The appearances are numbing humanity in such ways that people are becoming zombies, or better, they cannot see the reality right before there eyes.

The eminent consequence: they will rebel against one another; they will act unfairly to the similar; they will become envious, jealous, corrupt and other flaws will come along. All that released by the will of being the best, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most powerful in a way that they will get further apart from one another and, as a result, away from Nature as well.

The overruling of the appearances by the fantasies and illusions unleashed by the material influences will drain the love in people’s heart – in other words – they will stop reasoning.

Another consequence unleashed by this state of things: people complaining about everything and themselves; they claim to God who is not responsible for the unbalance created by man himself, because God respect the Free Will.

No philosophy, no sect, no doctrine or religion can fix humanity; it is up to people that happiness depend only upon them and abandon  the appearances, fantasies and illusions. It is time they embraced the REASONING (their true self, which is sheer LOVE), WHICH IS POSSIBLE ONLY THROUGH MUTUAL RESPECT.

It is necessary that each person acknowledges the fact that happiness depends upon him or her to happen, and it is through the development of the REASONING. Nowhere else can happiness be found so that the individual can live in equilibrium. Money, profession, power, intellect, intellectual culture, religion, fame, sex, material pleasure in general, none of that can be fully achieved without the Rational development. If all that man believes were real, then, there would be peace and love in the world. Nonetheless, what we see everyday is only havoc played by ideals, ambitions and greed.

Money without the intention of profiting or becoming powerful along with the Rational development is essential to keep positive personal  interrelations, because it is redirected to the UNION and not to discord, disputes, intrigues or any kind of war confrontation which aim at the  quick destruction of the human kind.

So in this sense, humanity has taken the burden of punishing itself by running away from its Rational reality and condition, practicing the anti-love against itself. When we embrace the appearances as element of prestige, we are falling into a bottomless abyss for appearances are illusions; they are not true and will never be. Everything in the appearances is doomed to end.

Lamentably there is in humanity individual and collective suicide with rare and honored exceptions.

It is more than important to stop to reflect over the great evil each one is bringing in to his or her life. Evil is self destructive only the good is constructive. Those who plant good will harvest good and those who plant evil will harvest it, as well.

There is no effect without a cause. All evil to which humanity has been falling victim of was brought about by the humans. The greatest evil is people not believe in the inner power they have, a limitless power that can help them overcome any obstacle interposed by the evil. The evil of the appearances surrounds us everywhere and everyday. It influences us into attaching to the external ruling not to our inner.

However, the DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING is here to spot that internal love that will put us above this filth of the apparent mud; only then, we will be more solid than any existing rock. Instead evil is dragging us down the precipice.

The development of the Reasoning will immunize us and fill us with the TRUE LOVE, THE ETERNAL LOVE, for we came down to this world bringing it inside ourselves, nonetheless we lost it because of the ruling of the appearances.

Only the Rational Development can elucidate us about our origin and why we exist in this plan of life. If we knew about that there would be no suffering anymore among us.

Those who still don’t know about the RATIONAL DEVELOPMENT live on the hope, for the hope is for those who know nothing about themselves. For this reason one says: “while there is life there is hope. With the Rational Development the individual will perceive the illusion behind the veil of the reality and will search in himself the causes for the pain and suffering.

The Rational Knowledge of one self is the knowledge of the True Origin of humanity where everyone will learn that everything originated from a single energy – THE RATIONAL ENERGY.

Only connected with the RATIONAL ENERGY, the human being will find the real balance and love, for it is in the ORIGIN THE TRUE AND PURE LOVE OF HUMANITY.


If we are Rational animals, then, or true GOD has to be RATIONAL, a SUPERIOR RATIONAL BEING FROM OUR ORIGIN.

The author of the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS is the SUPERIOR RATIONAL. This is our grand opportunity to meet this wonderful culture and study the TRUE RATIONAL BASIS OF LIFE. In the Rational Culture one will find all the beauty of the Reasoning – our true legacy, the don given by the SUPERIOR RATIONAL. So it is our mission to develop it. However, it is not and will never be an imposition. Nobody can develop anybody else’s Reasoning. This development is in the individual domain which means that each one is in charge of his or her own RATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. How is it achieved? By reading the BOOKS UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC UNIVERSE EXPECTS US TO FULFILL THIS TASK. It is so true that for eons and eons the invisible and astral beings are preparing and polishing humanity to be able to feel the clarifications and disclosure that the book brings in. They are revelations can could only be brought by the real GOD – THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL!  THE RATIONAL APOTHEOSIS! AND THE RATIONAL BOOKS CAN BE FOUND ON EARTH. THEY COME FROM BRAZIL AND FOR THIS REASON – GOD IS  REALLY BRAZILIAN!

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Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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