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A Rational greeting to all! (*)


The enchantment with the material life is the cross of life.

By not knowing what the material life is and ignoring what is the true life, the human being enchants himself with the material life and its belongings.

It is very sad a person that does not know herself!

Not knowing who we are, nor from where we came from, nor where we are going to and how we are going.

And by not knowing anything, the person lives distracted, as an animal, enchanted with everything that is material, being hoodwinked by all kind of material things, living like a parrot, imitating everything that everyone does, whether it’s right or wrong.

The person lives in a deep unconsciousness, conducted by thought and imagination and thinks that he is what he is not. Imagines that he is what he cannot be. He lives without a base, in a life without ballast, without consistency, by its base be full of lies created and forged by the thought and the imagination. It is like a child that sees everything but doesn’t know the dangers that are behind everything he thinks he sees, but he can’t see.

The world is manipulated by characters of the lower nature, by the thought and by the imagination, the inferior mind, late, rude and deceptive.

By the unfamiliarity of the life the human beings are guided by the desires and wishes that are born of the illusions of life, and with the ambitious on all that is material, to their own destruction.

And the crucial point in life is not to be interested in knowing what life is. Go through life by ignoring it, dying every minute to the reality of life.

You have to know yourself in order to be able to understand and realize that the spell for material life and for all its belongings is really the same heavy cross that turns against you, to mislead you. If you don’t wake up of this incantation you will be destroyed and liquidated by the enchantment, admitted by you.

So who’s the culprit?

The person itself that, despite so much evidence of invalidity of this artificial life, which leads him, at every step, to a conclusion of misunderstandings and suffering, tears and pain, still admit this enchantment of the material life, visible or invisible.

The Mission of the Thought and the Imagination is this: lapidary to wake up the human being. Wake up to go out in search of the true reality, which is the true life.

But the stubborn and resilient human being, in his deep sleep, still sleeping, by indolence.

It’s like a child or a young person, accommodated in his bed, wrapped in the comfort of his covers and pillows, which were given at the cost of many sacrifices of their parents.

And therefore he does not want to get up on time, to be ready to go to school or to work, because he can’t see the days to come, when he will no longer have those parents to continue maintaining the comfort of his bed, which promotes the sleep and the rest of each day.

Then, for the love of their parents, by his parents had long understood the hardness and the hardships of life out there, these parents, for the sake of that son or daughter, need to make energetic arrangements to get that sleepy from its sleep.

But, he still doesn’t understand. Because he’s yet unconscious. And instead of being moved by that proof of love of his parents, which means the steps to get him off the sluggishness and lack of reality… he wakes up grumpy, when not aggressive, violent and full of complaints against their zealous parents.

So is humanity in relation to our mother Nature.

Because the time has come for the children wake up from the sleep of the matter, has come the phase of all human being picks up, knowing the truth about life, this life of a monstrous matter fraud and, at the same time, have knowledge of real life.

Everyone is sleeping! While nature, since 1935, comes calling all to awaken to the new life, to the true life, through the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the reasoning.

Everyone is different. And thus, a few, obedient, attentive to the call, already stood up and are walking tight, cohesive and united in this joyous Rational road, surprised with so many truths that are taking notice in the Rational Phase and well appreciated by the real and eternal benefits that they are acquiring as they know the truth of truths about the life of matter and the real life, the eternal life, the Rational life.

How beautiful, sublime, is to know the true life! And know, with absolute certainty, with no quibbles, with no mystification, who are we, where we come from, where are we going to and how do we!

And these (which are the selfless students of the natural culture) glorified, enriched, empowered and grateful for everything they are going to know, understand and comprehend, they feel the sacred duty to announce to all mankind the Rational path, right and bright, for all who have not yet had the fortune to meet the true light, the Rational Light, the light of Divine Providence.

And thus they live, these dedicated students of the Rational Culture, day and night, night and day, saying to their brothers who are still asleep:

“Wake up to the Phase of the development of the Reasoning, because the phase of the thought ended since 1935!”

These dedicated students, these obedient children of our mother nature, no longer have time for frivolity, for walks, for amusement, for conversations spun, to mind lives and, much less, to contemplate the evil that is matter. They have already disenchanted.

They see the matter as it is: nothing! Adopting from her only the minimum necessary for their survival.

Do you know why?

Because they already have the positive Rational consciousness, woken by the development of their superior mind, which is the Reasoning, the Pineal Gland, which is already in great evolution, in the way of its liaison with the eternal life.

And as owners of this sacred consciousness, which is the Reasoning, the reasoning guide them only for the pure real good, the rational good, which is to do the good without looking who, truly loving their neighbor as themselves. And this way, loving their neighbor as themselves, is the dissemination of the knowledge of the Rational Culture, the books Universe in Disenchantment, day and night, night and day, in every ways and means, to bring all mankind a chance to exit this material sleep of stone and wake up them to the truth of truths. Because God is Real, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the SUPERIOR REASONING to all reasoning and the greater Energy than all the ENERGIES.

Only a REASONING superior to all REASONINGS has strength and power to free mankind of the slavery of matter, where the organ plays always the same music: suffering and sorrow that has been the guide of all, the cross of all.

The Thought, in fulfillment of its mission, spent eons in cutting, working tirelessly day and night and night and day to get us ready for that phase that is now in effect, the RATIONAL PHASE.

But, with all the hard and exhausting work of the Thought, the humanity, in majority, remains enchanted with the matter, wanting to make this life of matter, his true life. And they can’t, because they’re going against Nature.

Some still want to maintain the lie as if it were true. All delighted with this Chimera, where everything is appearance only, as unpalatable moldy bread.

And so the matter is and any life that relies on the matter is, a null life, meaningless and without any benefit.

And that is the life for all who don’t know themselves. And by the Thought, the Magnetic Lord, be in withdrawal of the Phase in force, which is the Rational Phase, he’s taking with him, to the lower classes, these and those that persist in the stone sleep of the enchantment of the matter. And so transformed, living as irrational at the mercy of the time, under the scorching sun, the rainfall and the storms, the irresistible cold, without having nowhere to hide and protect them, they understand what is the matter, to rescue the hideous debt owed by the fact that they refused to meet themselves, by the development of reasoning.

And even more, these and these go to the class of irrational, with the awareness that they previously were humans who dallied the opportunity given by mother Nature, to develop their reasoning and to return to their true natural state of Pure, Clean and Perfect Rational beings, in their real world of origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, the world of the eternal.

What a pity! Stop being eternal, the True God, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, to live as an irrational commanded by the Magnetic Lord who runs the class of the irrational, which, when were human, were delighted by the matter, by stubbornness, rebellion and indolence.

Wake up, folks, while you can! Leave aside the heavy cross of unconsciousness, this cross of enchantment, of suffering and tears. Forward reasoning, because the thought wasn’t meant to hit!

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