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Dear Readers! (*)

The Technology and the scientific progress took us into the study of planets, stars and, despite all that, there is still a long way to go.

It is urgent that we come across, through studying, with the contents in the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS. An extraterrestrial knowledge that comes from our origin in the form of messages sent by the One, who witnessed the beginning of the Universe and the life in it. Only the One has seen the course of events for 21 eternities, and followed closely the development of it. He awaited patiently till we have reached the maturity to understand the knowledge he brought to the human kind.

It seems that we can scientifically give answers to everything; nonetheless, once we start going through the labyrinths of our history, regardless of how many intelligences are involved in it, we come up with more and more questions that cannot be answered. To put it bluntly, we know nothing at all.

I have in my hands a book, whose author (ERICH VON DÄNIKEN), is a record breaker in asking unanswered questions: “The Ancient Astronaut Hypotheses”. I read it for the first time in the 70’s. Its contents has as a central issue the coming of the Extraterrestrials to the Earth in the primeval times.

According to the author, these Extraterrestrials came down here for billions of years ago and found a deserted Earth. Therefore, they had left here the seeds of life, before they went away. When they returned they found here the lives still in their primitive stage, since they had evolved as such. They gave to these primitive some instructions, and they went away with the promise they would come back to accomplish their agenda to turn this world into a better one.

Thus they were construed as Gods by these primitive cultures and their spaceships as the chariots of fire from heaven, as they are called in the Holy Scriptures. That is why, said ERICK VON DÄNIKEN, so many riddles hadn’t been explained; still, there are signs of their existence all over the world imprinted in the temples and monuments whose origin is completely unknown to man.

The great CAND XU from Tibet holds more than one thousand volumes; the Islamic Texts which have had only one hundredths of their contents deciphered, expanding over the gods from heaven with their dazzling spaceships. I would add to that the Marrab Barata from the Hindus with 80 thousand verses. In these books there are reports of the VIMAANAS, which are flying vessels with dazzling brilliance like the Sun and sounds of thunder.

The book SABABA BAÃ speaks of Extraterrestrials who abducted people and when they returned, they were so astonished that they reproduced their replicas on stones of temples and monuments, trying to project what their eyes saw in Space; these drawing would attract these high beings back to earth, and that was certainly the beginning of the first religions, with their temples and churches.

In Iraq, in the Baghdad Museum, you will find a book called the adventures of Gigame-xe, a hybrid being of god and man, who could easily ascend to heaven in his space vessel. Near the Dead Sea, a shepherd found by chance the Cum’rã texts that speak of strange vessels and space beings that came to the Earth leaving behind only fire and smoke for millions of years and, likewise, only a tiny part of the whole content has been deciphered.

Wouldn’t the god who instructed Moses in the construction of the Arc an extraterrestrial? The Arc of the Covenant would be nothing but a sort of condenser or electronic transmitter.

Enoch was taken to heaven in a chariot of fire; Ezekiel describes his vision with a gigantic space vessel with wheels within wheels and a thunder at departure.

The bible in both Old and New Testament is full of quotations which, taken by this point of view, can only be conversations with the Extraterrestrials.

In the same fashion, thousands of monumental sculptures with exquisite paintings; one in special is found in Valcamonica (Italy), the painting of a god with 18 feet clad in astronaut outfit, and wearing a helmet with aerials.

The Aztec Calendar has 7 meters of diameter and weighs 24 tones. It is full of mythological figures, which are the result of astrological observations. Were they ever made by Ancient Astronauts? This figures present astronomical data of incredible precision, even for the standards today.

THE GUIZA PYRIMID weighs around 6 millions tons and contains two billions and three hundred thousand blocks with two tons each. How on earth could they have been transported through the desert for 20 (twenty) km, if there is no bulldozer or lift? Even if there were 20 thousand people working on it and laying 10 of those blocks a day, it would take 664 year to build it up, therefore, it can’t have been built by the Pharaoh himself.

Dividing the diameter of its base by the double of its height, we will come up, inevitably, with “PI”. The most intriguing is the fact that it was discovered many years later by Pythagoras. How can we explain that? The pyramid of the sun also has its riddle . No scientist can detect its age or who constructed it. Had it been built by aliens? Could they have taught the techniques to the Pharaohs?

Who could have devised electric and fire weapons for more than 40 thousand years?

How about the god of Palanquin, the statues on the Easter Islands, the Sphinx in Egypt, measuring 20 meter of height and 73 meters of lengths.

The Valley of the Kings is a cave with its rocky walls full of paintings and amazing sculptures of 6 meters high. Were they built in complete darkness?

