(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)


Time passes more and more quickly and people realize and

complain without hitting upon the cause of the acceleration. They

complain about the lack of time to accomplish everything they

have to do in twenty four hours and keep asking that an extra few

hours be added to their day.


The Book Universe in Disenchantment explains that this world of

matter is a consequence of another world, previous to this one,

from where all existing life in the material universe and in the

very Rational Plain was originated from, which is the place where

our World of Origin is, the RATIONAL WORLD.


In that Rational Plain, we were pure, clean and perfect beings and

we lived a life of Rational progress, until we inadvertedly entered

a part of the Plain that was not ready to progress. 


Notwithstanding our Father’s – the RATIONAL SUPERIOR –

unaccountable warnings, we believed that the energies in that part

of the Plain were the same, but, on the contrary, they started to

deteriorate and to regress instead of progressing. From that

moment on, time, as well as space and matter came into life.


Material life. And in that voyage of 21 incommensurable

eternities, so slowly they passed, we went on losing everything of

good that we carried when we were pure, clean, perfect and

eternal beings, becoming in the process impure, polluted,

deformed and mortals.


We regressed from our Rational sapience, one of our lost virtues,

we extinguished ourselves in the water and in the resin, sprout

from the ground, became monsters, then savages, later civilized

and finally Rational animals.


The Astrological Alphabet appeared then, making everyone’s life

easier for it made living together more practical. Through a quick

reading of the palm of the hand people got to know each other as

if they had known each other for ages, but since they did not

agree with the instructions of how to live life as engraved in the

palms of the hands of each one, they invented a terrestrial

alphabet abiding by it.


Those beings that created that new alphabet judging that it would

please all tastes are ourselves.


We started to educate ourselves, learning to speak correctly, to

write correctly, and to express ourselves correctly.


Then, the dictionaries started to come out, for we created such a

large vocabulary that no one was able to know it completely.


Then, having in view the amount of meanings that each word has,

we created a dictionary of synonyms. But in the process we

discovered that for each word there was an antagonist one, so we

created the dictionary of antonyms.


A whole world of meanings of words, of synonyms and

antonyms. A DUAL world inhabited by confused beings. Worse

still, as time passes, the number of dictionaries increases with

their grotesque thicknesses, thus defining the animalist anxiety of

wanting to explain the inexplicable, for nothing here in the matter

has an explanation, seen that they are all appearances, as we

ourselves are, mere appearances reflected on the illusion of a

terrestrial life, of matter in the matter, totally devalued, for it does

not guarantee anything, just the suffering, has a beginning and an

end, is always transforming itself, in short, a ZERO.


In the RATIONAL WORLD, that world that no one remembers,

that world that we once inhabited and then descended in the spiral

of our lost virtues, there no one speaks, no one writes and

everyone communicates. Trying to simplify for us terrestrials, it is

as if they spoke the “Reasonish”, in other words the RATIONAL

REASONING, eternal, pure, clean and perfect.


That is the inverted knowledge that the Scripture UNIVERSE IN

DISENCHANTMENT so well describes.


But we come to 1935, and all of a sudden the Rational Phase

together with Nature comes into force. In order to replace that

uncommon quantity of written and printed dictionaries in all the

languages of humanity, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR materialized

Himself here on Earth in the form of Lord Manoel Jacintho

Coelho, to whom He dictated the Scripture UNIVERSE IN



Nothing to do with dictionaries, but with the history of each one

of us humans, and the universe in which we are materially

inserted, narrated in 1009 volumes.


It tells with richness of details how our life was in the Rational

Plain when we were pure, clean and perfect beings; how and why

we left the Paradise and ended up here in this illusory world of

the extinction of our bodies in the materialized plain, all our

course from lubberly monster until the present moment of choice:


– either we become Rational Apparatuses through the reading

and study of the Rational Culture Work, divulging it in all

forms and ways;


– or we become indifferent or even reactionaries to the last

resort that is thrown to us and are dragged by the magnetic

force to the depths where the irrationals suffer.


One more transformation among the unaccountable ones through

which we passed. For some, the last one. For others 7 more

eternities of lapidation and suffering.


Such as we had the free will and choice up there, in the Rational

Plain, we are having it now, at this final and decisive moment:


To ascend or to descend!


The SUPREME GOODNESS is the one that offers us the choice,

only that, for IT never participates in the choices, only provides

us with the tools, the means for us to make it properly. The

choices are of our total responsibility.


Many have already ascended in the Astrological Alphabet phase

and many are restarting to ascend now in the Rational Apparatus

Phase. The acceleration of time is explained by this fact. The

more the world of matter nears the RATIONAL WORLD in its

own ascention, the more the second world becomes similar to the

First World, the Original World, where matter, time and space, do

not exist. The Rational evolution in the matter happens in several

ways and the shortening of time is one of them.


Therefore the die is cast:




The Rational Guidance is a gift of the DEVINE PROVIDENCE.


We cannot but receive it.



(*) Text in Portuguese:

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