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Today, we would like to address our brothers and sisters who, for being unaware of the real knowledge of life, are getting involved with black magic.

We are all connected, because we are originated from the same world – the Eternal World.

This Eternal World is THE RATIONAL WORLD – the source of all goodness in the Universe.

The RATIONAL WORLD is of pure, clean and perfect energy, where there is no evil whatsoever. We left this world of pureness for not knowing the suffering and, by doing that, we turned away  from God, setting the way opposite to that pureness.

As a result, we got here and are, now, living in a material body, suffering the consequences we unleashed against ourselves. We gave cause to the deformation and degeneration, which is the opposite to generation. We created pollution which is the opposite to cleanliness, suffering to happiness and death to life.

Now then, we ask for your close attention to this: After we have given cause to all that; including the astral beings, the terrestrial beings and the intro-beings, we got encapsulated inside a material body. The Reasoning was tucked in the head but without any activity, since it lost all the virtues which gave existence to all the material life, visible and invisible.

Reasoning is the creator of this universe. We became the Astrological Centers of the Creation, suffering the influences of this arcade and powerless to its effects which vary between the apparent good and the real evil.

Apparent good for being temporary and out of its true natural state since we used to be inhabitants of the pure eternal world, THE RATIONAL WORLD. This whole deformed world transformed into electric and magnetic energies, which are now the constituents of the deformed Nature which generates, creates, feeds, maintains and rules us, human beings, through thought and imagination.

When we were pure, clean and perfect bodies of cosmic Rational Energy, we entered a small part of the RATIONAL WORLD, the RATIONAL PLAIN, and started progressing on this part. This caused this part to come down, detaching from the RATIONAL WORLD, with us on it and, as it descended, it lost energy producing this deformed universe which made Nature into what we know – a deformed Nature. All the details pertaining to this knowledge are found in the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

Therefore, folks, after all this damage done to Nature, the Divine Providence, in order to preserve life from the worst, will bring us back to our World of Origin – the RATIONAL WORLD. Firstly it laid on our hands the guidance, represented on the palm lines – with the lines of heart, mind and life – to be watched so that the way back to the RATIONAL WORLD would be remembered.

The name given to that is: ASTROLOGICAL ALPHABET, the corresponding lines to the positive effects of each planet on our lives which would ensure balance in the material life.

The problem is that every line of behavior has its limits, patterns and values, which should be respected so that nobody goes beyond the line, which was missed by many, who rebelled against these limitations.

Every person had on the palm of his hand the recommendations on how he should lead his life. For this reason, it presented some limitations and since the person has always wanted to make full use of his free will, this type of guidance started to lose popularity among people. Everyone wanted to do what they wished and not what was right in their lives; they did not want to embrace what had been defined by Nature according to the individuality. The kings wanted their children to be kings and so on and so forth.

This happened due to inconformity as regards the destinies traced by Nature. Therefore, the individuals started going against these limitations. They created the artificial alphabet to give expansion to their whims and tastes in nonattendance to Nature’s limits.

And by that alphabet, they crossed the line and went against the Universe (the deformed Nature).

Nature rebelled against the abuses and allowed the invisible forces, which were separated from our world – the evil forces – to intervene among us, so that they would constitute thought for the completion of the artificial alphabet which is known to date, however its end was decreed by Nature in 1935.

Despite that, and although the artificial alphabet had been made by the inferior Nature to polish and improve thought, the Divine Powers, through the biblical writings, transmitted by the Superior Nature, imposed limits to the thinkers through the development of this Alphabet.

And again, due to its several versions adapted through time, the biblical writings were also altered leaving the following generations in a sea of different versions and lost with no real direction to take.

Totally adrift from the Truth, humanity got, once more unbalanced, – with people fighting and destroying one another.

The misunderstandings were in the order of the day, one trying to upstage the other, all caused by the magnetic thought, which evolved in such a way that people were taken by their will and desires without caring whether they might be damaging the others or not.

For a long time the human beings have lost their drive. They don’t know which way to take in order to be more balanced. They live dipped in this material mud with their backs turned to God and Nature.

All that alone brought only suffering that took peace away from  Earth. The consequences of so much suffering left the human beings in a chaos searching for happiness. Since they couldn’t find it in their lives they looked for it in the matter.

What if I have a higher position at work, will I be accomplished! And if I have that woman or man, will I be better. I want more money and a better body, that is what I need to feel happier.

And, thus, magnetized by the matter, you gave it all to it without scruples, making use of black magic to force a situation which Nature had not propitiated in the person’s life.

Look to that: The recklessness of the human beings due to their limitless tastes and desires, which do not correspond to what Nature determined to the human life.

