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(Severino dos Reis, a student of Rational Culture, Belo Horizonte, MG – BRAZIL)


In the our last commentary, we focused on the seven riddles of humanity, which had been cited by Haeckel and Du Bois Raymond, clarifiying the first riddle that concerns the nature of the matter and energies, facts which occurred in the first 3 eternities. Thus we shall proceed now with the 7 riddles of humanity, in which we will clarity the 2º riddles: the origin of the movements. We are definitely not the first descendants of the primates, according to Charles Darwin, who is trying to clarify and elucidate on all the mysteries of Life and the Universe since this is the greatest dream of mankind.

When man still inhabited the caves, he had lots of questions and thoughts about the origin of everything and everyone surrounding his life on earth and the skies.

The theories trying to disclose all these riddles range from creationism – with God making the World – to the Big Bang.

This only proves that nobody is right, for there are still doubts. If there are so many riddles it is because all these clarifications lack the basis and logic to explain how creation came to be. There is just one truth behind the existence of the world, and this truth is Rational. Therefore the Rational Form is the only true clarification which leaves no doubts or riddles. The SUPERIOR RATIONAL will tell us with all simplicity in the RATIONAL CULTURE, so that everyone can understand that; nonetheless it was mandatory to await the time to come when humanity would ripen to be able to understand the truth and evolve culturally. In primeval times, humanity ran in despair trying to deduce the truth as to how and why we ended up here. The wilderness and darkness of the Universe have always scarred us to death.

All the philosophies and theories were put in the human mind by Mother Nature so that her creatures would be able to grow out of a feared infancy and curious adolescence. As we all know the toys and plays will fill in our childhood to prepare us for the adulthood.

Nonetheless the primeval times are gone, and humanity has been already through their pre-historical infancy and civilised adulthood. Now we have the RATIONAL CULTURE to assume our total Awakening and leave once and for all our myths and legends behind. This is the completion of the 21 eternities in this deformed universe. For this reason, we will now clarify the concept of eternity so much used in the RATIONAL CULTURE.

The concept of a deformed universe relates to a world where everything is in eternal transition and transformation and nothing is definite; everything is only apparent and appearances are not true. For instance, a seed transforms itself into a tree, the tree transforms into wood and the world transforms into paper, and the paper transforms into books… and so on and so forth. This means that neither the seed nor the tree and neither the wood nor the book is true; actually nothing is true in this world. Nothing that is in eternal changes and transformation can be true. Now then, eternities are just chronological references to a time when there were no numerical system, a time totally unknown from humanity.

Is there then a perennial world, a world where nothing ever changes? Yes there is. In this world everything is eternal and this world is called the RATIONAL WORLD. It is the world of Eternity, the so called HEAVEN by the human beings, and it is within the reach of the human kind because of the RATIONAL CULTURE. By the way, the numeric system was developed after humanity have fathomed the knowledge of the writing and the planetary system.

The North American Astronomer, Kal Seigan, on the edge of his theories, called the time extending from the earliest moments of the Universe Birth to date the Cosmic Day. According to him, human kind came about in the last 10 seconds of this day. These last 10 cosmic seconds are a long time when we think of the evolution and history of the human kind, which has been on the face of earth for eons and eons of years.

The SUPERIOR RATIONAL, the author of the RATIONAL CULTURE, says in the BOOK UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT that 21 eternities have passed by from the inception of the Universe to date. He called eternity a time in duration of the Deformation. Thus if the Earth was lengthy and, then, changed into squared, so nobody could remember when it was lengthy.

From the time when it was squared, it changed into circular, then nobody could remember that it was circular one day and so on and so forth. That is what an eternity is, a time in the Deformation.

The Deformation and Transformation started when some Rationals entered through the Rational Plain, which was not yet ready for progress. They entered through that part without the consentment of the SUPERIOR RATIONAL. Actually they made use of their free will to invade that part which, as a consequence, started to go down. It could not sustain their progress, it collapsed and begin moving downwards, detaching completely from the RATIONAL WORLD. This unleashed the very beginning of the transformations, giving birth to the movements of everything that exists on it and in the whole Universe.

There you have all the riddles cleared up about the ORIGIN OF THE MOVEMENTS. Therefore, the only reliable form of envisaging all the mysteries and riddles is by knowing the sheer truth given by the RATIONAL WORLD, which is from where everything came down, performing its trajectory to the point where it is now. Other than that there are only theories that do not lead to any final conclusion. And how could it produce any conclusion when it is only based on temporary effects and not on the real cause of things? Nothing is really stable in this world where one thing is this way today and tomorrow it is completely different.

In the world of mortals and perishable beings nothing can be right. The truth had to come from the real cause of the Universe: the RATIONAL WORLD and not from the mind of deformed beings who never saw this world being made. The thought and imagination are behind all these theories and, likewise, they are fruits of the deformed nature.

The real nature which can connect us to the OUR WORLD OF ORIGIN is the REASONING, for it is the only legacy we kept from the RATIONAL WORLD. GOD is a RATIONAL BEING – THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL!

Therefore it is important to find out more about this knowledge: RATIONAL CULTURE in the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS… THE BOOKS UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.


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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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