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Hail to you all!

Hail is the extra cosmic greeting with its message of PEACE, LOVE, FRATERNITY AND UNIVERSAL CONCORD!

The Earth is going through hard moments, which is bringing many to a downfall. The mind is the first victim of this evil, for it is in the mind the lead to human evolution on Earth.

And why is  evil  spreading quickly and taking over the mind of people?

Because evil is, also, a living being in the universe; thus it is well acquainted with what was mentioned above: the lead to human evolution is in the mind.

Once evil reaches its ultimate goal – lodging in the mind – then, it starts dominating the world, making it a slave to the matter.

The action is first projected in the mind and, only then, it is put through to the world by thought.  

Firts thought and then, action.

And how is thought transmitted? From the invisible. Thought is external to the human body and it pertains the world we live in.

Before 1935, there were two powers ruling the world: Good and Evil with their representatives in the invisible dimension.

The equilibrium between them was what kept the world going at a sustainable existence. Nonetheless, after 1935, everything changed.

Why did it change?

Because all the resources were exhausted.

Resources that the Good had in order to contain the advances of Evil.

All that never escaped the watch of the Superior Universe – the origin of all existing life – which came to the aid of humanity with its powerful energy, THE POWER OF POWERS, THE RATIONAL ENERGY, so that redemption from the evil forces could be attained.

This energy is THE RATIONAL ENERGY, which depends on the knowledge which brings its actuation and values, and which is assimilated by the human beings through the reading of the RATIONAL BOOKS.

Thus the powers of good from this universe got united with the RATIONAL ENERGY (THE INHABITANTS OF THE SUPERIOR UNIVERSE) to work in favor of the human salvation.

And why is humanity still liable to the evil influences?

Because humanity evolved only on the basis of thought and imagination, which are machines in our heads to receive and transmit the moving energies from this primitive universe.

The third machine in our heads – the Reasoning in the pineal gland – was left out of the human evolution. This machine was made by Nature to receive and transmit the RATIONAL ENERGY.

The ancient sages knew of this third machine, and they were told by the powers of good that the time for the development of this machine would come and, consequently, the humans would start reasoning. In primeval times, humanity had developed thought and imagination.

The deception was to believe that the high development of thought was the Reasoning, when many incurred to this mistake when they affirmed that the THINKER could reason.

That was the point when the developed thought got mistaken by the reasoning. Nobody had ever reasoned, because the reasoning function can only be achieved through the RATIONAL ENERGY, coming from the transcedental universe, and it could never come from the electric-magnetic universe, which we inhabit.

Because humanity lived under the influence of the electric and magnetic energies, it missed the coming of the RATIONAL ENERGY in our universe.

Now the forces of good are working in accordance with the RATIONAL ENERGY, following its patterns and rules. In spite of all that, this reality could never be felt by humanity, which was encapsulated by the electric and magnetic forces.

So, how could this problem be solved?

This problem was solved by the Supreme World which provided the course for the understanding and assimilation of the RATIONAL ENERGY through books, which should be studied and practiced.

This course should be taken by each individual, who will gradually promote his own RATIONAL DEVELOPMENT; because each person holds the cosmic identification of this energy materialized in his or her own head in the form of REASONING MACHINE.

And, then, only then, the individual will be apt to REASON and fully exempted from the eletric and magnetic forces, for he or she will be fully connected with the superior energy from the SUPREME ORIGIN OF HUMANITY – THE RATIONAL WORLD.

Isn’t it clear how dangerous life is to become, if humanity does not develop their REASONING?

What danger is lingering there?

The danger of chaos, corruption, violence and monstruosity at all levels of the modern life; dissemination of the weathered thought!

Whoever is still disconnected from the RATIONAL ENERGY, regardless whether they come from the scientific, philosophical or religious area, is functioning like an electric iron that has been turned off and, consequently, is not charging on energy.

The electric iron is a metaphor to the thought machine; the disconnected energy is a metaphor to the forces of good, which have been deactivated.

The people that still find themselves insensible to the weathered thought are in this way, because they still count upon a slight charge of positive energy; however the electric iron will gradually cool off, for the source of energy is gone.

But the days for this slight energy to run down completely are counted. The weathered thought compared to an illness is just waiting for its outbreak.

And, then, there will be no cure to the weathered thought, for, at this point. those taken by the disease will be, in fact, at its terminal state.

It is a world wide picture painted with corruption which brings humanity out of the natural functioning.

The ailing condition of humanity is the product of a wide spread evil which has been contaminating the world.

Make no move into the realm of THE WEATHERED THOUGHT         !

Enroll yourselves in the course of  RATIONAL ENERGY to be immunized to this evil. Study the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT – RATIONAL CULTURE, THE CULTURE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING!



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