(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)


Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952), an Indian yogi of world projection, became notable for the book he wrote about himself, entitled “Autobiography of a Yogi”. Considered a best seller, it narrates his life’s chronic, since the infancy in India, when he already searched the guidance of a self-realized spiritual master that would show him the way to God; indicates the existence of many wise men veiled so far from the eyes of the world; describes the period he spent at his guru’s hermitage, Swami Sri Yuketeswar, during his formation; and describes the period of thirty years that he lived in the United States, consolidating his message to the Occident, through the organization that he founded there, upon his arrival in 1920 – the Self Realization Fellowship.

The one who writes this text, had the opportunity to read the book many years ago, when he was still transiting in the spirituality space, having become impressed with Yogananda´s reports about the Kria Yoga teachings and his mission to divulge it in the Occident; his meeting with personalities of the epoch, such as Mahatma Ghandi, Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel prize in literature, poet, writer and musician; Therese Neumann, the stigmatized catholic and many others.

I admit that it was an important step that I climbed in my spiritual evolution, since in those days I did not have the slightest idea where I would end up, nor did I have the curiosity to unveil the future. The step-by-step mode was and still is my best way of progressing, with patience, persistence and above all, trust in the Rational teachings.

India has produced many personalities that divulged spirituality both in the country and abroad, being notorious examples; Sathia Sai Baba, that shortly before his transformation affirmed to his millions of followers that he would return by the third and last time within the next six years, that is to say, very soon now; and Swami Brabhupada who rewrote the “Bahgava Gita” entitling it  “The Bahgava Gita As It Is”, updating it and correcting what was twisted , untwisted and entwisted during five thousand years.

The Beatles became admirers of Brabhupadas´s oriental spiritual culture and helped him to spread his teachings, also through their songs. Who does not recall George Harrison singing the song ”Oh my Lord, my sweet Lord?”  Sweet illusion, for no one will come to the FATHER through the begging accords of a crying guitar. Pure magnetism!

What is the reach of the “Autobiography of a Yogi”, of the “Bahgava Gita How It Is” or even the Bible, in the sense of the human being’s evolution in the present Rational Phase? They have certainly helped in its spiritual evolution, such as spiritism that helped the spiritualization of Brazilians in the Spirit Tent of Francis of Assisi. Primary course. Everything in its time, in its phase. Until 1935, all these teachings, oriental and occidental were within its time and were valid and true for the epoch. But as of 1935, who managed to develop the thought, stopped being a thinking animal in order to learn how to reason, for Nature’s natural phase came into force, the Reasoning Phase, the Rational Phase.

The Rational Apparatus  is the following positive step of the Rational animal, that civilized and Rationalized living person, that upon arriving at the advanced stage of the learning, acquires the Rational Clairvoyance and starts to make direct contact with the RATIONAL WORLD, with our pure, clean and perfect brothers, becoming RATIONALLY IMMUNIZED, enjoying a perfect equilibrium of the consciousness, of the physical, mental and emotional health, in short, of its terrestrial life that is no longer exclusively terrestrial.

Upon the equilibrium being reached, it becomes synonym of happiness without being so, for happiness is apparent, just moments, decoys to elude the sufferer, for where there is lapidation there is no peace, just illusory moments of peace.

On the other hand the equilibrium is permanent for it is Rational, it is non euphoric or passenger such as happiness, joy, or the negative  sentiments.

The one immunized by the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION stopped being a lapidated person, for having reached the highest degree in his category, the one of Rational Apparatus, starting to live in the Rational Paradise on Earth.

The free-thinker’s question is immediately heard loud and clear: “But what did the Rational Apparatus do and how did he do to get to the Rational Paradise?”

The answer is Rationally crystal clear, for it is given by GOD Himself, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, in His Scripture UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, dictaded by HIM to HIMSELF here on Earth, represented in the matter by Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho.

“The first Rational quality that a Rational Culture student must have is the Rational love. Love the Father above everything and everyone. Love equally your  pure, clean and perfect brothers and your other brothers impure, polluted and imperfect like you, free-thinker eluded by the appearances, who have descended to the matter for having disobeyed and entered a part of the plain that was not yet ready to progress, in spite of the numberless warnings that I gave you for not doing so.

