magnetismo só destrói

(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, MG – BRAZIL)


The word magnetism is derived from “magnes” (Greek) and magnet + isme (French) which means the study of the properties of the magnets. Physics studies in that field the substances that are carriers of electric charge with enough power to reject or attract other materials equally constituted of electricity.

The researcher that firstly and in a very rudimentary form got nearest to the teachings and clarifications of the Rational Culture about the electric and magnetic energy, was the German medical doctor and magnetizer Franz Anton Mesmer, (1734 – 1815) who demonstrated in his studies and experiments the existence of the animal magnetism, or vital fluid, that he described as a specific vibration of the universal fluid vibration.

Spiritism defines that fluid as the primordial essential energy, which would be the everything that exists in the universe. However, today, through the teachings of the Rational Culture, we know that that vital animal fluid is not the primordial energy.

Mesmer also understood magnetism as the human power to exert influence on his fellow man through the emission of energy of his own being, as well as on objects and animals, in a mutual action among the celestial bodies, Earth, men and their parts, manifesting themselves as a magnet.

But it is a bad energy, material, proved by the medical career of Dr. Mesmer himself, always persecuted by his detractors that never accepted his theories and experiences.

According to the Rational Culture, the most powerful energy of the matter is the magnetic energy, which as of 1935 acquired extraordinary powers, upon being appointed by Nature, the Commander-in-Chief of the withdrawal operation of those not prepared for the development of the Reasoning, which is done through the reading of the books Universe in Disenchantment, to become Rational Apparatuses, first step for the return to the World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

That withdrawal from the Earth of the ones not prepared, is already happening and in a catastrophic way, for it takes these Rational animals precipitately downwards, to the world of the irrationals, and like any army in retreat, sets fire to everything and everyone, hurts, kills, strips off the skin, assaults whoever is on the way leaving no stone standing.

All that done by the invisible malefic beings of the terrestrial and inferior Astrals, (the latter, the evil part), using the unprepared Rational animals as their tools of action. It is the deformed Nature behind the action!

If life were not made by the magnetic force, it would be eternal, however, for being made by magnetism, a force in constant weakening, degeneration, deformation and reduction, it only builds apparent lives, that are generated, matured, weakened until disappearing – lives with no consistence at all, apparent lives that cease to exist at any time, for the magnetism that constitutes them is equally apparent and is constantly destroying and self – destroying.


Because it is sheer evil. And the evil destroys itself by itself. 

For thus being, the magnetic force does not balance, does not support, does not provide security or protection, and much less happiness and peace to anyone, due to its evil nature, for its mission is the lapidation of humanity and not its recovery. The recovery mission belongs only to the Rational energy, the energy of GOD, the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONINGS.

Therefore those who get involved with those electromagnetic forces (the electric part is the apparent good, and the magnetic is sheer evil), lives a hell of a life, never finding the good that he is looking for.

Mesmer would be open-mouthed if he knew what the magnetic energy is capable of evil doing now in the Rational phase and even more stunned if he knew the Rational Energy, the Energy of God. But he lived during the Rational animal phase where thought with its apparent positive energy, for that reason variable, allowed certain equilibrium in the life of all living creatures.

In the teachings of the Rational Culture we are certified that it is a transcendental culture that complements universally all the cultural segments known by humanity, showing where are its points of truth, appraising all the institutions for their positive part, the one that has always walked side by side with the universal natural laws.

That is why there are no mysteries, phenomena, finite and transfinite in the Rational Culture, for being the disenchantment of everything that appears to be and is not. There it is, proved, that it is a superior knowledge of demystification of the enchantment, the disenchantment of the enchantment that kept humanity unconscious of the TRUTH of the truths.

With the development of the Reasoning the bioenergetics field of the person stabilizes itself, and the illnesses disappear, the electric and magnetic fields being thus replaced by the Rational Energy. That is the energy that is connected to the RATIONAL PLAIN (RATIONAL WORLD), much above the sun, the planets and everything else.

In closing, we remind everyone that due of the above, we must, as a duty of human solidarity,  always divulge the Rational Culture that humanity suffers for NOT knowing, thus being meritorious of our glorious return to the RATIONAL WORLD.

The responsibility is of each one.

Thus warns our Father: “It is necessary that the living creature be a fervent divulger of that which he knows in order to save himself and save his fellow creature. The living creature’s own merit increases and everything for him grows everything of good and of well glitters for himself. If the advertising were of the evil, it would be compromising, but the advertising is only for the good and can only elevate the living creature more and more. It is talking amicably that the living creature makes himself understood. And for that reason it is the duty of all, much delicately, to do the divulgence of this Literary Work, for their own benefit and for all living creatures of this world.”


(*) Text in Portuguese:

Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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  1. nalub7 disse:

    SAVE, Gilberto!
    This is an opportune text, in a phase of liquidation, when magnetism is in command and the great majority ignores that.
    When everyone opens their eyes to that reality, talk about RATIONAL ENERGY BOOKS for the so many desperate ones, that at the last minute will realize the time they have wasted with magnetism, thinking that it is the “solution” of their problems, of their businesses, of their lives. Talk about Universe in Disenchantment books!”

    Congratulations and many thanks for this precious colaboration.

    Praise to be the RATIONAL ENERGY!


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