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It is known that doing good unconditionally is magnanimous, but we also know that it is hard to find someone who would do it without any self- interest.

On the other hand there are people who would easily cause harm to the others, eventhough they knew it is wrong. It is none sense harming your brother, for you will be victimized by the same evil. Those who practice the good will grow and those who cause only harm will go down. These are the aspects of the dual Nature.

The world is a material deformation composed by two energies – the electric and magnetic, thought and imagination. Fortunately, it is on Earth since October 4, 1935 the culture of the oneness, the RATIONAL CULTURE. It comes through the RATIONAL ENERGY which will develop the REASONING in the human kind. Only then people will awaken to the real good, the RATIONAL.

Along with the RATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, man will ascend to his world of origin, THE RATIONAL WORLD. On the other hand, if man proceeds with the material progress he will go down to the core of the matter and loose his RATIONAL CONNECTION for ever!

An animal will turn into irrational once it loses its RATIONAL CONNECTION. This is the notion spread by the RATIONAL KNOWLEDGE, because it is up to each one of us to make the ultimate decision, either we will ascend or descend; there is always the FREE WILL.

Therefore we will set out today to explain the 7th riddle: the inception of the FREE WILL.

The FREE WILL and everything else that exists on Earth and in the entire Universe is consequence of a PERFECT WORLD. From the PERFECT WORLD stemmed the RATIONAL PLAIN, which came down transforming into the DEFORMATION down there. Up there is the ETERNAL HEAVEN, longed by humanity and which will be achieved after they went through the turmoils of life. Nonetheless there are people that challenges the existence of that world by asking questions such as: if it exists then who created? Religions affirm it is GOD; but then comes the skeptic and says: “Who is GOD? Then why there are other gods, other religions and all that?” All these questions have rendered humanity to the merce of prejudice and wars, because they all remained unanswered. The truth is that the CULTURE OF THOUGHT AND IMAGINATION brought everyone to a standstill. Indeed, it never sufficed to bring all the parts of these puzzle together. A logical reference was missing to produce a UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.

In the Culture of the Reasoning, THE RATIONAL CULTURE, one will discover that we are animals of RATIONAL ORIGIN, thus, our GOD and TRUE FATHER is also RATIONAL.

He created the Eternity, the RATIONAL WORLD with its inhabitants, who are clean, perfect and pure.

They all live in the RATIONAL WORLD where they make progress, but different from the one we have in the DEFORMATION.

It is a progress of pureness, beside that, they pure, clean and perfect. The Creator of this world and its inhabitants is called THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL.

The name attest his RATIONAL SUPREMACY. He is the father of human kind and all living beings in the Universe.

Nonetheless it was the abuse of the FREE WILL that caused the existence of this world. In the RATIONAL WORLD there is no coersion of freedom, and some RATIONAL BEINGS started making use of their FREE WILL by entering the part of the RATIONAL WORLD which was not yet ready for the pure progress. As a consequence, everything started transforming until it became the world down there; however the transformation keeps on until everything goes back to its original state – NATURE’S ULTIMATE GOAL.

The Rational Beings, after extinguishing as beings of light, started coming out of the earth as materialized Rational beings and, only then, many eternities later, they could feel the material reality. Now the Rational animals are driven by the will of disclosing their own origin, the Universe’s and everything else. This is the beginning of the FREE WILL in our World, and it explains the seventh of the seven riddles of humanity: the inception of the FREE WILL.

The fact that man has been, through researches, trying to fathom his origins is the proof that humanity comes from a superior world. Nonetheless the ultimate answer is still shrouded in mysteries and that is: From where we come and to where we are going. All the technological advancements and scientific evolution never sufficed to give that ultimate answer.

The religions and legends are the input given to us by the materializations from the etheric world spured by the electric and magnetic energies. It doesn’t matter how hard scientists endeavor themselves to reach this conclusion, it simply cannot be reached by the deformed mind. This is not the purpose of the Enchanted Culture, created in this deformed world by deformed minds.

The Enchanted Culture was given to humanity by Mother Nature through thought and imagination, and the purpose of these two energies is just to polish and prepare humanity to understand the RATIONAL CULTURE. Pascal once stated, after contemplating the vastness of the sky, that humanity was in total oblivion. He said, “The silence of the Universe terrifies me! We are alone, we were abandoned by God.

Fact is that God never let down humanity and, as proof to that, He opened the door of his dwell, namely, he allowed His mysteries to be disclosed through the RATIONAL CULTURE. We, like Pascal, have been longing for this moment when we will listen to the voice of the ETERNITY and answer the most important question ever: “Where do we come from? Where are we going?

Through the Enchanted Culture we could reach only the dust, the Matter, never the essence of things, because this culture was insuficiente to give us the original answer. It simply couldn’t reach the Truth.

The wise men based their assumptions on the effects of Nature, not on the causes of these effects, for before the inceptions of the earth and water, there was the cause of all natural transformations which is the RATIONAL PLAIN. If you could ask the cheese worm from where it came, it would say that it came from the cheese, because it never knew that before the cheese, there was the milk and before the milk, there was the cow’s blood, and before the cow’s blood there was the grass, and before the grass, the earth and water, and so on and so forth.

No one but the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, who made the RATIONAL WORLD with its inhabitants, can tell from where we came, and now, he yield to humanity the knowledge of our origin. We came from the RATIONAL PLAIN, which transformed itself in water and earth. The RATIONAL PLAIN melted under the heat of the Sun, which was formed by the energies of the RATIONAL BEINGS.

Before the earth it was the ashes that transformed from the resine, which stemmed from the RATIONAL PLAIN; before the ashes it was the resine, which condensed from the effects of the Sun over the RATIONAL PLAIN.

The RATIONAL PLAIN was a piece from the RATIONAL WORLD, but it came down detaching from its source and transforming through the Eternities.

The RATIONAL PLAIN detached from the RATIONAL WORLD because some RATIONAL BEINGS, after making use of their FREE WILL , entered a part of the RATIONAL WORLD and initiated a progress, which could not be sustained on that part of the RATIONAL WORLD.

Thus we have accomplished the clarification of the seven riddles of humanity which are not questions raised only by Du Bois Raimond but by the whole humanity.

All these doubts were challenged by Sciences, which was incapable to answer them, because it was trying to touch a reality that is far above this deformed world. Fact is that Nature never let her mysteries be disclosed by formulas and equations. The RATIONAL CULTURE, though, will propitiate, through the development of the REASONING the clarification of all NATURE’s mysteries. Check the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

In our next article we will fathom the following topic: THE SONS OF THE MARRIAGE BETWEEN SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY.


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