Observe the photo above, attentively, Friends. There are millions of years that humanity explained thus the enigma of the sphinx “Decipher me or I will devour you” (derived from the Greek sphingo, meaning to strangle):

THE CREATURE IN THE MORNING HAS FOUR FEET, BY MID DAY HAS TWO AND AT NIGHT HAS THREE, IT IS THE HUMAN BEING, IT IS MAN, that crawls like a baby, walks on two feet in the adult age, and uses a support (stick) as a venerable old man – (deciphered by Edipo).

The human being considered (and many still consider) that thus the sphinx enigma was deciphered.

Big mistake. They were partly right, the sphinx represents the man. But the body of an animal and head of a person needs an explanation beyond that that was given by Edipo.

That explanation could never been found by the living ones, visible or invisible,   of the world that we live in. It would have to come from its true origin that watched the formation of this second world, being in a position to clarify in a defined way, once and for all, the great enigma.

And finally, the defined and final enlightment came from the FIRST WORLD, the SUPERIOR WORLD, the WORLD OF THE ETERNALS, the RATIONAL WORLD, an enlightment found in the books dictated by the SUPREME OF THE RATIONAL WORLD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR and that based on these fantastic books we explain ahead:And the books of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, decipher: we are Rational animals because we have two origins.

The eternal one, pure, clean and perfect that belongs to the FIRST WORLD that is a world of unique energy, pure, clean and perfect energy (Rational).  Vital point for the connection with the ETERNAL WORLD and the return to it: the FIRST ORIGIN.

And a second origin, degenerated, deformed, polluted and weakened that belongs to the second world, the world of the matter, the world of the evil, for being a world constituted of two degenerated energies, deformed , polluted and weakened, the electric and magnetic energies.

And thus, the irrational body of the sphinx represents our ANIMAL, the part that belongs to the SECOND WORLD, the world of the darkness, the world of matter, the kingdom of evil.

Summing up, we are in the category of Rational animal divided in two classes: RATIONAL an irrational.

The Rational animal, therefore already carries with him the two classes, having the free will to choose the RATIONAL or the irrational.

If he chooses the RATIONAL, with the disenchantment of the animal part (the part that connects us to everything that is material, visible or invisible) the Rational animal starts to rule the animal part and disconnects itself from it in life, becoming truly RATIONAL, taking over his superior class, stopping to be a beast and connecting himself in life to the FIRST ORIGIN, the RATIONAL WORLD.

That is when the human being resuscitates from that life of beast, that represents the death of the absolute consciousness, the RATIONAL consciousness, the consciousness of the FIRST WORLD that we lost long ago, for disobeying the universal natural laws of the FIRST WORLD.

Choosing the animal, maintaining the enchantment with everything material, visible or invisible, the Rational animal looses its RATIONAL PART, is devoured by the animal part, the matter, taking over his inferior class of beast.

Then, upon transforming himself, for death is just a transformation from a life to the other and from a form to the other, he transforms himself from Rational animal to irrational animal, for not wanting to take over his superior class, that belongs to the WORLD OF THE ETERNALS, the RATIONAL WORLD.

For everyone to see how very serious the Rational Culture is, the culture that develops the Rational part, the Reasoning (pineal gland),  contained in the books Universe in Disenchantment.

Notice that no one, no being whatsoever, visible or invisible of this second world in which we live could decipher the enigma of the sphinx, for both, visible and invisible were fruits of various transformations from a form to the other and from a life to the other, always loosing consciousness from the previous life, since the exit of some inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, by their free and spontaneous will, disobeying the SUPREME OF THE RATIONAL WORLD, to the point that we are now.

And no one really could have deciphered that sphinx enigma, for no one, visible or invisible did KNOW THEMSELVES RATIONALLY, for ignoring WHO THEY ARE WHY THEY ARE LIKE THAT, WHERE THEY CAME FROM, HOW DID THEY COME, WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO,  HOW ARE THEY GOING.

And where are they going to and how are they going?

To the RATIONAL WORLD, getting to know oneself through the development of the Reasoning, disenchanting oneself from the matter (visible and invisible) from his animal part, and taking over his class of RATIONAL, putting an end to the long disobedience, that started with the exit from the RATIONAL WORLD.

As for the inferior classes of the irrational animal, of four feet and two feet, they remain  enchanted with the matter (visible and invisible), maintaining the disobedience through the eternities in spite of the warnings given by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, and that today, through Mother Nature, since long has been warning everyone to read the books Universe in Disenchantment, for the development of the Reasoning, for the phase of the thought (that belongs to the animal part, of the matter) has ended since 1935.

There is the why THE EVERYTHING OF LIFE IS TO KNOW ONESELF THROUGH THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING, in order not to be devoured by the energy that is pure evil, the magnetic energy, that commands the magnetic thought the bad thought and the imagination.

KNOWING ONESELF RATIONALLY, your thought and your imagination disconnect from the magnetic command and become commanded by the RATIONAL ENERGY, becoming a RATIONAL thought AND imagination, until transforming themselves in REASONING. That is when, then, our thought and imagination identifies themselves with the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD that came out of the RATIONAL WORLD, and is materialized in form of Reasoning machine in the pineal gland.

That is when, then, one becomes IMMUNIZED RATIONALLY of all the evil, for he found his true identity, his true individuality that was lost, stopping his thought and his imagination from lapidating himself, for having found his true “I”, that thus takes over, the command of the body and of the life in order to  make out right always and never err.

In this superior condition, never attained before by any being in this second world in which we live, the person stays day and night, night and day, connected to the FIRST WORLD, vanquishing death, for he is not born here anymore upon dying, which is second world, the world of matter, for being already connected to the FIRST WORLD, the FIRST ORIGIN, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Therefore, it is the KNOWING ONESELF, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, the raising from the dead. For everyone is dead for the eternal life, as long as they do not KNOW THEMSELVES through the development of the Reasoning.

Reach for the first volume of the Universe in Disenchantment as soon as possible, for, undeniably, the EVERYTHING OF LIFE IS TO KNOW ONESELF, RATIONALLY, in order not to be devoured and strangled by the matter, our animal part, our irrational part, owner of the thought and the imagination!

Enough of that life of beasts, devouring and strangling one another, as proved and verified by the news in the four corners of the world.

And who does not want to wake up to the TRUTH OF THE TRUTHS, which is Rational, will really have to transform himself in a four footed or two footed irrational beast, for loosing his RATIONAL part.

(*) Text in Portuguese:

Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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