Who drew airplanes for 7 thousand years? The Plateau of Naska in Peru is full of traces, which can be seen from above, making up the image of gigantic animals such as: spiders, birds and rectilinear lines, criss-crossing over each other and other parallel lines, supposedly used to signalize vehicles that came from above. Could they have been some sort of landing field right in pre-history?

There are tablets with scriptures spread throughout the world, whose origin is known to nobody, and they set the basis for all religions.

Therefore, concludes Erich Von Dänichen: “ Only after I am told with very clear answers about the responses to all this riddles, I will be able to believe in the existence of God!”

Now, then, my dear friend, ERICH VON DÄNIKEN, you can start believing in God! I state here a few but significant words that are meant to respond to the riddles you have presented in your book. By the way, all of them based on the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS.

After we had abandoned the astrological culture, we created the artificial culture and, since then, we have been following successive up and downs, with ascension and decline of numberless civilizations that have existed in this world. Since the formation of humanity, which happened in the 4th eternity, 21 stages have come about. Based on this premise, we can assure that 17 civilizations have been extinguished by the progress of degeneration.

And the civilization we all live in found its basis on the relics and debris of extincted civilization. Everything follows this scheme: it is born, it grows, it blossoms in its pinnacle and, afterwards, it just disappears. It is important to add here that the next civilization will always be weaker and more degenerated than the previous one; its size and its physical make up will suffer deep alterations.

The worst degeneration will inevitably follow the demise of our civilization, which will lead humanity to the class of irrational animals. Why? Because this is the last phase of rational animal. The next civilization will not be human; there are two options: you can either ascend to your world of origin or go down to the inferior classes of the irrationals.

We can assume that the earlier civilizations were of giant beings with 3 up to 4 meters of height. They had live for thousands of years, and they developed the whole technological progress, even superior to ours. They constructed huge monuments and monoliths, devised powerful earthly and flying vehicles and did amazing art paintings. They explored the outer space, wore spatial outfits, created their bibles and own religions.

If some natives are taken for a ride on an airplane, they will probably make astounding reports about their sights, saying that they saw cities in space, with sumptuous constructions, and those who stayed on land will describe those spaceships as flying fire chariots that make sounds of thunder and spit hails of light. And that is the testimony which these primitives left to us for thousands, maybe millions of years, on the walls of their caves. Likewise, it happens to us too, whenever we are faced with the ancient ruins, paintings and monoliths. We see things that are too big and challenging to our imagination, because we have no clue of how they made all that.

That is the reason why we haven’t been able to decipher the ancient scriptures, such as CAND_XÙ, MARRAB_RARATA, SABABA`BAÃN, GILGAMEXE and so many others that are in the world, turning themselves into important Religions to date; they were actually Religions of our ancestors.

It is still so uncanny to us how the ancients built up the Pyramids, the Monoliths and the Sphinx. They probably made these great projects using a kind of technology that escape our understanding.

The SUPERIOR RATIONAL says that the Pharaohs had magnetic powers, and they did things from day to night. Therefore, we know for sure that there were no Astronauts or gods. The beings we see in the sky are the inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD that have amorphous shapes of Rational Energy (pure, clean and perfect). They are here to spread out their culture, the RATIONAL CULTURE! They intend to call humanity’s attention to the phase that is ruling in the Universe, right now, the RATIONAL PHASE.

These beings need no spaceships, spatial outfits or helmets with aerials, so that they can run through the immense Space! They are beings made of Rational Energy and they are everywhere in the Universe.

The riddles are all here, and it is necessary the knowledge, provided by the Superior Culture, to decipher them. We learn in Rational Culture that all the planets and stars possess life, but in its energetic state, and not subjugated by time and space.

Human life will be found only here on Earth. The human being is the lowest form of degenerated Rational life.

Nonetheless these notions can only be imparted by the true study of RATIONAL CULTURE, and not basing on the human degenerate culture.

This culture comes from the RATIONAL WORLD and it is given by the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, the True God.

This is the richest and most extraordinary research material that can be used by studious people, such as physicists and astronomers! For all areas of sciences. ERICH VON DÄNIKEN made important questions that deserve correct answers, and they can only be found in the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS.


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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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  1. Prof. LuíS OLiveira disse:

    Esplêndido texto cultural remetendo a gloriosa CULTURA RACIONAL que tem em seu bojo todas as respostas para todas as perguntas…e muito mais.[?]

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    • nalub7 disse:



  2. Gilberto Carnasciali disse:

    Soh o RACIOCINIO explica.
    Soh a leitura ensina.
    Soh a Cultura Racional esclarece e salva!

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    • nalub7 disse:




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