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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)



 According to the legend of the Sphinx enigma, “decipher or I will devour you” was the sentence that she pronounced when a traveler approached. She would therefore be telling the transient: “I am your true “I”, your sub- consciousness and unconsciousness; your thoughts, dreams and illusions; your beliefs, loves and passions; your hatreds and aversions; your certainties and uncertainties. But I am also your true “I”, which you still ignore.

If you do not decipher me, your true “I” will not awake to the self-knowledge, which is the first step for your ascension. And without it I will devour you and will transform you in a mere plaything of Parcas, just a leaf adrift in the wind gusts of the destiny”.

Clarifying: Parkas were three goddesses of the Greek mythology, daughters of Jupiter and Justice, capable to determine the course of the human life, deciding such questions as life and death. They were also designated as fates, were the word fatality comes from.

It is not agreeable to know that we are mere playthings of the destiny for not knowing ourselves, as well as ignoring our history which, after all, is the history of humanity.


What is the human being’s tradition?

None, for he does not know his own history, the past, the present and the future of his race and his species. As the Sphinx says: self knowledge is everything and you do not know your own “I”. But the Sphinx appeared over 2.500 years ago, still in the primordial times of the thought, although a little more developed, still very limited to define things.

In those times, the Greco-Roman culture dominated the subjects with their remarkable philosophers, but everything much below the true reality, which is the Rational Truth, that came to be known in the Culture of the Third Millennium as the RATIONAL CULTURE.                                                Whilst the Sphinx devoured the travelers that were not able to decipher her, for not being able to define their own “I”, the BOOK, on the contrary: describes minutely all the saga of humanity – since the origin, which is the Base where we inhabited, until the present and future days.

Therefore, it does NOT DEVOUR, but FEEDS and NOURISHES with the disenchantment of all mysteries, enigmas, phenomena, finite and transfinite. The BOOK reveals, then, since the time of our origin as pure, clean and perfect beings, in the RATIONAL WORLD, until our downward trajectory (described in previous texts), that resulted in the formation of the material world that we inhabit.


Yes, it was a misstep when a few entered by their own and spontaneous will in that part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to enter in progress and caused the loss of our virtues. These virtues gathered in a focus of light, originating later what today we call sun.

The focus of light, today the sun, heated the plain that with the heat turned into gum, afterwards thick liquid, that became water.

From the gum, with the heat of the focus of light, a resin came out that was blistered and toasted by the heat becoming ash, the origin of the earth.

And our original bodies extinct in the gum and the resin gave origin to new bodies that were born from the ground. 

The ones extinct in the gum, formed the masculine sex and the ones extinct in the resin, gave origin to the feminine sex, thus appearing man and woman, in the most primitive material form, however still pure matter, totally different from the polluted one of the present days.

Very well, such as there are monuments (such as the Sphinx) that defined eras in humanity’s past history, it has appeared in the present day history the Supreme Rational Monument.


This one is the final one, for it is freeing humanity from its animalistic millenary ignorance that has kept that humanity cuff linked by the ignorance of its true BEING, that is the RATIONAL BEING. And due to that ignorance, humanity needed to be led and animated by thought and imagination, the electric and magnetic irrational energies, the two energies of the ground.

Which monument are we talking of?

Of the transcendental Rational Cultural Masterpiece entitled Universe in Disenchantment.

And who was its creator, sculptor and editor?

GOD, the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONINGS, and the ENERGY SUPERIOR TO ALL ENERGIES,  Inhabitant of the First World, the RATIONAL WORLD, where everything and everyone one day came out from. A Scripturation dictated to the Apparatus specially concocted by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR Himself to receive and transmit the messages from the RATIONAL WORLD to the people on Earth.

And who was that so special Apparatus?

Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho (1903-1991), born in the former Federal District, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who by order of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, composed the supletive and completive Scriptures of the transcendental knowledge, of 1009 books that describe Humanity’s True History, since its origin until the present time and the return of everything and everyone to the ORIGIN, the RATIONAL WORLD.

In the Rational animal Phase, we were ruled and oriented by Nature, through the electric and magnetic energies, responsible for lapidating the living creature, using the very human being as a tool to accomplish the lapidation, everything consisting in an illusory progress, since the world of matter is the world of appearances and artifices that leads us always to the retrocession. That progress being an involutive process, the person could never have a perspective of a better life.

Everyone becoming true playthings of these two energies of the ground, just as a ship adrift in heavy seas, without a bearing, navigating without a compass, map or chart to orient the course to be followed.

Why did that occur?