For this reason and a few other things, the world is in shambles with people in torments and pain.

You have to reflect upon this situation, for life is forged in lies and fantasies which have disconnected us from Mother Nature and let us all be caught by the tentacles of materialism.

We, Rational Culture students, are aware of the mistakes which have deviated humanity from the right way so that we can eradicate them once and for all.

Therefore, we are calling your attention to this phenomenon of changes in Nature. It came about in 1935, and its knowledge is available in the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. This is the opportunity to leave the marginal life and get on this road which will take us back to eternity, our true world – the RATIONAL WORLD, where we are PERFECT, CLEAN and PURE RATIONAL BEINGS

Why is it possible for us to go back to the RATIONAL WORLD?

Because deep inside ourselves we hold a little spark of the RATIONAL WORLD, which is the cause of this deformed universe – and this particle is what remained from the original body.

It is God’s particle that everyone has been avidly searching but without any success; it is part of that Rational World inhabitant which we were one day as we entered the RATIONAL PLAIN.

This particle gave cause to this deformed universe, which came down losing its virtues to the point that it got materialized in the form of Reasoning Machine (the pineal gland), which was trapped in the matter – hence the inception of the Rational animal. The Reasoning Machine is materialized in this gland in the head. It is the real owner of life, for it caused the existence of the universe where we live.

Therefore, what part is the Reason why we are all human beings? It is the Reasoning, the RATIONAL WORLD INHABITANT which is materialized in the form of REASONING MACHINE.

Because Reasoning is the true owner of the world and the constructor of this material life, it is the sole being that holds the formula of this deformation and, consequently, can put an end to this deformation.

Nevertheless, in order to be able to do that, it urges that we develop it through the RATIONAL ENERGY contained in the Books of RATIONAL CULTURE – UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

Whenever we come across a Rational animal, what we see from it is a particle of God wrapped by the material body. God is a RATIONAL BEING – The SUPREME REASONING to all REASONING; HE IS THE RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

If we keep this in mind, it will be much easier to see our fellow creature as ourselves, bearing the due respect to every being living on the Earth.

May that be clear to those who use the source of magic to harm their fellow creatures; they will be trying to harm the particle of God.

They act in this way on unconsciousness and, for this reason, it is indispensable that you study Rational Culture and learn all about yourself through the pages of the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

Do it as soon as possible, because life is short and you have a long way to go.

In Rational Culture, it is said that those who do evil to others, evil to themselves they are. In Rational Culture you will understand why.

This is a sinking boat taking all evil doers to the bottom. Do not get on this boat, do not be slaves to these evil invisible forces, for you will live on the derive of Nature. You will go against the TRUE and ALMIGHTY GOD.

All that is a way to inflict self-destruction on yourself. Do not attract these negative forces. The consequences will play havoc in your life.

Your life is a mess, can’t you see that? Take a close look at yourself, at your pain and disturbing dreams. Why is all this unbalance hovering upon you? Your love life never blossoms! When all seems right, everything goes wrong! Fear is gradually looming ahead of you, waiting to swallow you. It is time you knew why.

There are times when you have the impression people are lurking behind you, waiting to grab you. They want to back stab you; they are ghosts haunting your mind! Are they real? No, they are the fruits of what you planted once, when you held to black magic and threw it upon people that never surrendered to your whims.

Only in the Rational Culture you will learn that nobody is supposed to surrender to anybody but to the REASONING – the real owner of life!

It is a waste of time worrying about other people’s lives, for each person has his own life to care about. Each person had its life traced by Nature which will, eventually, lead to his self-encounter. Only then, the person will be able to overcome his animal part, which makes him jealous, envious and hateful.

You have planted too much evil so far; however, Nature has been good to you, providing all that you need in life and more than you deserve. Nature is so patient with you, despite your unconsciousness.

But make no mistake, there is limit to everything. There is still time to make up for your mistakes.


There is goodness in you. Reflect upon all the bad things you have been doing to people, and not only that; unconsciously we think and wish bad to the others, who never thought twice before coming to your aid, when you were in need. You may feel indignant for not having them at your feet, but you forget that they had you walk on your own feet. Don’t be so ungrateful, you may go to the inferior classes proceeding this way. That is where the ungrateful ones end.

Cheer up and be positive by respecting yourself. Study RATIONAL CULTURE in the BOOKS UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. Develop your REASONING. It is your real friend, and the only one who can really resolve all your issues. It urges that you free yourself from the negative influences, so that you can embrace peace in your life, in spite of all the evil you have caused to your brothers.

Connect to the Reasoning who is sheer good. It will take you out of your darkness and lead you to the true bright Rational life.

Free yourself!


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