(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ.)


Salve, friends!

The Rational Culture is the only culture that leads us to the self-knowledge, thus being the most important knowledge of all times, above all the earthly knowledge.


Because without the Rational Knowledge no one can achieve the Supreme Knowledge, which is the Reasoning developed in its entirety. In order to better understand all that, the coming information will help our Friends to comprehend who the Reasoning is and what is its aim in our lives.

Those that already know themselves, know that before being Reasoning machines materialized here in this world of matter, were Rational energy, pure, clean and perfect. And that before becoming that electric and magnetic dense assembly, that is the human being, they were electric and magnetic energy in degeneration, polluted and degraded.

What was the cause?

Some, entered a part of the Rational Plain that was not ready to progress and in spite the unaccountable warnings given by our father, they paid no heed and disobeyed Him, causing the detachment of that part of the plain that started a spiraling descent to this world where we are now.

In the Universe in Disenchantment´s first volume, you will find a complete description detailing all the transformations that occurred in the trajectory. The materialization process of everything and everyone that are here in this second world occurred by the loss of ours and the Rational Plain´s virtues (virtues are lives); the lost virtues of the Rationals that materialized in the sun, and the lost virtues of the Rational Plain that gave cause to the moon and the stars. The Plain degenerated and deformed into what is known today as water and earth. And the junction of earth and water with the heat of the sun originated all the animals and vegetal, constituting thus, the seven parts that compose matter´s life, in short, the Universe that we inhabit.

As mentioned above, the Historic of all that deformation you will find in an abridged form but fully encompassing, in the first volume of the Work “Universe in Disenchantment”. The first Book summarizes the whole Rational Scripture  composed by more than one thousand books that for some is enough to attain the gift of the Rational comprehension for realizing the very elevated aggrandizements in the  Book´s interlineations.

Coming back to the knowledge of oneself, through the reading of the Books, everyone who already  knows oneself comes to know the everything, the before being in the matter, and to know the why everything in the matter is thus. And upon knowing the everything before one´s being, realizes that before, one was electric and magnetic energy transformed in liquid, which is the semen that transformed itself in that assembly of electric and magnetic machine. And before being a Reasoning machine (us, Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, materialized in the form of Reasoning inside our pineal gland) we were Rational Energy, Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD.


 This knowledge is the Supreme Knowledge, for it comes from the ORIGIN, from the RATIONAL ENERGY, the RATIONAL WORLD´s Energy, the only ENERGY that permits the living being to dematerialize the RATIONAL ENERGY that is materialized in the Pineal Gland, indispensable condition for the living creature´s return to the World of Origin. It is the key displayed in the cover of the Book, representing the tool for our recovery, liberation and return to our Origin.

Who knows his “before being”, knows his true natural state and knows how to return to it.

Why is that so?

Because he came to know himself, Rationally. He knows where he came from, how he came, where he is now, and how and when he will return to his World of Origin.

Nowadays we become horrified with the barbaric crimes that happen everywhere in the world, as a multiple raping that recently occurred in Brazil, of a teenager in one of the Rio de Janeiro hills.

It must be clarified that these criminals are living beings with dry thoughts that became tools of the negativity. Then became bandits, commanders of diabolic phalanxes, Satan’s body of soldiers, merchants of the most varied kinds of drugs, porters of the most sophisticated weapons, more damaging than the ones used by the Police Force. The law of these violators being the law of the stronger.

Who are they after all?

They are beasts, better saying, human wild animals that do not admit being contradicted in their wills. True monsters as they were in the very distant past, in the Phase of the Monsters, and thus remained for they do not acknowledge rights. They are against the natural laws of Nature, against the true God, who they simply ignore. Worse still: all that done consciously.

And what could justify that brutal behavior?

The fact that the thought phase ended in 1935. From that date on the Reasoning Energy, that is, the Rational Energy took over the command establishing the Rational Phase, the last one before the end of the world of matter´s existence, the phase of “he who wants save himself, if he can.” The lack of the thought was fulfilled by the magnetic energy, the energy with the greatest destroying power here in the matter, which started to rule over the mind of the thoughtless ones. And since the thought is the organ that generates sentiment, these beings are completely deprived of sentiment. They live coldly and senselessly inside the vacuum that was created inside them.

And the vacuum, that is, the nothing, which, therefore, is worth nothing, commanded by the magnetic that is the absolute evil, generates in its empty guts a diabolic being that not even the inhabitant of the Lower Astral (with horns, tail and pitchfork in hand) wants, not even Lucifer wants, no one wants, not even GOD.

How could the Creator want the nothing, the demoniac emptiness that He did not create?

