BARCO MOÇO Livro Grande

(Gilberto Carnasciali, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)


How difficult living is!

One does not live unpunished. Everyone suffers; the healthy, the sick, the wealthy, the miserable, the well off, the honest, the liars, the murderers, the eluded and the disillusioned, and so on, endlessly .

If this world has 7 billion individuals, you can be sure that the 7 billion suffer some kind of distress.

The disillusioned as well?

Yes, for they became disillusioned with life after having lived it almost totally, and in the end they realized that everything was nothing more than an illusion, an illusory vision and comprehension of one’s existence in this world. Too late! The death sentence decreed on the first day that you saw the light, is about to be executed!

Then, asks the attendant of the agonizing being: “And now, what to do?”

From above there, from the RATIONAL WORLD, says the RATIONAL SUPERIOR:

“Through my emissary –Nature – to whom you have never given any value at all, I have raised you, I have fed you, I have cared for everything and everyone; and only in the death bed people come to realize that.

And what is it worth to make it out at the very last moments of life, if in the next ( will there still be a next one?) you will not remember anything and will repeat the whole process again, imbued, soaked, embedded in matter, in such a way, that you cannot see anything, unaware of everything.

Animals, wild beasts of irrational behavior!

I have already given you unaccountable opportunities to perceive the terrible situation you are in, but nothing seems to wake you up from that deep sleep!

I warned you several times to turn around; when by your free and spontaneous will you entered a small part of the plain that was not ready to progress.

To no avail!

And you started to regress, thinking that you were progressing. Other warnings were given during the descent that lasted 21 eternities, until you lost your original bodies, and started to sprout from the earth.

Still no deal!

Afterwards, as you started to be born from the drop of water, I created a Rational Alphabet (the Astrological alphabet), that would allow you to return to the RATIONAL PLAIN, but the majority, rather snobbishly, did not care, for one did not want to be what the palm of his hand said he should be, the other one did not accept to be something materially inferior to that that he was, and so on. Some ascended, and ascended much quicker than you could imagine! Yes, for you still “imagine and think”, when these “things” have extinguished themselves, dried – and what exists now is the magnetic energy lapidating non stop.

We are fully in the end of times and you are there snoozing on your feet, true zombies, magnetized, ready to disconnect from the Rational bond that, due to my extreme goodness, is still alive, kept under seven keys inside your own pineal glands. IGNORANTS!

You are hardly managing to float in these rough seas by my special concession, but it is the last one! And in that rough sea that I see from up here, I throw Books and more Books of the Rational Culture, as a last resort for your salvation so that you get to know what is LIFE and its 7 parts.

You know a lowermost particle of what it is to live, and precisely the worst part of it, that is the matter, and you will never know the origin and the cause of your stay in that second world, for you have already forgotten everything that you went through and you will forget everything that you will go through. Without Reasoning there will be no solution or salvation.

What I am saying and doing for yourselves and to yourselves from up here, your brothers are doing the same there in your world. They divulge, donate books, deliver hand outs on the streets, hold lectures, broadcast the Rational Culture, parade the Rational Band and write texts, and you, what do you do? Nothing!

What is nothing? It is a no thing; it is the emptiness without the container, for everything is appearance only, pure illusionism, with no value at all.

Just one more time, and for the last time: the Book is entitled UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT and tell all the history of humanity, yours included, in the lapse of 21 eternities of descent to the world of matter.

Now, the choice is yours. If you read, understand, realize consciously, you ascend to your World of Origin to join me and you pure, clean and perfect brothers. If you are not interested and continue to worship the illusory matter, valuing the deep sleep of the dead-alive, the Reasoning still concealed in your brains will detach itself and depart, leaving in command the magnetic energy, the energy of the IRRATIONALS, your tormentor day and night, night and day, during eternities of descents through all the irrational classes.

Do not say that I did not warn you; I and my emissaries, the visible and the invisible ones.”

Rational Salutes!


(*) Text in Portuguese:

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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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