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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)


The pilot plan of Brasília was based on the one of Akhetaton, the sacred city of Aton, the sun god, built by the Pharaoh Akhenaton, to become the new capital of ancient Egypt. Built along the Nile river, 14 km long and 4 km wide, about 300 km south of the city of Cairo, its ruins are shaped like a big bird with wings open and the head facing East, as with Brasília, the new capital of Brazil.

In the 30’s, the young student Juscelino Kubitschek, inspired by his readings in Diamantina, his home town in the state of Minas Gerais, set forth on a trip to Europe and Egypt to visit the ruins of Akhetaton. He had a glorious dream of one day becoming  the president of Brazil and to move the  Republic´s capital to the Central Plateau, as indeed he did, founding it on April 21, 1960, in the presence of the famous planners, designers and architects Oscar Niemeyer and Lúcio Costa. Later, Brasília was acknowledged by UNESCO as Humanity´s Cultural Patrimony.

For a better understanding it is worth  examining in detail and under a Rational focus, humanity´s civilizing march to the West through the centuries, having in mind that we are speaking of a four times millenary Egypt,  when the two Americas were inhabited by savages with a rude and backward behavior.

Juscelino Kubitscheck was a Rational donee, that is, Nature´s natural tool that came to comply with a specific mission here on the Earthly Galaxy.  

But how did these facts unrolled in such a way that culminated with the foundation of Brasília?

What was the role of the Americas’ discoveries in this context?

 Where these fortuitous facts?

Certainly not, for nothing occurs in this world of matter without a superior purpose, emanated from a world far above and beyond this one, having in fact anteceded it; the RATIONAL WORLD.

The more one travels towards the Orient, the more ancient the civilizations are. And China is an example of that ancientness, a civilization that remained integral for over five thousand years, having never been discovered, never been colonized, never been occupied by any other country, as it did not occur  with the majority of nations.

With contributions of vital importance for the development of humanity, such as the inventions of the compass, powder, paper, art of printing and acupuncture, just to name a few, China developed itself brilliantly, but due to its prolonged feudalism it came to enclose itself inside its frontiers, excluding itself  from the contact with the rest of the world.

The first Chinese dynasty, of the Xia, was installed in the century 22 b.C., and the first emperor of the Qin dynasty, Yngzheng, who was enthroned in the year 221 b.C., with steel hands succeeded to reunite the country, then divided in two racial cultures, north and south of the territory.

China definitely consolidated the unification of the country during the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) under the ruling of the terrifying warriors and conquerors Genghis Khan and later Kublai Khan.

But it was in the Ming dynasty that China started to expand again economically and culturally. Upon being enthroned in 1402, emperor Chengzu undertook a program of new buildings in Peking, including the great palaces of the Forbidden City, definitely defining the new city as the new capital of the country.

With his gift for the development, Chengzu ordered the building of a powerful fleet of 300 ships to undertake maritime trips of long reach and endurance. Under the command of Adm. Zheng He, these ships of up to 140 meters long and 50 meters wide had the capacity to transport up to 1.500 tons of cargo and 500 people. These ships were about nine times the size of Columbus and Cabral´s caravels. The largest ones carried sets of sails on seven masts, rudder of up to 11 meters high and drained compartments to avoid wreckages.

Duly equipped, they sailed on all oceans and seas “never sailed before” – as illusorily Luis de Camões thus referred in his verses about the Portuguese maritime expeditions – leaving behind to their followers the precious heritage that allowed the Spanish and Portuguese navigators the “discovery” of virgin land overseas: the compass and the maritime charts! Work of Nature obeying the Rational Superior Command, through the Superior Astral, orienting their tools in their march to the Occident. Chinese legacies that permitted the predestined admirals Christopher Columbus, in 1492 and Pedro Álvares Cabral, in 1500 to head their ships toward the Americas of the North and of the South, absolutely certain that they would find land there.

The trips of Admiral Zheng He started in 1.405. Altogether there were seven expeditions in 28 years. With the end of the Ming dynasty and the coming of the Qing dynasty in 1433, the fleet was totally destroyed, the frontiers and ports closed and China went back once again to its interior.

Rationally, the country opened itself up for a very short period, performed in a few years the Rational mission that was determined by the Superior World, and closed itself down to the rest of the world again!