The second quality required to become a Rational Apparatus is to love the Scripture UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT in such a way that one chains himself energetically to it and starts to be interested and read only the Rational Literature.

The third quality that a student of Rational Culture must have to reach the Rational Apparatus level is to love your fellow creature as you love yourself, and use your free, spontaneous and unbreakable will to divulge the Scripture in all forms and manners to your brothers that did not have access to it, or to the ones who somnambulate throughout the world ignoring where they are, where they came from and where they are going.

These aims having been accomplished, I guarantee that you will become Rational Apparatuses sooner than you expect. However, there are those that do not wait and go after in order to save the greatest number of brothers they can.  These will arrive sooner still.”


Coming back to the beginning of the text, a biography is the scripture of a terrestrial life. Anyone can write an autobiography or a biography, authorized or not. It generally starts reporting the life of a person in the day the biographized was born, describes his infancy, his years of study, his emancipation, his professional performance, successes and failures, loves and passions, illusions and delusions and so on, until the current days; or if it is a post-mortem biography, until the day the deceased departed from this world of matter. What does a descriptive work of this nature means?

Nothing. An illusory track in the nothing, deprived of memory. Did it teach anything?

Nothing. The life of a living person in the matter is null, for the living-thinker ignores everything and everyone and for that reason knows nothing but thinks he knows, is a perambulating-somnambular; ignorant of himself and of his true origin of Rational.

Therefore, here is the big difference. The Rational Culture Scripture UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT is the most perfect biography ever written; not about one person but about humanity; not in a very very short period of material life, but in 21 eternities, embracing all the periods of the existences in the eternal and material lives; not post-mortem, but without beginning and end; not written by a human but dictated by GOD, Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD,  that is the BASE and the ORIGIN of the cause of all the effects of Nature in the matter.

 Some of the sacred books of India have more than five thousand years, but have stopped in time and for that reason take you nowhere. The teachings of the yogis were worthy until 1935 and do not go beyond that. The same happens with spiritism.

It is necessary to clarify at this point that the Rational Culture itself stresses the great importance and value that that past knowledge   had in the formation and development of humanity giving it the condition to study and understand the Rational teachings.

Furthermore it emphasizes that a great part of humanity still needs that past knowledge for their lapidation, for they are not yet ready for the Rational understanding of life: THE TRUTH AS IT REALLY IS! Therefore the respect and gratitude of humanity to that which has passed and still exists is something incontestably due.

As emphasized in previous texts, some segments of the culture of the thought up to 1935, had the luminous support of the Conscious Mediating Energy of the Superior Astral that stopped in that date, when the Conscious Mediating Energy joined the Rational Phase, working with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. Thus, those segments were taken by the electric and magnetic forces, reason why they do not have the strength and the power that they had before.

Due to the above, today, with the arrival of the Rational Phase, we readers of the Rational Culture Scriptures, know that the Rational Phase is a decisive phase, the one that we must count upon to evolve the Rational Apparatuses, otherwise we will descend to the inferior classes of the irrationals as determined by Nature’s Rational natural, that follow instructions from the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, THE REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING.

That is the reason that literary works of thousands of years do not take the living creatures anywhere, for they are outdated and miss the revealing complementation of the TRUE ORIGIN, in their majority they are true philosophical treaties that confound more than clarify the human being, whose evolution call for the true beginning and the end of everything and everyone.

Literary works that ignore the COMPLETE truth and for that reason are obsolete. Therefore, there is no need to continue to look for teachings in other places, since all the knowledge that we seek is in the plant, in the map and in the compass inside each volume of the Rational Scripture.

In the Origin is the plant of all humanity and all that exists in the electric and magnetic. The map has the whole trajectory of the living creature and the compass the orientation of how to live your life.

Modern work, written in a simple way, objective and elucidative, it explains initially were everyone came from, why you came, how you came and afterwards clarifies, in the present phase, which is the Rational Phase, what will happen to the living people, seen that we have reached the end of times here on Earth; in the positive sense, who will return to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD to become again a pure, clean and perfect being. In the negative sense, who will descend to the irrational world, to become an irrational animal.

The Scripture explains that who descends to the world of the irrationals will have to live each one of the billions of animal species that exist on Earth and that will take seven eternities.

