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Peace, much peace!

It is necessary to turn our attention to this subject, because the world is going through convulsions, showing that we are wrong, for the so called peace lies on the margin of this life.

And if peace is on the margin of the life that most people are living today, then it is a signal that the great majority is impaired with themselves, because no one can live out of the Mother Nature’s domain.

Who would doubt that?

The latest events happening in the world today are trying to convey some important message to humanity!

It is necessary to take all that into consideration and try to draw a lesson out of it.

Nothing happens without a reason, nothing at all!

Would it be fair to believe that the Divine Providence would put humanity in a world so unhospitable with so much differences and horrible diseases; a world infested with natural and artificial  tragedies where nobody is safe from death.

And even if all of that didn’t exist, would GOD create male and female creatures, who are so different from each other, and whose differences always bring one against other, making the relationship so hard at times.

Another point is how could God allow intelligent creatures to live with irrational creatures and, even worse, permit that the intelligent ones slaughtered and tortured the irrationals as we see happening worldwide?

Would God allow deforestation, the cutting of stones and metals for the making of weapons which bring only destruction and pain over life in general?

The answer is we will never find the human ideals such as peace, love and harmony in this world, because it is a world that is on the margin of GOD. God defIf you think everything is alive in this world such as the vegetables, minerals, water and earth, then, what God would allow these living entities to go through such hardships as contamination, exploration and ravaging at all possible levels.

And how about the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, which are all trapped in their own rotation without a sprinkle of freedom and, besides that, absorb all the negative fluids from Earth that goes off in Space; could we blame Gott on that?

The answer to all that is no, God is not responsible for any of these, on the contrary, it would be a monstrous God to create so much suffering in the world. God didn’t create pain and suffering.

We speak of peace in a world tormented and plagued by restleness, fights and wars over all.

Peace does not belong to this material world where we live in; the world is visible and invisible, and it is in no way the creation of GOD!

If this world were made by GOD, it would be a perfect world without differences of any kind.

Where there are differences there can be no equilibrium or balance and withought balance, there can be no peace.

Now comes the question: why  insisting so much upon this subject?

Because God definetly didn’t create this world.

If this material world had been created by GOD – THE SUPREME BEING – HE would inhabit this world and, consequently, nobody would search for HIM, because HE would be living next to everyone in this world.

In addition to all that, it would not be  necessary the existence of sciences , religions and philosophy to keep the equilibrium of human kind.  The fact that the artificial knowledge exists is the proof that  we  are still on the search for HIM.

Therefore we can assume that the universe, where we live, with all its galaxies and planets cannot be the fruit of the divine creation.  

Nonetheless the inevitable question is made: what does all that have to do with peace?

Because, since this world is not the DIVINE CREATION, peace can never be found here. Peace is impossible in the world of matter. It exists only in the world of the TRUE GOD, for the world we live in is the quite opposite to that one.

So, by attaining the true reasoning, we can get to the conclusion that it is mandatory that we disattach ourselves from the matter, and stop believing that thought and imagination will lead us to GOD.

While we keep enchanted with this universe,in which we live in, we will do nothing but delay our encounter with the so dreamed Peace and  GOD!

We must take responsibility upon this world, because it is the result of our own deeds and, consequently, we are suffering the effects of its existence. This universe is only deception, for everything is perishble; the only certainty we have here is that life will vanish one day.

Everything and everyone are out of their true natural state; thus everything and everyone dies.

There are lives which seem eternal such as, the sun, the galaxies, however all that had beginning and, eventually, will reach the end one day. The existence of this lives are due to our wrong doing.

It useless to contradicting what has been said here with thought, for thought is as perishable as life, and all the thinkers will, also, meet their end one day.

Thought is going to be crushed by death, for it is the connected to matter and, for this reason, it falls into natural destruction of the Deformation. Actually it is not destruction but transformation. Nothing escapes the law of transformation in this deformed world; the reason why nothing has stability is because everything keeps transforming from one state to the next.

Therefore, how can thinking be any good , if thought has been sentenced to death?

He who still thinks is connected to the matter – that is – to the law of transformation and instability!

If Nature is of successive transformations, then where is the true natural?

The true natural precedes the existence of the matter; it is where the TRUE GOD inhabits!


The real life is of peace.

