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The world that we inhabit is a deformed world.

What is deformed?

Deformed is the inverted natural, it is what is outside of the natural, of the original, outside of the primordial origin – everything that vibrates in an inverted  frequency in relation to the perfect vibration, the eternal, the balanced.

Hatred is the inverted love.

Sadness, the inverse of happiness.

War, the inverse of peace.

Discord, the inverse of concord.

Egoism, the inverse of altruism.

Corruption, the inverse of ethics.

Disequilibrium, the inverse of equilibrium.

Animal, the inverse of RATIONAL.

Thought is the inverse of Reasoning, for in the thought is the duality, the fragmentation, the division, the discord. And in the REASONING is the oneness, the sum of everything and everyone; the concord.

A world that contains the inverse of everything is, therefore, a deformed world – and the inverse of everything is nothing.

A deformed world is, then, a world of nothing, where everything appears to be, but is not; it is inverted – completely outside the reality. The apparent world.

 And if we inhabit in a world that knowledge admits so many inversions, it is proved that it is a world with an inverted knowledge.

And being a world with an inverted knowledge, it is a world outside its true natural.

And outside its true natural state, nothing in this world satisfies, that being the cause of the general dissatisfaction of all beings that inhabit this world for everyone is living outside their true natural.

And how can each one become to be natural again, living in his true natural state?

Returning to his true origin, to his true natural state; to eternity where oneness is sovereign.

And how to return to the true origin, to the true natural state?

In the first place informing oneself about it. Then learning how to connect with it.

And how to inform oneself about it and learn how to connect with it?

Acquiring the knowledge of the true origin, that develops the RATIONAL part, the REASONING. Being the knowledge of the origin the only knowledge that has the strength and the power to transmute what is outside the natural, what is inverted, living artificially, for adopting a knowledge  inverted to the eternity knowledge, where  the true natural rules.

 And where to find that true natural knowledge that transmutes the deformed (transitory) to the natural (eternal: RATIONAL)?

In the books that contain the natural knowledge, of the reason of life, Rational, dictated by the world where we were originated.

Which are these books?

They are the books of the Natural Culture, or Rational, for being a Culture of the reason of life: the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

And that is the mission of every RATIONAL animal, who in that condition is about to have himself transformed from RATIONAL to RATIONAL animal. In this third millennium one ought to accomplish one’s  most important and vital mission, the one of returning to the true natural state of RATIONAL, for having been a RATIONAL being who, by his free and spontaneous will, came out of his original world and deformed himself in an animal, giving cause to this deformed world that we inhabit.

That is the reason why humanity lives of sufferings and will continue as such, until it does understand and learn that only in possession of the Rational Culture, it will know how to transmute from Rational animal to RATIONAL.


Because the Rational Culture is the Culture that humanity had when it was RATIONAL; energy bodies of pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass, before transforming themselves into Rational animals. And in the process deprived themselves of the Rational Culture, for having materialized into an animal, losing the Rational consciousness, the true consciousness of the BEING.  

Giving up the Rational Culture, giving up being eternals, becoming thinkers, sufferers and mortals.

That misfortune has been lasting for 21 eternities. Each eternity is immeasurable. It is the beginning and the end of each transformation suffered at each inversion of the true knowledge that is the Rational Culture, until this artificial, philosophical and scientific knowledge constituted itself, in which humanity today bases itself, the cause of all that suffering, for being a knowledge based in the matter. An inverted knowledge that divides, keeping one against the other.

And as it has been said, the Rational animal mission is to become what he always was; RATIONAL, preparing himself culturally, through his true culture, the Rational Culture, the culture of our true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, transcendental world, where matter does not exist, for everything is cosmic mass energy, pure, clean and perfect: RATIONAL – and for that reason, an eternal world, the kingdom of the ABSOLUTE, the world of the eternals.

And that Superior Culture was brought to Earth by our extraterrestrial brothers, Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, dictated to one of them (Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho) who materialized himself here on Earth with the sole finality to receive the messages dictated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the SUPERIOR OF the RATIONAL WORLD, owner of the First World that gave origin to ourselves, and for that reason, ABSOLUTE OWNER of this second world caused by ourselves, with our disobedience and exit from the RATIONAL WORLD.

Details about all that can be found in the first volume of the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT that congregates all the messages from the RATIONAL SUPERIOR to the people of Earth.

This is our transcendental mission; to study Universe in Disenchantment and divulge it to all humanity, so that everyone may return to the world that we came from that is where we will have to return to put an end to our disobedience of staying away from home.

And since the solution for the end of the disobedience is already on Earth, he who insists in disobeying will pay a very high price, deforming himself still further, during 7 additional eternities, in the frightful hierarchy of the irrational animals, until reaching the condition of a rock.

Yes, for in the deformed Nature, nothing is lost, nothing is created; everything transforms itself in inferior classes always, for Nature being in constant transformations.

Here it is, once more very well explained, the why of our insistence in recommending the study of the Rational Culture, for it is the only Culture that teaches us, inside our very homes, how to transmute from Rational animal to RATIONAL, a fundamental condition indispensable for our return to the Superior World, to the one we belong, the RATIONAL WORLD.

So help us GOD that everyone have consideration and love for yourselves and accept our guidance, following Saint Thomas poof: Seeing and Believing!

The die is cast for everyone’s fortune of life. He who wants caches it!


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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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