(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture; Miguel Pereira, RJ)


 “Today they are ships of the ground

And with the passing of the coming days

They will start to appear in the space,

For Rational is from above,

And not from the ground,

Rational is of spatial origin.”

Love your fellow creature as you love yourself.

But if you do not love yourself, how can you love your fellow creature?

Never, since you do not know in real truth what love means!

In order to love yourself, you need first to know and recognize yourself,

To then be able to know your fellow creature and love him/her Rationally.

And to be able to know yourself, what to do?

In 1935 a formidable transformation and decisive change occurred in our material world through the super powerful and inedited Rational Energy, the energy superior to all energies; Nature ceased to command  the thought inside the human’s heads, determining the end of the Rational animal’s existence on Earth with the beginning of a new and hindmost phase in the matter; the Rational Phase. Nature’s mission was to stop lapidating the Rational animal through the electric and magnetic energies, and separate the Rational Energy Body from the animal body in order to lead it back to the RATIONAL WORLD.

It had been calculated and foreseen in the plotting of that evolutive ascension map, the extinction of the Rational animal and the advent of the Rational Apparatuses, that would acquire Rational characteristics right here on Earth, such as the Rational Clairvoyance and the Rational fluidic communication with their brothers of light, a fact that illustrates and verifies the historic and long expected Rational human beings´  approach to their World of Origin. As a result, upon divesting of their material external appearances, they abandon their bestial life of the ground to become Rational Apparatuses linked to the RATIONAL WORLD.

That permanent contact with the Superior World begins a new evolutive process, which is his coming off from the ground, from the matter, by the levitation of its being, becoming lighter than the air, floating, flying like the birds fly, however not needing to move any part of the body. Pondering over the subject, if the Rational animal planned, built and  sent transiting into the air tons of steel, aluminum and other metals, full of passengers, under the thought’s command, under the magnetic energy, degenerated, polluted and proceeding from the ground, what would the energy of his true state of being not make, the Rational energy of the RATIONAL WORLD! Impossible to compare the attempt of the restricted flight of a chicken with the majestic flight of the Andean eagle.

One must consider, nevertheless, some aspects of the Rational Phase in relation to the Earth’s inhabitants; the humans. What will be of the magnetic energy with the coming of the Rational Energy? What will be of the Universe with Nature acting Rationally in the new phase?

As of 1935 two defined and final situations were created: The one from the above, Rational, and the one from below of the Rational and irrational animal class. In the one above is the RATIONAL WORLD, waiting for the result of the Rational animal rescue work, in the transformation process to Rational Apparatus, that is being performed by the Rational Nature. These that are in that progress stage will go through a series of transformations of ascendant cosmic level, beginning with  the levitation of the body of matter and ending with its transformation in a Rational body of light that finally returns to its World of Origin the RATIONAL PLAIN, in pure, clean, perfect and eternal state.

In the one below, is the ground of magnetic matter, awaiting the result of Nature’s Rational work, to deliver to the rule of the magnetic energy, the animal part, the part of the matter of those that insist in remaining in a continued somnambular state, still connected with the thought that no longer exists, for it has dried long ago. These, deprived of any possibilities to Reason, are already being degraded to the irrationals´ class.

There is still one variant of the first situation exposed above, in which are inserted the Rational Culture students; the pioneers that lived together with Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho since the beginning of the Rational Phase, the building of the Retiro Racional, the printing  of the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, the dematerialization of Lord Manoel who was and is the Earth’s Superior Reasoning, until the present days. These will anticipate their return, transforming themselves and ascending in stages or directly, as long as they keep themselves within the Conscious Rational Behavior, which is a Rationally unblemished behavior. Also in that assembly are included all those that did not participate in the activities above mentioned and that only read, divulged and applied in practice everything that they learned in the Books.

Therefore, as it was mentioned in the beginning, love your fellow creature as you love yourself, knowing yourself. And the only way of knowing yourself is knowing the history of your race, the Rational race, and the history of your kind, the human kind that in a certain epoch was known as Rational animal, but that ended extinct such as so many civilizations that extinguished themselves by their ignorance, by the unconsciousness and by the appearances and illusions caused by the evilness of  life in the matter, notwithstanding all Nature’s efforts to recover them through the lapidation which is the suffering.

There is a complete literary work about the above subject, entitled Universe in Disenchantment. It is an assembly of more than one thousand books dictated by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, a Reasoning Superior to every Reasoning, to Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR here on Earth, printed at the Rational Ashram, and available in many distributing points in the states of the national territory of Brazil.

That historic starts this way: “A few Rational beings, pure, clean, perfect and eternals, inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, entered by free choice and spontaneous will a part of the Plain that was not ready to enter into progress….”

Due to that disobedience everyone ended down here in this world of matter, to which we gave cause with our disobedience, being inclemently lapidated by our thought, for our being Nature’s tools, a fact that we ignored until the publication and the reading of the Book of Rational Culture, Universe in Disenchantment. Thus as we ignored our descent, until extinguishing ourselves in the ground, giving cause to the matter and sprouting from the ground, like any other vegetal, initially as monsters, afterwards as savages, later as civilized and finally animals of Rational origin. Both Rational and irrational animals made by the drop of water which is the semen.

Twenty one eternities went by in that immeasurable period!

Life in the matter takes different forms all the time and at each second. Nature’s natural is and has always been based in changes and transformations. Such as many will be developed by the Rational Energy, going from Rational Apparatuses to the spatial life, many others, upon continuing to belong to the ground and attached to the matter, will come to the end of a life, in transformation to another, in an inferior class.

It follows then, in the pages of that magnificent scripture, a magna class by GOD Himself, about the disenchantment of the human being, where the student learns; to free himself from the matter’s elusive appearances; to stop thinking ; to Reason; to understand that he once was a pure, clean and perfect being and that one suffers in this second world, consequence of the first, for a disobedience committed  in the Origin. He also learns that with the Rational Phase, the opportunity has finally emerged for his recovery and return to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

There it is , therefore, the last resource for the one’s that wish to save themselves and return to the COSMIC WORLD, where we should never had come out. Read the Book Universe in Disenchantment, of Rational Culture, to learn once and for all that…

“The Rational is the part from above.

The animal part is the part from the ground.

Then, the thinking animal walks.

And the Rational levitates.”

…and that it is not worth prorogate our stay as Rational animals in this planet in degradation, suffering and living the life of all kinds of irrational animals for another seven eternities, for  the Rational animal phase has already ended since 1935. It had its beginning and it had to have its end, because in the matter’s life everything is that way; everything that has a beginning has an end.


(*) Text in Portuguese:


Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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  1. nalub7 disse:

    It is indeed the greatest happening in the history of humanity, the revelation made by the true world where we are from, reporting how we ended here in this world of matter and with the incredible surprise of the proofs and verifications, that we ourselves, were the causers of this immense visible and invisible electromagnetic Universe.

    Now, yes, it makes sense the why we grieve so much for suffering the consequences of what we did to ourselves.

    But the relief is to know that in spite the disobedience, we have now the reconstitution formula of that monstrous deformation and degeneration to its true natural state, which depends solely and initially on the development of our Reasoning, pineal gland, of each human being.

    Praise the Rational Phase!
    Congratulations on the beautiful text!


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