Thus, in order to reach peace in our lives, we need to connect ourselves to the origin of life, to the world which we left to start with this one.

The ancient sages got to this conclusion and many times fell in anguish and depression for not knowing the origin of this world. In the end they realized their wisdom has no value whatsoever.

And today, finally, the phase of the third millenium has come. The Superior Knowledge is on Earth – the disered knowledge by all the sages in the world.

This knowledge is the RATIONAL CULTURE. The whole Universe is in celebration now for the knowledge that will disenchant life and take it to its true natural.

This Culture was brought from our True World of Origin and it is content has proved to be the SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE given by the TRUE GOD – THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL!

And HE will tell us how our trajectory from the SUPREME WORLD to the world of matter came about  and how we transformed into Rational animals.

If the language used in this unprecedented transcedental culture were scientific and academic, it would, certainly, not be credible as coming from THE SUPREME WORLD, which does not discriminate upon people.

The Superior World tries to give attendance and facilitate the understanding of its messages to the lowest classes, because the Superior embraces everyone and everything, it has no vanity and it is not superb.

A father would never discriminate his own children? Parents fight for the custody of their own children, fight for their survival and, even, when they have many children, they still feel sorrow when one of them is unfortunate and unhappy. Despite their differences, they are all equal in the eyes of their parents.

GOD is above comparison and, therefore, does not want to reject any of his sons. For this reason, in spite of the mistakes we commited by giving the first step, which unleashed the universal tragedy – the creation of this world – He came to rescue us, providing the original culture – THE RATIONAL CULTURE – for the development of what was left of HIM in us, the REASONING. The rest of our body is residue of the DEFORMATION created by us.

The irrefutable proof that the good and meek will inherit this world is that GOD’S CULTURE is sheer simplicity; its constant repetitions in the books of RATIONAL CULTURE  are there to provide full understanding of its messages to the humblest reader. Through its reading everyone will attain the perfect equilibrium.    

Make no mistake about it: simplicity is the essence of this knowledge.

If this knowledge came from thought, it would have all the whims of an academic language elaborated with far-fetched constructions; it would promulgate the exclusion of the majority of the readers, for a very small quantity of people hold academic knowledge in this world.

It is known that all which is not true needs to dress up with all the glamor of the appearances and oppulences to impress, magnetize, illude, betray, captivate and fanatize.  

It reminds me when, still in my teenage, I heard the following saying: “When the content is not good, the packaging will have to compensate it.”

The fancy packaging is just to deceive for the lack of quality.

In this situation all that is good does not need to be wrap up in appearances, because it is not deceiving anybody and it is goal is to clarify the truth.

The truth will never acquis with the appearances because it doe not depend on them to exist.

The lie, on the contrary, needs many apparatus to impress. And the more materialist the person is, more appearances are necessary to please the conceited. All materialists are vain, because they juge themselves better and wiser than the others; however, in the end, by death, they all meet a common place 9 feet under.

When the materialists encounter the CULTURE OF DISENCHANTMENT, they make all kinds of critic to the books. They find faults where there are none whatsoever. The materialist are focused on the appearances and not on the essence of the RATIONAL KNOWLEDGE.

The materialists cannot accept the CULTURE OF DISENCHANTMENT for beings too attached to the matter; thus they are sick.

Nonetheless they too will disenchant from their false concepts, if they are endeavor in the studies of the DISENCHANTMENT.

It is the disenchantment that the whole humanity needs right now. It is thorugh the disenchantment that humanity will achieve peace in this world.

Only the true world of origin can provide what humanity is in most need right now. Our re-connection with THE RATIONAL WORLD will bring peace, love and fraternity to life here. THE RATIONAL WORLD is the residence of THE TRUE GOD – a pure, clean and perfect being known as THE SUPERIOR RACIONAL.

The present phase is the phase of the spread of the true culture of GOD. This CULTURE will bring us back to our world of origin through our connection with the RATIONAL ENERGY and, consequently, the development of the REASONING – which is in the pineal gland.

The phase of thought is completely over and it has been liquidated since 1935. Now, with its end, the thinkers have no right to live, and this is the reason why there is all this slaughtering of the human species in the whole world.

The solution to all this tragedy is in the development of the REASONING. Through the DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING we will attain our connection to the RATIONAL WORLD –  OUR TRUE WORLD OF ORIGIN.

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