(Gilberto Carnasciali, estudante de Cultura Racional, Miguel Pereira – RJ)


                MAY EVEN GO MAD                     

The authors are referring to the course of an entire life in the matter, in which we learn how to dodge obstacles, how to avoid ambushes, in short, try to live a better life, more peaceful, more balanced. However, we know that we will only be successful apparently, for it is not man who dominates the thought, but it is the thought that dominates man, chartering his life at it pleases.

And there is not a way for man to dominate the thought, for he himself is an instrument of the thought, an inferior life as he is, created by a superior life, that gave him life and everything else, including the thought, which rules, determines and instructs what the free-thinker must think and execute.

This is the only effective way for the living being to be lapidated, for it is in the thought that are all the ingredients of the suffering, which are chosen, evaluated, added and subtracted, placed and replaced by the owner of the thought, to sooth the brutality, the backwardness and the rudeness of the animal of Rational origin.

No one will know how to live Rationally before going through the lapidation process, for on freeing the living being from its primitivism it will allow him to perceive, understand and get to know himself as well as the world that he now inhabits, the world made of matter, such as himself.

It was thus, that Nature, the life superior to all lives, came to perform the function of lapidating master, using as its instruments, the electric and magnetic tools, and as its tools the thought and the thinker. 

We are herewith referring to the phases that started in the era of the monsters, then the savages, later on the civilized, and the one before last – the phase of the animal of Rational origin.

A Rational animal that is not lapidated is equivalent to a human beast that brings in himself all the hereditariness of his ancestry deposited in his DNA along twenty one eternities.

How could one eliminate that backwardness, that brutality, that rudeness?

It could only be with the fire of the electric energy and the power of the magnetic energy, actuating in the living being’s thought, under the command of the owner of his life; Nature!

The one who knows how to live life naturally is Nature, the only true mother of everything and everyone, who generates us, creates us, maintains us, mother of all the species that exist in the Universe, for being the mother of all the particles that form life: sun, moon, stars, water, earth, animal and vegetal.

Only that grandiose and all-powerful energy could, with its superior maternal instinct, educate and teach its sons, refining them for the new phase that arrived in 1935; the Rational Phase. Thought, for belonging to a precedent phase, the one of the animal of Rational origin, that is, the Rational animal Phase, went little by little extinguishing itself, and together with it, the relative moderation in the way of living life, being gradually replaced by the electric and magnetic energies, two violent elements, malignant, and destructives.

On ceasing the existence of Nature’s prime tool for the lapidation of humans, the task was relayed to the electric and magnetic energies. Thought’s absence unbalanced the living beings, which came to be submitted to constant magnetic mind storms, causers of all sorts of evilness, not only by man but also by Nature, that disclosed itself revolted against the aggressions that it had been enduring during its life.

Nature is Rational now, for we are in the Rational Phase of the Rational Apparatus, and as a Rational super-mother, Nature came to teach its children how to Reason. And for that purpose it made available an amazing Scripture generated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning and dictated by HIM to Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho here on Earth, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, former state of Guanabara, then capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil. That magnificent encyclopedic work of Rational Culture, encompassing over one thousand volumes, was and is being printed and edited at the Rational Ashram – Retiro Racional – in the city of Nova Iguaçu.  

The reader, through the reading of that magnanimous scripture entitled Universe in Disenchantment, will attain a new and higher level in his life, making contact with his pure, clean and perfect Rational brothers, through the Reasoning and the Rational Clairvoyance. Through this new means that the endless divine goodness grants us, we are living our last period or phase, before we detach ourselves from this passing, interim, tortuous, depressing, downgraded and mortal habitat.

That can happen in two ways: the ones who read, study and learn attentively and seriously the message sent by GOD for our salvation, these will ascend to the RATIONAL WORLD. The ones who do not care or prefer to continue living their lives in the matter, these will descend to lower classes.

Who understands and captures our Father’s saving message will have known how to live in the matter, Immunizing himself Rationally in order to live again the eternal life in the RATIONAL  PLAIN.

This is to know how to live!

This  is to know who I am, where did I come from, what I am doing here in this illusory world, what I am here for, and where I am going when my body of matter extinguishes itself for the last time. It is to know and discern the seductive illusory appearances of matter, to the point of despising them through the certainties acquired in the Rational studies that truth is one and only, proceeding from one sole original world, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Living in the matter like the majority does, ignoring oneself, is ignoring how to live!

Therefore, when you start to read the Book Universe in Disenchantment, you will be climbing your first step bound to eternity.

When you understand who is you fellow creature and come to wish the good of everything and everyone, then you have already started your trip back to your World of Origin.

When you look at the green of the forests, the blue of the skies, the white of the clouds, the green of the seas and feel yourself excluded from that Nature as if you were just enjoying a landscape transferred from the mind of an artist to his canvas, then you have inserted yourself in Nature’s new phase; you have disconnected yourself from this material world and connected yourself definitively to the RATIONAL WORLD, here on Earth.

You have disenchanted yourself!

If your understanding permits you to discern between the earthly life and the Rational life and you manage to live both in one only, then you will have gone through a good stretch of the Rational Road, for you live materially and you Reason.

You are almost there!

If you miss your daily Rational reading, be it anywhere and anyhow, see and talk with your pure, clean and perfect brothers through the Rational Clairvoyance, you have already attained the maximum elevation that a terrestrial being can reach, and you are ready for your ultimate transformation bound to the Cosmic World.

You are a Rational Apparatus!

This is the true “knowledge of how to live”, that starts in the pages of the Universe in Disenchantment History Book, which tells the saga of some pure, clean and perfect beings that entered a part of the plain that was not ready to enter in progress, thus disobeying our Father by not listening to His calls of attention. Twenty one eternities of descent and degradation, resulted in them losing their original bodies and forming themselves in other bodies of degraded and polluted matter.

Living just to live takes one nowhere. One must know how to live R-a-t-i-o-n-a-l-l-y in order to understand humanity’s true history, the history of this second world as a consequence of the first, in order to be able to return to the World of Origin.

Knowing how to live Rationally is to read the Rational literature and divulge it worldwide, as the application for the entry visa to the Rational Paradise is only obtained by means of these to two conditions:

Read and reread to know yourself.

Advertise the Rational Culture by all means and ways.


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