Because Nature’s mission was to generate, create, care, feed and make ourselves its lapidation instruments, its tools, in order for us to work on our own “I”, our “id”, to free us from that slavery of matter, and one day, travelers of the desert, pass  in front of the sphinx and reply: “I decipher you now, you are my own “I”,  that today I can define, for I know who I am, where I came from, how I came, where I am going and how I am returning to where I belong. I know my past, my present and my future and know that this world where we are is the second world, is the reign of the evil, the world of the enchantment, consequence of the First World, and that the First is the RATIONAL WORLD, my true World of Origin, to where I will return.”

That is the love and dedication that the Maximum Rational Entity devotes to us for the salvation of everyone.

With the arrival of the Rational Phase in 1935, the count down of the end of times was also started, or rather, the decisive moment of the choice. Those that already know where they came from and where they are going to through the reading of the teachings of the Book, are the ones who have already made their choice to return to the ORIGIN, for will and choice are free.

Those who continue ignoring the TRUTH of TRUTHS; sleepers, dreamers, free thinkers, obnubilated beings, in case they do not read the Book’s contents attentively and consciously, they will be self-sentencing themselves to descend to the world of the IRRATIONALS, where they will remain for long eras of continuous sufferings under the yoke of the cruel lapidating energies, until one day they reintegrate with the RATIONAL WORLD.


A country must also know itself.

No country becomes a Nation if it does not have a history, know it and honor it. There are many examples of countries that did not become Nations in several continents, including the African one. Many civilizations existed and existinguished themselves along the millenniums but one cannot affirm, for lack of knowledge, whether they became Nations.

Per contra, taking Great Britain by way of example, its population was originated in an island, a small geographic accident in the North Sea, where in former times, was inhabited by savages that hardly could utter sounds to communicate with each other.

Down the ancient times, always successfully defending its territory from the unaccountable expeditions of barbarian hordes of invaders, they transformed themselves, under intense lapidations, into civilized Rational animals, becoming a brave people, superiorly educated, progressist, intellectualized, with a modern system of government, democratic and effective, that knows how to cohabit with its royal traditions, one not interfering with the other, rather interacting one with the other.

Exemplifying, one completes the other in the diplomatic missions, for the maintenance of the geographic and political unity of its territory, as well as regarding the foreign affairs policy with the rest of the world.

That true Nation had epic moments in its history, the more recent one being an example of bravery for the rest of the free world when, during the II World War, the British withstood, with courage and boldness, during many months the Nazi air bombings always successfully driven back by the RAF – Royal Air Force pilots, in a proportion of one loss to three of the enemy. Without this reaction the island would have been invaded and ruled by the armies of the Fuehrer.

The Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill acknowledged that meritorious fact with the following sentence pronounced in the British Parliament: “NEVER WAS SO MUCH OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW”.

Britain is one of the Nations known and recognized for its history and tradition.


Drawing a parallel, the same occurs in different circumstances with the advanced civilized human being, such as happened with the citizens of that island: through the focalization of the Rational Culture, the advanced civilized human beings, inhabitants of the island, are just mere animals of Rational origin, and thus will remain, if they do not know their own history, or the history of their brothers that like them were pure, clean and perfect beings, 21 eternities ago.

Upon becoming aware, through the Rational readings of his descending trajectory and subsequent life in the matter, his consciousness will be illuminated by the Rational Light, and the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD that is materialized as a REASONING MACHINE inside each one’s  pineal gland, will finally be liberated from the enclosure in that capsule, becoming  a conscious Rational Apparatus, awake and with only one objective in life: to return to his World of Origin.

Yes, return to his World of Origin, for otherwise his end will represent the worst and most contusing defeat of his existence in this world, due to the ensuing degradation and extinction of his species, that will emerge again in inferior classes destituded of the REASONING, the most precious thing that life gave him, for being his sole link, up to then, with the RATIONAL WORLD.

Putting it bluntly, it is the Third and last World War, the Mother of all Wars, for being non-declared and with no frontiers, commanded by the Rational Nature with the mission to exterminate matter and magnetism  universally.


For that reason our Father, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, emphasizes that all of those that have already attained the Rational comprehension, that have the command of the Rational knowledge and feel capable to transmit it verbally or in writing, that they should do it at every opportunity for the salvation of their brothers, for we are all, without exception, brothers and sisters. And if you fail to do it, you will not be meritorious of your own salvation.

Recollecting  what Churchill said in the British Parliament: “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”; let us be these so few to diminish the debt of so many of our brothers, retransmitting the Rational knowledge to them, and thus, confirming Brazil as the embryo of the Rational Culture for the world.



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