REALIDADE, MUTÁVEL E IMPERMANTE.  (Click the link o hear the audio)


(João de Castro, a student of Rational Culture, São Paulo, SP)


I grew up watching movies such as Star Trek and Star WARS, believing that, other worlds co-existed in this chaotic and godless universe.

However, it was after I had started studying RATIONAL CULTURE that I realized that all this Myth originated from the ground, for it is the source of IMAGINATION and THOUGHT! What exists are beings, intelligences in energetic state which were made by the Rational Plain in its degenerating state.

They do not come from other galaxies. Actually they are all from here. They materialize in any form they want: demons, angels, elves, and now, most commonly, as ETS. Because we are in the Rational Phase, they are, likewise, participating but in their own way! The owners of the phase are the Rational Beings, pure clean and perfect and they don’t do abductions!

Nonetheless how could the Ground be bestowed such powers? Simply, before it became the Ground, it had been the Rational Plain out of its true energetic natural state.

Therefore there are no genius but tools of Nature. They are minds commanded by the electric and magnetic energies, being one good and the other evil. They are responsible for thought and imagination in the minds of the thinkers.

Likewise we have the greatest movie and art directors, vehicles of magnetism. Art, music and literature have been influencing humanity for thousands of years, the cinema, though, has been around for a little more than 100 years.

The mass culture is carrying out the homogenization of different cultures, making many of them lose their regional and individual aspects. In fact, such phenomenon has also been identified by the historians and anthropologists in the pre-ancient cultures through the design and architecture of the old pyramids, which can be found throughout the world, denoting that there may be a global culture thousands of years ago.

Man is bestowed with the realization of these facts, but it is sadly unknown that it is the thought, indeed, the electric and magnetic fabric beneath all those facts.

The Subject has been mistakenly mixed up by its attribute – thought. The Truth is that man had always tried to understand the subject; however, its major attribute – thought – had always remained untouched by man’s analysis. What is thought?

There is the tendency to believe that thought is the result of chemical reactions in the brain. Nonetheless it is in RATIONAL CULTURE, where we will learn that thought is external, it comes from outside, and the brain is just an antenna which captures the ethereal transmissions!

Everything that man conceptualizes through thought comes from Nature. Because it is something extremely subtle. The myth of the genius was created. There are in fact no geniuses but only antennas of different tunes! The whole source of any creation is in NATURE, in the water, according to the SUPERIOR RATIONAL.

The homogenization of ideas and habits was made by Nature, for she intended to bring the whole humanity to a sole level of comprehension. Humanity is connected by a common line: thought. Through thought humanity got its preparation for the development of the REASONING.

All the vision we have of multi-worlds presented in science-fiction movies are, if you will, mirrors of ourselves. All these worlds are put to the mission to conquer the Universe and the reward is to have the superiority of one over the other. There you have the very seed of Darwinism.

The Darwinism was not a theory created by Darwin. It was synthesized by thought which commands the class of the irrationals. The law of the strongest is predominant among men, the invisible beings and the irrationals, because they are all commanded by thought.

All that was of extremely importance for the phase of thought and it was believed that worlds of a superior thought would have its supremacy over the others.

Total deception, for everything originated from the ground. Reality is not the truth; reality belongs to the field of impermanence – reality is perishable – the truth is permanent and perennial!

The multi-realities assumed the face of hell, purgatory and heaven. The true heaven is the RATIONAL WORLD whose essence is THE REASONING.

The multi-realities are produced by impermanence, while the TRUTH is permanent and unchangeable, that is why thought created the image of the DIVINE, dividing our reality into heaven, purgatory and hell. The true heaven – THE RATIONAL WORLD – was far from being reached by thought, for its essence is THE REASONING. At least, thought gave us a fleetly notion of the true unchangeable and unsplittable reality, which lies above everyone and everything. I say notion because what we thought as being superior was but invisible beings belonging to the DEFORMATION.

This reality exists at a horizontal level, that is, it is spread throughout the world, however, it does not apply to reach other realities at a vertical level – which are far above the Sun. There, it is another energy, another reality, THE REASONING!

The Supremacy is in the REASONING!

The root of THOUGHT and IMAGINATION is planted in the Ground, or rather, it was planted by the RATIONAL PLAIN when it got totally deformed. Those who are involved with the study of RATIONAL CULTURE will acknowledge these rights and are, perfectly aware that geniuses do not exist, what we have are the TOOLS OF IMAGINATION AND THOUGHT.

Divine in the DEFORMATION is an illusion. This is a far-fetched reality that could never be true. Our reality is deformed, degenerated and changeable – that is – one thing today and quite another the day after.

Thus it is mandatory that you read the books of RATIONAL CULTURE – UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT – for only then, you will be able to grasp the TRUE REALITY!

Which lies beyond the realms of THOUGHT AND IMAGINATION.


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