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Hope makes the third of the Christian Trinity’s practices next to faith and charity. It is probably the most important between the other two, for, regardless any religious conviction, it drives the human being. Hope is to await until something happens. Because we are limited to time and space, then, obviously we will be subjected to a line of coming events – bad or good, happy or sad, life or death – according to the dual existing conditions which characterize our lives.

The existence of hope is a revealing factor which translates our limited perception before the human reality which is uncertain and dubious. We can never be sure about anything, and this alone leaves us without any solid grounds to step on. It is always the lingering anxiety on our bosom which can only be soothed by hope.

Nature is cruel and will not negotiate its rights. We live under good and bad expectations, with good and bad feelings about everything; it is one thing today and another tomorrow, for we have to await for the events in life. Our routine provides us with numberless examples: when we are about to receive news of a promotion or project, or from someone we expect to recover soon – bottomline is we are always suffering and anxious about future.

The feeling of hope is very subjective, a riddle, a mystery, that is, it will never correspond to any precise notion of the future. In short, the word “hope” is a utopia which drives us ahead and feeds our impetus for better realizations in life. Be it a fact or the existence of a Paradise, fact is, we will always bear our hopes.

Unlike what many believe, the feelings of hope and faith are human utopias. But why? Because the duality is the hallmark of our reality. Not everything we hope to happen will happen likewise. We hope to overcome our human condition no matter how much it will cost in our lives. The existence itself is a riddle and, for this, we can never be sure about either the future or the past. Reality is cruel and it will always betray either our faith or hopes.

Nonetheless what would become from us if we never had hope or faith? In general, people fall into the void of life when they lose hope and faith; the only certainty in life is that there is none.

Hope is not a religious feeling, but rather, a human feeling. Thus humanity feeds off hope for everything that they are involved with – be it in the Politics, Religion, Family, Work, whatever… Hope is what motivates us to pursue realizations in life. The truth is we will always be deceived by our own expectations, for we live in a world we knew nothing about; the knowledge we have is deceptive – just a pantheon of deceptions into which we are plunged.

We are taught to believe and accept this fake knowledge and, for which, we bulge ourselves up with arrogance and vanity. Nonetheless we are all equal before Nature, who will never privilege anybody for its origin, race or social class. No whatsoever, Nature will provide duality – love or hatred, health or illness – to any human being living in this world.

Now, then, the RATIONAL PHASE is ruling and, with it, the RATIONAL CULTURE for the development of the HUMAN REASONING. Thus the human beings will live under the perspective of “here and now” without anxiety or agony. Through the Reasoning there is no thought, no plans, no dreams, but rather, the imminent execution of the actions. Reasoning means to set free from the restrictions of time and space – for it is not connected to the matter but above the matter.

Therefore, Reasoning is a state of full consciousness which cannot be conceived through thought and, obviously, it will be considered a utopia for those who are still tied by the binds of thought. Thought is the cause of evil in the body and life. The Rational Culture is the natural culture of nature for the development of the REASONING, and it is ruling in Nature. It is the sole opportunity for the overcoming of the human condition.

Once we start with the study of RATIONAL CULTURE, we start understanding and recognizing our true condition, without deception or illusions, for we can, through it, understand the in-depth of the natural process of thinking. Instead of expectations, anxieties and hopes, a new consciousness is born to enlighten us with the knowledge of the cause to our existence in this world. The actions will happen “here and now” without our notion of what they might or might not be. Nature will not negotiate anything with us – whatever has to happen will happen.


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