Bomb.

Man’s evolution has gone around two major concepts: God, the creator, and the Devil, the carrier of evil. Nonetheless, we have the impression that only evil has progressed among the human beings. Since the primeval times, man has improved his abilities to hurt his similar, when he started sharpening the stone to pierce the enemy. In all periods of time in the human history, man has always been committed to the progress of killing and slaughtering. However, the ultimate form of killing came about when man launched the Atom Bomb.

See the power of destruction today! It comes from the sky, like a fire ball emitting ultra-violet and x-rays of 150 meter length which is hundreds of times brighter than our Sun; it accumulates millions of centigrade heat in less than one second, leaving blind those who stare at its light, if they cannot close their eyes in time. In a range of 4 kilometers it will burn everything around, producing devastation and wreckage. After six (6) seconds, the wave reach for the soil and, after thirteen (13) seconds, the so called wind of explosion produces a hurricane of 400 kilometers per hour. The fire ball, for being lighter and hotter than the air, will expand into a mushroom. Two minutes later, it reaches the stratosphere at 12 km of height, releasing particles which will eventually contaminate the whole globe with radioactive particles, and they will remain there for thousands of years, causing health problems and poisoning the earth and water.

The twentieth (20th) century was marked by two major scientific discoveries against humanity:

The first one was the discovery of hallucinogenic drugs and the second was the development of nuclear weapons.

How come could sciences, which came up with such wonders as the invention of the Radio, the Electric Light, Telephone, TV, Computers and so on and so forth, bring forth disastrous and reckless destruction over humanity?

It happened this way, because thought was behind these developments, which started decaying after Nature promulgated its downfall for the emergence of a new phase – The Phase of the Reasoning in 1935.

We learn in the artificial culture (the culture of thought) that we imagine, think and reason. Actually we don’t reason, we only perform the high developed aspects of thought – which has nothing to do with the real REASONING!

We will only know what Reasoning is in the RATIONAL CULTURE, for the Universe is composed of three (3) energies: the magnetic, electric and Rational energies!

Each energy has its own functions well defined: the magnetic energy relates to the Earth’s vibration, the roughness of the Matter, and it is the cause of evil in the life of human beings in this world. This energy developed man’s imagination in the pre-history. The electric energy relates to the water’s vibration and it is responsible for the apparent good, that is, the health, happiness and pleasure. This energy developed thought in man’s mind. The Rational energy is the energy that never transforms, for, it is perennial, and this energy develops the Reasoning in man.

Thus, Nature conducted man through the first (1st) phase of his evolution by developing the imagination; in the second (2nd) phase of his evolution, thought was developed and used as a tool by Nature to conduct man through this phase and, finally, the phase of Reasoning, which is the way for man to be conduced by Nature through this new emerging phase. After 1935, the progress of imagination and thought were terminated by Nature, and the order now is to proceed with the connection with the third energy – the RATIONAL ENERGY.

Nature is no longer controlling the progress of humanity with thought and imagination. The time now is to continue with the Reasoning, in order to improve the life in the civilization.

The problem is that the thinkers never knew of this change and continued with the progress of thought and imagination without the inspection and quality control of Nature. Then, the evil, resulting from this balance, took charge and its effects are everywhere to be seen.

In the search to find solution to the problems, man also found, under the electric and magnetic energy, the ways to destroy life. Some diseases were cured but some others came into existence. The discovery of nuclear weapons attest for this reality – the use of technology for destructive purposes. Don’t think that the horrors of the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are over; evil is just giving time to implement its ways for a new nuclear destruction. The daily news shows this desolating fact through war in the Middle East and other happening around the globe.

Without Nature’s control over thought and imagination, letting their puppets with the drought of thought and imagination, everything can blow up at any moment. Humanity has no idea about this change in Nature.

That’s man’s progress, which man would inevitably achieve through the influences of the electric and magnetic energies which rule his thoughts. The Rational energy is what will develop in humanity the pineal gland. The Rational Energy belongs to man’s true natural, and it can be attained through the reading of the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. This energy is superior to the atom and it neutralizes the effects of the nuclear irradiation. The source of this energy is the Rational World to which we connect through the reading of the Rational Books.

These monsters were produced by the electric and magnetic energies without the quality control of NATURE! Thus, in order to avoid the so called apocalypse, it is necessary that man retrieves his connection with his true nature – The RATIONAL WORLD. And that is possible by studying THE RATIONAL CULTURE – THE NATURAL CULTURE OF NATURE. In our next article we will talk about the 3rd monster!


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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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