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The world was expecting something to happen in December 21, 2012, nevertheless the date passed by and nothing happened, unlike what humanity thought would happen. Thus, the prophecies have long been failing.


Because these prophecies emanate, in most part, from the thought – the electromagnetic powers – and, they are meant not save the humanity but to polish it. When the regency of Nature was submitted to the electromagnetic powers, the prophecies were valid, because these powers were commanding Nature and producing these prophecies through the thought (electric) and imaginations (magnetic) in the human mind.

Nevertheless the Rational Phase came up in 1935, and it started ruling Nature with the RATIONAL ENERGY for the development of the Reasoning (the pineal gland), precluding all and every sign traced by the thought and imagination, which terrified the human beings.

Cataclysms will continue happening but at a regular and natural fashion, in order to alert the humanity that Nature has made its shift of phases, and the one that is governing now is the PHASE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING.

This world has its owner, and the owner is not the electromagnetic power as many used to believe.

The true owner of this world is the Superior Rational, the Superior Reasoning to all Reasonings and the Superior Energy to all Energies – that is God! And God will never allow any insidious force to destroy his world, for God is of peace, love, fraternity, concord and THE SUPREME RATIONAL BENEVOLENCE.

Until the day when the RATIONAL ENERGY, the TRUE GOD, set all those who did their best to return the Origin, still in life, the world will follow through with its evolution; however for those who insisted staying in the former phase, there will be only chaos and destruction.

That is the reason why we have been reiterating on the need of everybody to develop their Reasoning, so that they can all be sync with Nature. The phase of thought is over and it is terminating with everyone who are still connected to it. That is the reason why nobody can solve anything today. The thought is rotting.

It is mandatory that everybody develop their Reasoning, for it is the only way to resolve the life issues. It is in the Reasoning the solution to everything and not in the thought and imaginations.

The Reasoning is our true friend, because he holds the custody of life, and it is the Inhabitant from THE RATIONAL WORLD, who got materialized in the pineal gland. It is in this Living Being the way back to the Eternity, the RATIONAL WORLD.

The thought and imagination are two energies that sprung from the ground, caused by the multiple transformations ensued from the cosmic mass – a small portion of the Rational World – which was not ready to get in progress. This bulk transformed, eventually, into two energies: The Electric and Magnetic Energies, Thought and Imagination, Male and Female, Positive and Negative.

The inception of this DRAMA started when some inhabitants from the Rational World entered the part that was not yet ready to get in progress.

These inhabitants are us – earthly beings – and, for this reason we are suffering the consequences of our own actions.

We made bad use of our Free Will and we keep doing that, slaving ourselves to the wills and desire.

The thought and imagination are the material essences – which are sheer evil – and, they don’t have the power to rescue us from the matter. Actually, they are functions to keep us attached to the ground, regardless whether it is visible or invisible. They are meant to constrain us in eternal transformations. They are meant to constrain us in eternal transformations. Through these two material aspects we would never attain our transcendence.

These “forces from the ground” never knew the way back to the Source; they could never reveal anything about our origin, for these forces themselves are the very product of a degenerated consciousness. That is why humanity could never know from where it came and to where it was going.

Therefore it is mandatory that we disengage ourselves from any prophetical concept and focus only on the development of our Reasoning. For the Reasoning no prophecy is worthwhile – but only for those who still persist on the Terminating Phase. They continue thinking and imagining, when the order is to Reason and resonate with the Rational Phase.

Therefore, Thought, Imagination and Reasoning can be only cleared up through the study of the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS.

Hope you all connect to the Rational Phase for your own good and the good of the Human Race!


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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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