There is a very old proverb, that has lived through generations and that says: “The silent one wins”.

Just to see how our Mother Nature, in spite of having its deformed part, the part of the evil, has always aimed to lead its sons to the good, warning them about the dangers that the bad use of the tongue causes to everyone that let all their thoughts go through without the riddle of the common sense.

The evil exists for the punishment of the bad ones. The good exists for who contemplates it.

The bad one identifies himself with the bad. The good one identifies himself with the good.

The tongue is just a vehicle of both. Being a vehicle of the good makes everything revive and flourish. Being a vehicle of the evil, it becomes the whip of the body. And there being spiritual whip-lashes to make one see that that one does not want to see.

Does not want to see what?

That everyone and everything deserve respect. That each one is a dwelling and each one must care for his own, God caring for all, for He is the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONINGS and, in that SUPREME condition, only Him really has the power and the ability to judge and place each one in his proper place, having for that purpose here on Earth, Nature’s Tribunal and above the Earth, the Rational Tribunal.

Once disrespecting that natural principle, the person lines up for the whip- lashing, to be corrected and recovered from the audacity of judging oneself greater than the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONINGS, forgetting that here on Earth everyone is equal before God, for everyone is deformed, degenerated, imperfect, in short, full of defects.

Therefore, do not say bad things about your neighbor, for soon you will get the effect.

And then, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR contemplates us, in His grandiose Scripture Universe in Disenchantment with this warning:” Skull, who killed you, was the tongue!”

And still: “You lost yourselves for these wounds, for not knowing how to love. Traitor cupid…”

Everyone’s duty is to love everyone. Love is comprehension, understanding, detachment of one’s ideas, tastes and wills in order to understand your fellow creature that is also deformed and, for that reason, is different. Respect everything and everyone.

If the person does not agree, must become silent. Not always our disagreement means that the other one is wrong. Many times it is us who do not grasp what the other says.

The right does not exist in the life of matter. Since this limitation exists, who studies Rational Culture has already learned that “ TO SEE, TO LISTEN, AND TO SILENCE IS FINE ANYWHERE”.

Each one has scored very important points with the Rational Culture study, vital for the good survival and companionship with everything and everyone. Nature gives  to each one the comprehension of certain points, so that united you may complete the “jigsaw”, the game of life. Therefore, the fundamental is the UNION! Without it, however much knowledge everyone acquires, the “jigsaw” will not be completed and everyone will continue to suffer with one’s head full of knowledge. And then it would be verified the extreme of ignorance: to get  to know and not LEARN!

It is healthy to ponder about these words:

“Don’t say things in a hurry.

A right silence is worthier than a wrong word.

Take your time in what you need to say.

Get rid of wanting to give orders to the world in a hurry.

It is easier to repent of a word said than of a silence.

A wrong word at the wrong time can become a wound in the one who said it; and also in the one who heard.                                                                         In many moments in life silence is the wiser answer that one can give to someone. Therefore prepare well the word that is going to be said.

Words in a hurry do not match with sagginess.

Sages prefer the silence; and in their scarce sayings it is condensed an inexhoustive fountain of wisdom.

Do not fall in the temptation of a trivial speech, of the silly explanation.

Prefer the depth of the speech that asks us for calm.

Calm to say, calm to hear. Today in this time of many words, let us wish for the beauty of the silence of a few.”

Francis of Assisi already recommended that it is better to be humiliated than to humiliate, better to love than to be loved, understand than to be understood, for us to be always instrument of peace and not of struggles, discussions and polemics, which are the preferred instruments of the forces of the evil, the magnetic, in order to foment the wars, for the lapidation of humanity. And wars… ah! A thing of crazy people.

Let us all study with much love and respect, the knowledge that teaches us to be instruments of peace, the knowledge of the Rational Culture, of the Books Universe in Disenchantment.

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Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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