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My dear readers of this Blog: how can one deny the transformation and man’s evolution, if the history of the human intelligence can be taken as a journey, which was very slow in the beginning and, later on, started to accelerate in a geometric progress, coming from ignorance to enlightment.

Today, despite all the tecnological and scientific development in several areas of the human knowledge, it takes one botton to push and everything will blow up instantly.

Man is still surrounded by mysteries in this world, and nothing has he ever known about his origin or the appearance of life. Our goal is to clear up the mysteries and, in doing so, we present now the 3º riddle: The Appearance of Life. This one was the biggest riddle in the phase of thought but not in the Rational Phase. Hacke and Du Bois Raymond associated this riddle with the appearance of the Matter.

As everyone knows nothing gets lost in this world, but it constantly transforms itself. Therefore, there is no effect without a cause. If this material life is in constant transformation, it is so because there is a preceeding event that unleashed these transformations.

If there is this world where we live, there is the world that spawned it, which is the Rational world. A world of purity with its inhabitants: the pure, clean and perfect Rational Beings. In this world nothing changes because it is the Eternity, the world of the SUPERIOR RATIONAL.

There is no genre in this world, for everything is just one being – pure, clean and perfect. Its inhabitants are of pure light – the Rational Energy.

Above there is a world, and in one part of this world there was a plain that was not yet ready for the Rational Progress. Some inhabitants entered this part and started progressing by themselves. They were told not to enter in this part but they never cared for the warnings. They had the Freewill, and they made use of it.

This plain could not sustain the progress and started to collapse and, as a consequence, it came down transforming itself, getting away from the RATIONAL WORLD. As they realized what was happening they tried to come back but it was useless. The plain had already descended to a point that there was a gap between them and the purity. They went on with their progress, losing their virtues which accumulated in space and spawned a light spot of inverted energy. This light spot started to produce heat and pressure – then, it was far away from its natural state.

The heat melted the plain causing it to become jelly; it went on increasing in temperature, while the other part of the same plain, instead of becoming jelly, started to blister under the effect of the heat, then, it sprouted and turned into a resine. The jelly melted transforming into water, whereas the resine turned into ashes. This is the beginning of what we call water and earth.

The Rational beings lost their virtues, extinguishing over the water and the earth. Those who extinguished over the water produced the male sex, and the others who extinguished over the water produced the female sex.

The water, being the male penetrated the earth, which is the female, impregnating it and bringing the first ever fecundation forth . The first microbes produced were the very first lives, and with that, we get to the 3º riddle: THE APPEARANCE OF LIFE. Of course we are talking about microbial life in general: Rational and Irrational.

It is worth noting that this fecundation contributed to the formation of the MATERIAL BODY, whereas the extinct Rational Beings contributed to the formation of the ENERGY BODY, which is the engine of the body. That is the reason why there are two lives in each person: one is the material body, and the other lives on after the death of the material body.

The Energy Body is, in the current culture, known as the Soul or Spirit; nonetheless the RATIONAL CULTURE explains that what conceives life to the body before and after death is the REASONING! The Reasoning is what remained from each Rational Being that got extinct! It is the very imprint of the bonds between man and his eternal origin – THE RATIONAL WORLD. In the Irrationals, life is just a vibration of the Matter, the electric and magnetic energy connected to the material body formation.

Everything happened at slow pace, not at once, and only in the 4th eternity the first lives came about. They were microbian lives which evolved throughout all these eternities. Now in the 21th eternity, man awakens to the reality of his origin and the Universe.

Sciences is impotent to give any account of our existence because the map of the trajectory of Life from its origin to the present moment had been lost through these transformations. Nonetheless, in the Rational Culture, we will know all about the precedents to the formation of the mortal material life, which happened when the Rational Beings started to extinguish over the earth and the water: the first Death.

Hence we are all dead to our origin. Note that it has been for 21 eternities, and we are still locked in this material life: being born, dying and reborning. All this cycles brought us to the oblivion of our true origin: THE RATIONAL WORLD.

The Life and Death are fictious: they are neither the beginning nor the end, but a point in the trajectory of the deformed life in constant transformation. All the scientific entourage of telescopes and super computer, which have been searching the Universe for the origin of everything, was insufficient to find anything that was left before the transformations.

Nonetheless it is on Earth THE RATIONAL CULTURE which will disclose all the riddles of the UNIVERSE AND LIFE. Studying RATIONAL CULTURE one will come across all these disclosures. In the study of RATIONAL CULTURE, one will have access to a language which was made for everyone, regardless of intellectual or academic level, culture or religion. You should try it too!


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