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(Severino dos Reis, a student of Rational Culture, Belo Horizonte, MG – BRAZIL)


Someone that cannot tell from where they come and to where they are going; who lives in this world without knowing why; who dies without wanting to; who misses so much those he loves, but when he meets with them he fights, cannot talk about consciousness. Someone who affirms that God is the omnipotent being of infinit goodness and, at the same time, qualifies him as evil, by saying that horrific things happen because of his will, cannot have any consciousness.

Someone who spends their life studying, researching, dedicating themselves fully to sciences, to create the Atom Bomb and other destructive artfacts, cannot have consciousness.

Someone who knows that the forests keep an immense resevoir of life and, in spite of that, continues deforesting cannot have consciousness. Someone who knows that the car fleet keeps growing, bringing all kinds of trouble to life and the environment and, in spite of that, whose governments continue incentivating the production of more cars, cannot have consciousness. Therefore comes the fundamental question:


In this article we will fathom the 5th riddles; how did the SENSATIONS AND CONSCIOUSNESS come about?

On the development of their history, the human beings needed to create expressions such as hell and heaven, good and evil, right and wrong, forgiveness , truth, sensation and consciousness, among other things, to justify their contradictions and, thus, they could spare the intentions of the Ego common to all human beings.

To some religions and sects, Sciences is an invention of the materialist mind but, also, God’s work. Anyway, Sciences is the fruit of thought and all its branches were essential for the development of the human kind, necessary to awaken the interest for the Origin of Life and the Universe in all human beings.

Nature has been step by step accomplishing her purpose of taking man out of rudeness and primitivism, transmitting to him the divine expression of the thought. So many aspects of life have been minuciously studied by Sciences; nonetheless they were never sufficient to reach a general principle, which would explains and set life in a whole single context. Instead, Nature does not give leaps, and the human knowledge has been on its gradual development which follows the orders of time.

From Rational animals which we were, we moved with the dawn of the RATIONAL PHASE to the class of RATIONAL APPARATUS.

Nothing that comes before its time can be good. Charles Darwin had to wait for 30 years before he could publish his master piece: the theory of the evolutionary species. He feared the religious people’s reaction, who were sure the world had been created only 4004 years before the Christian Era.

In his reports, Darwin confirmed the existences of the reptile life in the far past, fossilized for 170 millions years. The counterpoint is: we are of eternal origin, pure, clean and perfect, therefore, we could not have sprung out of evolving monkeys, which are irrationals, as it was proposed at the time of the first version of the Evolutionary Theory.

Nonetheless, Darwin and many other of his time were but thinkers locked in the phase of thought, very much evolved for their culture but with only the half wisdom about the Truth provided by the thought. And little did they know that the phase in which humanity would have all riddles disclosed would come up only in the PHASE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING, that is, THE RATIONAL PHASE. In this phase the SUPERIOR RATIONAL tells us all about our past, present and future.

Darwin and, likewise, all the other scientists never knew when the evolution of life began. Only now in the RATIONAL PHASE, with RATIONAL CULTURE, humanity will discover that the evolution of life started in the 4th eternity when the water penetrated the earth and, out of the mixture between heat, water and earth, produced life. The earth incubated the first Rational microbes and, some time later, the first beings sprouted from the earth just like a vegetable. In the beginning the bodies were very different from today’s bodies which, consequently, with the passing time evolved to the point we know humans today.

In the beginning of the development of the deformed Rational life, the beings were deaf, mute and blind; however, with the development of the magnetic energy they started to emit sounds, to hear and see. At that time, they had no awareness of what they saw or heard. All that happened due to the development of the magnetic energy. It was NATURE who taught us how to speak and create images, which were kept in our brains, propitiating the appearance of the cognition and sensation.

Due to the continuous efforts to emit sounds, the first Rational deformed beings started to feel thirsty and, as a consequence, they started making more use of water, which dilated their bodies inside leaving gaps between their internal organs. This dilatation prompted them to feel hungry and search for food. The nourishment, in the primeval times, was vegetarian.

The first deformed Rational beings ascend to the end of the 4th eternity as talking beings, with some notion of things; and this was the very beginning of the pre-history. With the advent of the development of the electric energy, Nature developed in the deformed Rational beings the abstract thought, and here, we have the clarification of the 5th riddle: THE APPEARANCE OF SENSATION AND CONSCIOUSNESS.

Nevertheless the real and true consciousness is RATIONAL! The Rational is anterior to the deformed existence, it preceeds the event of the 1st Rational extinction and its consequent forgetfulness of what it was, before it became deformed. The Rational is the singular essence of Eternity; it never transforms, it is perennial.

The human consciousness is vague and deformed because it is just a reflex of the forgotten RATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS. What is Rational is pure, clean and perfect, and it comprises the whole extension of what we know as NATURE. A RATIONAL BEING never commits any abuse, because it is in favour of everything and everyone.

See the biggest prize God has awarded humanity with: the CULTURE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING – THE RATIONAL CULTURE, which God himself – the SUPERIOR RATIONAL – came in person to dictate. This culture is, for a long time, on the Earth, and it is called UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. This should be the greatest motivation to read and learn all about your life on this plan. Therefore it is mandatory that everyone grab it and start learning it without any delay.


(*) Text in Portuguese:


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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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