(Porfírio J. Neves)


Some “certain things” in life cannot be explained in words.

That is where the new words get in to enable us to clarify what is unknown to the human mind.

This word, for instance, leave people with Goosebumps as it happened a long time  ago with me when I first came across the new words in the book Universe in Disenchantment.

The literal definition given by the author is:

“Triambosphere is the passage of a body from one atmosphere to another, connecting the artificial and deformed cosmos with the virgin Rational stratosphere, which is pure, clean and perfect.”

Having said that, the term seems to relate to the transmigration of bodies, according to the Rational Knowledge, that bodies of energy migrate into other bodies of energy, from the deformed energy to the virgin Rational energy.

Let’s go over some points which I find important to consider and that is: we are two in one.

This dichotomy is in the concept of body and soul and it can even be seen as a permanent and persistent truth at other levels of consciousness.

It is also in regards with to the origin of the human being and his origin. Thus if there is the material body, there is inherent to it its animating force or the REASONING.

Even in Nature one finds its dual composition: electric and magnetic; and many define it as an electric and magnetic system, positive and negative. Again, we are two in one by Nature’s perspective.

The quantic intertwined aspects are beyond the scientific phenomenon, it suggests that two lives can be intertwined to form one sole. In this sense, we have our own dual existence, in which we are observers of this reality. In short  we are two in one as creature (quantic observer) and creature (dual behavior).

Remember two in one: superior and inferior; in which the inferior is also two in one – that is – left and right.

This reality is the cause of a lot of confusion in the approach of the three unanswered questions by humanity, because, whenever one thought of the verticalized aspect of life, one could not see this dichotomy either.  

Who are we? From where we come? To where are we going?

Summing up, for extended analysis can still be made in regards with this topic, Triambosphere is in the vertical perspective of creator and creature, whereas metempsychosis or transmigration of souls – two in one (horizontally)  – puts the soul as energetic impetus (electric and magnetic) which causes the blood to circulate within the body.

Now, then, bear in mind that the literal definition of Triambosphere distinguishes the deformed artificial cosmos from the virginal Rational stratosphere.  

The artificial deformed cosmos relates to the material body, which has in itself the duality “Body and Soul”, electric and magnetic. It is, thus, the second world, resulting from an organization composed by seven parts, in which the Reasoning is the animating element and is materialized by seven particles of life, provided by the creator. In this cosmos, the material or animal being is living.

The virginal Rational stratosphere is the part relating to the “Creator” or the body of the Inhabitant of the Rational World which is materialized as the Pineal Gland. This materialization was composed into three fundamental parts which gave start to the “Matter”: Heaven, Earth and Water which are the beginning of a created object, pure, clean and perfect (The Rational Plain) and its subsequent degeneration and deformation into the artificial deformed cosmos.

There you have it: two worlds with a passage in-between, for those who were in the deformed cosmos had no conditions to realize the existence of the virginal Rational stratosphere. They thought that the existence horizontal duality was vertical.

And why couldn’t this passage between these two world be perceived by humanity. A good justification to that resides in the fact that the word Triambosphere contains 3 terms: TRI – AMBOS – PHERE.

Tri is for a sequence of 3 simultaneous events which can only be understood in the Rational Culture, namely: the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the Rational World, which was isolated in the matter, through the development of the Reasoning.

The Reasoning is the creator of this material world and is awaiting its awakening to return to the Rational World. It is the owner of the Free will which is the cause of this world; as a consequence, it got kept in the matter, and it is suffering the consequences of its actions.

2) The demagnetization of the electric magnetic forces in the material body, when the material body starts being ruled by the Rational Force of the Reasoning known as the RATIONAL ENERGY. It is, as though, the ducts of forces in the material body had been filled by a sole Energy. The Material Body is, then, promoted to a superior class of life, known as “RATIONAL APARATUS”.

3) The Rationalization of the “matter”, or better, the Rationalization of the individual with eternal life or BODY OF RATIONAL ENERGY, which is the creator of the microbes that form the material body. Again, the BODY OF RATIONAL ENERGY is the effect created by the RATIONAL WORLD INHABITANT that was materialized as REASONING MACHINE – the sole existential register that identified the Rational origin of the material body. The Rationalization involves both of them, in which they know and acknowledges their World of Race and return to it.

Two bodies into one: the body of the extinguished Inhabitant of the Rational World that was materialized. And the body of the eternal living being which is the cause of the existence of the matter – the creator of the microbial life.

All the spheres of life relate to all dimensions of the eternal life composed by the first world and its transitory lives or the beads (second world).

Thus, TRI –AMBOS-PHERE is a dimensional passage, in which the two go back to their World of Origin, THE RATIONAL WORLD, precluding their existence in the material world where everything is passing and transitory.

How on earth could we ever know of this passage. Then, it was nor in the thought neither in the imagination but in the development of the Reasoning.

The passage or death of the material body as it was understood did not take anyone to the RATIONAL WORLD – OUR WORLD OF ORIGIN – because the RATIONAL BODY OF ENERGY which gave cause to the existence of the microbe was kept in this dimension of deformed artificial cosmic life.

The true passage, Rational, happens while the material body is living; for it is still in life that the Development of Reasoning comes about and not in the death as it was thought.

The TRIAMBOSPHERE is the passage and not life after death. It is the true resurrection of humanity. And it is time now we meet this reality.

St. Francis of Assis used to say: “It is dying that we will be born to the eternal life; and this was Nature’s preparation through numberless transformations made by Nature that were called reincarnations by others.

Everyone will go back to their real WORLD OF ORIGIN, leaving the three dimensional world straight to the ETERNAL – the RATIONAL WORLD.


OBS: This text will be evidently continued, for new information is always forthcoming through new illustrations in the RATIONAL BOOKS.


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