Means that besides the 21 already lived in suffering until now, seven more to come should be added. Means that the Rational living-dead, now degraded in the form of irrational animal, will have been in the end slaved, lapidated, being born and dying for 28 eternities under the rule of the magnetic energy. TALK ABOUT LAPIDATION! The Rational Apparatus has already made his choice.

What about you, free-thinker?

It is always opportune to remind that in the Rational Phase, Nature remains in command. The Rational Apparatus walks hand in hand with Nature, for both are on the way back to their World of Origin.

The Rational Apparatus stopped being a tool of Nature to become an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD here on Earth, in full command of his Rational functions. And he who does not proceed likewise, will continue to be commanded by the magnetic energy and will never Reason again, as long as the descent lasts, until the 28 eternities of deformation and degeneration are completed. Sad fate!

Let us go back to India for a moment, a country with enormous social contrasts, with a population of 1.2 billion people who live under a regime of castes, 90% prey of the idolatry or the mysticism.

For example, the largest religious group is the Hindu, with 880 million followers who believe in 33 million gods and that the cow, the monkey and the rat have superior souls and therefore, are considered sacred. The caste system for over 3 thousand years keeps the people contained in a regime of poverty and illness, for that reason one should value the spiritual and social work of these gurus, leaders of the masses, that working in the matter through miraculous transformations, have been obtaining success in redirecting the education and the health of the Indian people.

Sai Baba´s ashram, or spiritual retreat, is served today by a railway station, an airport in the proximities, a planetary, a digital studio, a stadium for sports activities, a hospital and academic institutions from the kindergarten to the University. For that reason I believe that the new generation of Indian gurus will come as Rational Apparatuses to start introducing the Rational Culture in India.

An Avatar is a divinity that descends on Earth in a material form. A Maha Avatar is a great Avatar.

The word derives from the Sanscrit Avatara that means descent. The spiritual state of Babaji was well described in this saying: “An Avatar is not subject to the universal economy; his pure body is visible as an image of light, is free of any debt with Nature.”

The age and place of birth of the maha avatar Babaji are unknown, as they transcend the temporal limits of the material body for centuries or even millenniums, keeping himself  in the anonymity, accessible only by a select group of disciples, living in the mountains of the Himalayas, between Nepal and India.

It is time for each Rational student to know and learn the mission given to him and what he needs to accomplish, having in mind that the reason of the Rational Culture teachings exceed the national territory limits and are meant to reach the whole of our Planet.

The scripture of the first volume is already translated into several idioms, published and available in the English version at the addresses furnished in our leaflets.

This message of international nature is for the ones who are reading and rereading the books of the Scripture UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT  and acquiring the three qualities that the RATIONAL SUPERIOR indicated above in order to become a Rational Apparatus.

Also take due note of the meaning of the word matter: MA+MATER=MATTER=EVIL MOTHER= MAGNETIC MOTHER.

The reading disenchants the living person and breaks open the armor that segregates the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD in the pineal gland allowing the Reasoning to sprout and develop itself.

It is always important to remember:




Therefore, save yourselves while there is time. LITTLE TIME!


(*) Text in Portuguese:

Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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  2. nalub7 disse:

    SAVE, Gilberto!

    What a beautiful title: Autobiography: The Scripture of a Life!
    Yes, we are ONE! And the ONE was fragmented and for that reason ignorant of himself, for not having his own history.

    Only who watched all that sad fragmentation of the ONE through an impolute – and for that reason, enlightened Scripture, repass to the beings decayed by the fragmentation, the true conscious knowledge, positive, RATIONAL that undo the fragmentation, thus returning the fragmented ones to the true state of ONE: PURE, CLEAN AND PERFECT RATIONALS.

    The time is now and there will not be another one.

    But the choice is free – to return to the ONENESS or to continue to feed the fragmentation, and consequently, the suffering, for each fragment that insists in not adhering to the ONENESS, fragments oneself more and more, weakening oneself more and more through the degenerative progress to the decreased, and the multiplication of the decreased, until extinguishing oneself in a zero, in nothing.

    Praise the RATIONAL SUPERIOR who has freed us from the zero, from the nothing!

    Congratulations my Brother, for your beautiful collaboration of public clarification about Nature´s new phase, the RATIONAL PHASE!

    The RATIONAL SUPERIOR saved us!


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