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Our equilibrium is found when we meet with the UNIVERSAL World of peace and harmony.

And how can we achieve this condition?

Look carefully at the photo above.

In 1935 came to Earth the revealing of why humanity couldn’t it reach until that date. We couldn’t but now we can.

Mankind, as is taught in the Scriptures, born from the ground!

And so, the Nature needed to develop in us the magnetic energy (that is a negative energy), which is our machine of the Imagination, so we could learn everything about this “ground”, being this learning the phase called the “Phase of the First Millennium”. This was necessary so that we could set ourselves in this world of matter. Note on the left side of the picture above, the representation of the First Millennium.

But this was still insufficient to mankind, because the humans still had upon them the firmament, the space, which they didn’t understand, and with which they did not know how to relate.

And so, it was necessary that the Nature developed in our mind another machine, the machine of the electric energy (that is an apparently positive energy) or the machine of Thinking – from the water energy, because the air is water. Nature develop our thinking so that we could communicate with the space beings of this world in which we live and complete, through the guidance of spiritual beings, our knowledge about the world we live in, this material world – visible and invisible. Notice on the right side of the picture above the representation of the thought, our “Phase of the Second Millennium”.

It was then, that under both influences of imagination and thought, we become tools of the Nature, and hence constituting our artificial, philosophical and scientific culture. Therefore, we are not the creators of everything that was created in the world in which we live.

And so, the Nature, through us, her tools, and through of this contrivance of the thought and the imagination, created all the cultures that were developed on Earth for our improvement, because we were still very rude and we needed, as rough stones, be polished to a minimum of understanding that we needed for our surviving.

But, none of this brought us the final balance, the unity or the true peace. Why? Because the thought is fleeting and of short-lived since it offers only a temporary benefit that, when it’s over, is filled by the negative energy of the imagination.

This artificial culture reached a peak in its development, but still failed to satisfy mankind, which, having its thought and imagination completely developed, sought to find stable solutions, not provisional ones.

It was in this situation that humanity has matured, feeling that didn’t belong to this material world (visible and invisible) and embarked on major searches to find its real world, where everything and everyone came.

Despite these efforts, made in this world, the humanity could never find what it were looking for, because this world had no communication with the Superior World, origin of everything and everyone. Hence, it resulted in a great disappointment of the humanity, because the more it sought for answers, the more it got involved with the mysteries of matter, becoming a materialistic humanity and, therefore, unbalanced.

And so, the Humanity, mature and without having the answers for its fundamental questions about who we are, where we came from and to where are we going, went into an uncontrollable dissatisfaction process, passing to destroy itself and destroy everything and everyone, for not finding the true meaning of life.

Take a look at what’s been going on in the world. It is the deadlock of the humanity, as water that has nowhere else to run or flow and end up getting stagnant and contaminated.

The evolution needed to proceed!

And so, the Mother Nature, giving over its mission in the development of the artificial, philosophical and scientific culture, ordered the “Phase of the Third Millennium”, for developing the Third Machine of our head, the Machine of the REASONING, which, being a machine that belongs to the World from which we originate could only be developed by that First World.

This machine is located at the center of our heads and is the machine of the RATIONAL ENERGY, of the First World, the RATIONAL WORLD, the world of the eternal. It represents the Third Millennium. Notice in figure above.

Then the Superior World, the RATIONAL WORLD, came to the rescue of the humanity, before everything was completely destroyed on Earth, to make the connection of the First World with this Second World in which we live, starting the last stage of the human life on Earth, the Rational Phase. This happened in 1903.

And how was made the connection of both worlds in one? It was made with the advent of an inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD to Earth, materializing itself as a human being, to reveal to mankind the answers to ancient questions that the artificial, philosophical and scientific culture had no position to respond, what was causing the imbalance of the thinker, sufferer and deadly rational animal.

These answers have been condensed in the greatest universal and cultural work, entitled UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, dictated, in Brazil by the RATIONAL WORLD, since 1935, to the apparatus of the RATIONAL WORLD on Earth, Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho, who lived from 1903 to 1991.

He came to Earth to fulfill this unique mission of redeeming all mankind, and returned to the RATIONAL WORLD as soon as the work was completed.

He brought us the Third Millennium, the third and last phase of the rational animal on Earth, which, when he starts the study of this great Work, he evolves from rational animal to Rational Apparatus.

Let’s understand: the rational animal is a being commanded by the thought and the imagination, by electricity and magnetism, which belong to this world of matter and which are energies whose mission is to refine the human being through suffering. On the other hand the Rational Apparatus is a being prepared for receiving the RATIONAL ENERGY, from the Superior World, the pure, clean and perfect energy, whose mission is achieve the perfect and rational balance of the human being.

That said, all the people are now in a position to understand why the monstrosities occur all over the world: the phase of the second millennium, the phase of thought, ended, and the thinker has lost his right to live and it is necessary that the human being down on the Rational Phase to develop his REASONING (pineal gland).

And what happens to those who do not want to enter to the Rational Stage, since the will is free? These people become part of the Phase of the liquidation of the rational animal, because this phase is over. The animal had his principle and now has his end.

And going into liquidation that person dies and undergoes his transformation (because death doesn’t really exist, what really exists is the transformation from one life to another life). And the person will descend to lower classes of life, in successive transformations from one life to another, in the class of irrational animals. It is the constant and increasing imbalance, until he reaches the vast hierarchy of stones. This descent will last seven eons, which is a time that does not have mathematics that can count on.

So, here’s where to find the balance of the human being: in the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT of the RATIONAL CULTURE, the natural Culture of the Nature, because the artificial culture in which the humanity has always been marked for a living, is in liquidation, for being the culture of the thought, which went into bankruptcy and liquidation.

So, happiness and joy!  We already count on Earth with the ultimate solution for our balance! It is sufficient that all of us are aware of the need to develop the reasoning with the daily reading of the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, until the perfect connection of our REASONING machine with the world to which we belong, the RATIONAL WORLD.

We are all to be congratulated!


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