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When in somebody elses’ house, how should one behave?

With prudence, calmness and simplicity, never trying to upstage the owner of the house.

Now, I have to ask you this: If we are born and die here, what does that mean?

Have you ever reflected over this?

Have you ever thought about how short our stay is on the Earth?

Have you ever talked about it with friends or family?

How about bringing it up at some occasion?

You know why?

Because subjects like this will always bring the family together.

We find it worth discussing, for talks like this unite the individual goals, bringing everyone to a common sense.

The reason why so many people find it unbearable to live in their familiar circle is exactly this, the magnetic thought attained by the family members will produce conflicts and separation between one another. The magnetic thought serves only to the separation and destruction.

Now, then, why situations such as the one mentioned above are becoming more and more frequent today? Everyone is living in total oblivion from one another for keeping thoughts which are impaired with the others and that will, eventually, lead them to madness.

The reason is the lack of common objectives between the humans who have been behaving quite inhumanly lately. This state of mind is reflecting in the whole world today.

It is the lack of the true and solid knowledge of life that is breaking families; the deception of believing that anyone owns this world when, in fact, people are just passengers down here.

Due to unconsciousness, man has built up a system of life with permanent caracteristiques at a place where we are just passing by. The correct way would be to live life the simplest way possible because of its provisory aspect. It resulted that all the problems that we face today in several areas of life, such as economy, health, work and living, have come out of this deception. A lot of resources are squandered when they could be better used in a simple way of life.

The truth is that each person feels as though he or she owns this world. As a consequence, they will try to take as much as they can out of it, exploring it to the fullest; they simply look over the fact that there is an owner to this world and the owner created everything for a reason: Keeping everyone in for a temporary period, not permanently as most people seem to believe.

The main difference between the true owner and the fake ones is that the true owner offers what is right and sufficient for the living, whereas the fake ones believe that everything that is offered to them is still not enough.

That is the ingratitud reflected in the behavior of total disrespect from the guests to their hostess – Nature -, who offers all that is necessary for their living. The guests misbehave likewise in their family circles.

If they could reflect over it, a new form of relations would be settled between family members in which the oldest would transmit to the youngest the importance of respecting Nature.

Respecting Nature means to limit oneself within the present material conditions, bearing in mind that everything that we have are benefits conceded by Nature, so that we can sustain our lives in this world. We are here by the mercy of Nature.

This is the most important teaching in family, that is, we should care for the maintanance of the house and bear a rational attitude to the other members, so that nothing goes out of its limits.

Nature will eventually praise and elevate those who cultivate these habits. This is the real humbleness towards life.

By practicing these actions, humanity will create bonds which are based on mutual collaboration in favor of everyone; golddiggers will find no room in this type of relations, and that is primarily what Nature demonstrates to us, her guests!

We have been acting so unlike the natural principles because we never knew from where we come and to where we are going. The lack of awareness of what we really are and to where we are going is the reason why we act so unlike the true being.

And the truth is that we don’t belong in here, otherwise, we would be eternal.

Our way of life is totally based on the full exploration of this world and exploitation of one another to satisfy our morbid needs for material accumulation.

The greed and selfishness sprung out of these erroneous concepts fed in the intimacy of man. The Rational animal promulgated the supremacy of Having over Being! And that made him a prisioner and slave of his own attributions.

Humanity finds itself now as a hostage of everything that points against the human evolution, because all these institutions do not bear any ideal based on the natural limits. Look at the consequences that sprung out of all these ideals of unlimited greed and selfishness. Life is adorned by vanity and arrogance which is leading man to the abyss of evil.

If life had turned out good nobody would be complaining today; insatisfaction is in the order of the day and wars and revolts are rulling the world.

Immense social differences, mysery, corruption, marginality are some of the problems created by this way of thinking; everything well cultivated through appearances. We are harvesting what we have planted. However, the point is to know until when we will keep like this.

It is important to see that life has its organizations and hierachies in the visible and invisible world, for it is from the invisible that emanates all the actions that will materialize in the visible world. There is no effect without cause; so can we just go on destroying and play havoc on everything that the invisible power constructed to keep and sustain our lives? We are here in this blog to bring to your awareness all these facts, and we do hope that you read the articles to understand how destructive can be your thoughts when put into actions!

It is time to reflect upon the deception we have been involved with for not being aware of the natural reality and that if we keep the way we are, we will certainly march into the demise of humanity.

The true understanding of Nature will come out of the respect that we bear to her as the mother of humanity and the real owner of this world.

In the books UNIVERSE OF DISENCHANTMENT you will know all that has been said here and a lot more!

In this book you will learn that we are not from here but from a superior world and why we have the REASONING – THE TRUE REPRESENTATIVE OF GOD INSIDE OUR HEADS!

The divine representative is materialized in the form of pineal gland and it has to be developed by its own energy to dematerialize and follow its way back to the RATIONAL WORLD, its world of origin.Therefore by acquiring the first volume you will understand why each house has its owner.



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