There is nothing to be done for a depleted one but to let him be led to the inferior class of the irrational species to be continually lapidated by the rawhide of the magnetic, without any kind of beguiling or facilitation, until he recovers his state of natural being. Only thus, one day he will recognize GOD and will be recognized by HIM.

Then you ask: “But what kind of lapidation could make suffer an animal of the irrational class totally empty of sentiments?”

In reality it is not the irrational animal made of blood and flesh that suffers, but his body of Rational Energy, pure, clean, perfect and eternal that in its last humane transformation migrated to the space, already plainly conscious of the mistake he had made and there on started to receive, feel and suffer all the effects of that terrible lapidation, living a new post-mortem inferno for another seven eternities.

And there is no repentance that can save him from the punishment!

Then, there it is the crucial importance of the Reasoning. Everyone is out of one´s natural state and outside one´s natural state no one can live. That is why there is death in the matter; a lapidating and renovating transformation, for everyone to be able to evolve and have access to the Rational Knowledge and in that way reacquire one´s natural state of pure, clean and perfect  beings.

No one has the right to live outside one´s true natural state, outside one´s true natural. The fish cannot live outside of the water, the savage does not withstand living in a civilized world, the Eskimo perishes if he moves to the tropics and the tropical plants cannot survive in cold climate, except in a greenhouse, which would mean an artificial life such as the one we live down here.

The period of transformations and renovations through the process of life and death does not exist any longer for the ones who came to the point of knowing the true life. These, as Rational Apparatuses, feel and see that they are ascending naturally towards the First World through the development of the Reasoning, to their World of Origin, where there is no birth or decease, for in the Eternal World, the RATIONAL WORLD there is no such thing.


In the innermost of these Apparatuses, reigns peace, love, fraternity and concord, an elevated degree of Rational Culture that is transmitted to them with Rational base and logic and ballasted  with infinity of proofs and verifications.  The knowledge of oneself, of the Origin, where you came from, where you are now, and where you are eventually heading to generates  the eternal Rational love, the generous love  that loves the fellow creature as loves oneself, doing good to all regardless. Different from the finite love, made here of matter, in the matter, a love without value. Unconditional love here in this suffering second world is inexistent, since an animal is always selfish. Where there is selfishness there is no love, but pure illusion. Unconditional love, True Love only the Rational One, which emanates from the connection with the SUPREME REASONING, who is GOD, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning. It is the Savior Love.

With the Reasoning duly developed, everyone will be universally united and will live for the GOOD, ONE for all and all for ONE, that ONE being the RATIONAL WORLD, that will do everything of good and of better for everyone.

Only the fully developed Reasoning allows that your body of pure, clean, perfect and eternal cosmic mass materialized in the form of Reasoning, dematerializes itself and ascends to the First World that gave origin to this one. The verifications, among many, are present in the Beings of Light that frequently appear in the firmament with their bodies of Rational Light, to call humanity´s attention.

That, yes, in the firmament, is the true natural of everyone; a Body of Rational Energy made of pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass and not the passing life´s  apparent brightness, without guarantees, of the ones that are born, live and die ignoring who they are.

The phase, therefore, is the Rational Phase, the Phase of the dematerialization, of the indifference to the matter. However, if the Rational Culture student perchance mentions that to a passer-by, be him a spiritualist, Christian or of any creed, religion, philosophy or science, the passer-by will judge the student out of his mind and for that reason the Rational Culture´s student second duty, after having learned enough to transmit the teaching, is to relay the Knowledge that he acquired in the reading in a proper way to his brothers still incapable to discern their apparent state of being, ignorant that they are of everything and everyone.

Therefore, to divulge the Knowledge about the RATIONAL WORLD is indispensable to alert the unwary passer-by and provide him with the means for him to work on his ascension. Thus the Book teaches: “It is the duty of everyone, much delicately, to do the divulgence of this literary Work, for their own benefit and for the benefit of all the living creatures of this world”. 

Unfortunately many do not get interested in the reading for thinking that they know too much, others for sheer disinterest and others for being fanaticized by philosophies without base and logic, self-indulgent persons who think that the wheel-of-life is really that one; to be born, grow up, suffer and die. A life of ignorant beasts. Luck picking parrots of an inoperative barrel organ.

It is indispensable to note how we conduct our lives as regards the way we use our freedom and free choice. If our original sin was to use them badly in our World of Origin in the RATIONAL PLAIN, why repeat the error in this second world?

Reminding that conscious freedom is the good forever and unconscious freedom is the evil forever. Let us then open for the good and stay closed for the evil, only using our freedom and free will Rationally.



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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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