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In the previous postings of this blog, we have spoken about the hallucinogenic drugs, the 1st monster created in laboratory against human kind and, then, we pinpointed the formula for the cure to the addicted. You can access it through here:

In our last posting, we described the destructive power and the dangers of the atom bomb, the 2nd monster created by the evolution of sciences with devastating effects against human kind. You can access this article through this link:

It looks like we are against Sciences; but we are not. We are just talking about the evolution of Nature through time, which has always made use of the human intelligence as a tool. Therefore it is man who, in the abusive use of his free will, set the way to the research and discovery of all these things.

Nature, which is in constant transformations, will use its energies, moving all lives through thought and imagination – for, nothing is set in motion in this amazing machine, which is the Universe, without the intervention of Nature.

These awesome advancements in different areas of the human knowledge, such as the mechanics, electronics, informatics or, even, the macabre inventions, like the hallucinogens and the atom bomb, cannot be considered totally the merits of man or his sciences but of Nature, which has been moving along the way, reaching this point in its evolution and setting in the mind of man the impetus to do this or that.

The proof to that is when a big discovery attributed to a certain scientist is, then, made by another scientist in another corner of the world, even though there was no communication between them.

Some years ago, I was talking about that with a friend of mine called Dr. Antônio Dainese – who at the time was the Secretary of Sciences and Technology of the State of Minas Gerais – when, reflecting upon this matter, said that, in many cases, it did not take months but days for scientists from different corners of the world to make the same discovery.

Why is that so?

Because man in his arrogance takes to himself the merits of having himself reached the discoveries, when, in fact, it is Nature that transmits them to his mind, so that he will act accordingly to do what he is supposed to.

The transmissions coming from the electric energy will result in good discoveries; however the bad ones will result from the magnetic energy.

All human beings are Nature’s tools, commanded through thought and imagination. In spite of that, nobody has ever been able to understand this reality, which depicts the superiority of Nature over man.

Thus, Nature will operate in the minds of all scientists from several countries and even, simultaneously to invent what is necessary, for the evolution of the human beings; for, everyone comes originally from monsters who evolved into what the human kind is today.

Nevertheless all that happened in such a subtle way made by Nature that man thinks he is the one who should be merited with all these advancements! Only now with the advent of THE RATIONAL CULTURE, man will understand what is behind his mental acts upon the reality.

AIDS, the 3rd monster of the century, makes its presence in the life of the humankind, attesting the end of the phase of thought; along with the atom bomb and hallucinogenic drugs. Nature’s ways are so subtle that one can never measure the consequences of something that will ultimately be the cause of so much pain and suffering. Once it is done, it is too late to go back.

Nothing can erase the scars left by these monsters in the human kind.

So, why did Nature cause all that? Simply because the time of the evolution of thought finished in 1935, when Nature gave another step into its cultural evolution with the dawn of THE RATIONAL CULTURE, THE CULTURE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING!

Thought has been designated to rule only the irrational animals. Once the human beings develop their Reasoning, they will, after their final transformation, ascend to the Rational World. If they don’t, they will go down to the inferior classes of life, that is, they will transform into irrationals!

Thought has created all kinds of distractions to hold humanity in the realms of deception! Man has been deceived by luxury, mechanic comfort, high digital technology and the machiavellic power the Media over the people; all of which was fabricated by thought to distract the human kind. The realms of deception provide only destruction to the human kind.

Behind these fascinating props to elude and entertain people is the command of thought to bring down the human kind to the class of the irrational animals. As these classes of irrationals can only be reached after death, thought started implementing the ways to anticipate the death of the human kind once and for all! The three monsters entitled to bring forth this plan are: the Drugs, the Atom Bomb and Aids.

The injected drugs bring the addicted to spread through blood transmission the Aids. Then, next to that, thought distracted the minds by reclaiming more freedom, so that the Media could bring to the homes of people all types of moral decadence and perversion to violate their innocence and anticipate the sexual promiscuity in their lives. Sexual freedom became a package to be sold and explored.

In the meantime the Virus is transmitted through the blood veins, spreading and contaminating the whole world. There are more the 30,4 million people contaminated with Aids according to the 2014 Congress held in Vienna.

The Aids Transmission finds no boundaries of age, sex or race, making its way in the demise of the human kind earlier than it can be imagined. All human institutions, such as the Health and Medical Organization, the Police and the State, are running against the time to hamper the development of toxic drugs and the spread of Aids to stop the decimation of the human kind which is being right now put forward by thought.

Not only what has been mentioned above; in addition to all that, all the natural catastrophes, like tsunamis, hunger, the droughts and floods are devised by the electric and magnetic energies to speed up the demise of the human kind.

It is impossible to reverse this situation since there is no cure to thought. Only the RATIONAL ENERGY can contain and stop the advancements of the effects caused by the toxic drugs, Aids, nuclear weapons and other monstrosities which pervade the life of the human kind. Only the Rational Energy can turn off and annul thought, which is the real cause to all this unbalance and turn on the Reasoning which represents the solution and the reset of the human kind to apply love, fraternity and universal concord.

To get there we need to spread this knowledge as soon as possible to awaken people. The problem is that the Media is powered money which is the invention of thought. We still have the Internet as our main resource and which is not so restricted to the big money. In this sense it is the most accessible way we have at hands now. We need to spread the Rational Culture while there is time! Let’s share what has been posted here. The addiction to drugs among the land workers and the Aids among the indigenous people are not natural things. We have to understand what is behind all that to fight its actions through the study of RATIONAL CULTURE! This is of priceless information!

(*) Text in Portuguese:


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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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  1. Gilberto Carnasciali disse:

    Oh my God, the Rational Superior!


  2. Prof. LuíS OLiveira disse:

    Excelente divulgação, Salve a IMUNIZAÇÃO RACIONAL!


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