Going back to Egypt, Akhenaton was a modern and pacific pharaoh. He favored the immigrants´ social ascension, opening up Egypt to the influence of other people’s culture. Moved the capital Thebes to Akhetaton or Amarna, in Arab. Dismissed the polytheist cult that worshiped god Amon and instituted the monotheist cult that worshiped god Aton, symbolized by the light of the solar disc.

Akhenaton got ill and died when he was 33 years of age. His kingdom lasted 16 years. Just after the pharaoh’s death his successor ordered that the cult of the gods be reestablished and the city of Amarna be destroyed. The symbol of its ruins, however, outlasted the matter.

Well, and how does Brasília and Juscelino Kubistchek appear in that sequence of events along the millennia?

Several prophets and clairvoyants foresaw the city of the future through visions of the exact place of its location. Among them, the Silesian priest Dom Bosco in 1815, in Italy, had a prophetic vision of a city that would be built “between parallels 15°and 20°. There was a big inlet quite long and wide starting from a point where a lake was formed and there a great civilization will appear”.

A proposal for the construction of the capital in the interior of the country was made by José Bonifácio de Andrade e Silva, a member of parliament, who in a letter to the Sovereign, suggested the erection of a city in the interior of Brazil “for the Regency´s seat that can be at 15° latitude, in a site amine and healthy, fertile and close to a navigable river”. In 1822 the proposal was approved by the Brazilian Congress, as well as the name Brasília that was suggested, anonymously, by José Bonifácio.

Here are some coinciding points between Akhetaton and Brasília, Juscelino and Akhenaton: both cities are located in the geographic center of the country; both were built in the record time of 4 years by their mandataries; one city is close to a lake, the Paranoá and the other close to a river, the Nile; the design of the city of Akhetaton reminding Ibis, the big bird of peace, and Brasília an airplane or really a great modern bird; both plainly illuminated from sunrise to sundown by the solar disk, the solar tradition of ancient Egypt.

Pharaohs built for the dead, exception made of the couple Akhenaton and Nefertiti, that built aiming at a future that was temporarily subtracted from them, until rescued 4000 years later, with the ethereal resurrection of Akhetaton from its ruins and its incorporation into the material structure of Brasília, the new capital of Brazil.

Krion, an extraterrestrial entity of elevated hierarchy, expressed himself thus: “These corrupt leaders will fall. You will have a new political leadership developing slowly, coming to you and all over the Earth, where there is a new energy of respect for the people. This is too much to ask for in politics”.

But note this: this is just the beginning of this last phase, thus many things are coming. The next one is related to this, for a sick country cannot sustain a leadership of elevated consciousness. There is much opportunity for power and grieving”.

El Morya Khan, an ascended master of the Great White Fraternity, thus expressed himself about Brasília in 1957:

“The pilgrims that are in search of the way and of the spiritual illumination from now on will be directed to South America, as they were before directed to the Orient”.

Until 1935, the world was ruled by the electric and magnetic energies commanded by Nature, which through the thought made of men her tools to realize whatever necessary and required for their liberation from the state of rudeness and backwardness in which they were.

Lapidation means suffering, the only way to make the human being a conscious Rational animal and knower of himself. As of 1935 (of all the dates herewith mentioned the most important, decisive and empowered to decide) the Rational energy was encharged and a representative of the RATIONAL WORLD descended to this degraded and polluted world, to receive from up there, from the Superior Origin, the messages that He dictated and printed in the Rational Ashram, totaling 1.000 Books of Rational Culture, entitled UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

Brazil is the country appointed by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, Who is God, to start the final transformation process of the Rational animal, which is the human free-thinker in his present state of Rational animal enchanted by the matter, to Rational Apparatus, which is the human that already reasons in the Rational Phase and that has deleted the thought phase from his mind and life. Flowing in Nature´s natural process, through the reading he goes on learning  how to develop the Reasoning, insensibly,  with no perception whatsoever, he goes on little by little  detaching himself from the apparent and illusory progress of the philosophical arts of the matter and reconnecting to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD and to his pure, clean and perfect brothers that remained there.

As the Rational Culture knowledge spreads its wings not only over the national territory but over the world, something that is already slowly happening, Brasília expands the energy of its Rational Aura to become a World Center of Rational Convergence.

Reminding that everything that we have been through to be able to finally come to this stage of Rational progress, was caused and ruled by another world, much above and beyond this one, and that all the players that participated in this process have been all the time oriented by the Superior Power of the RATIONAL WORLD.

In order for you to be able to Rationally understand humanity´s true history; who we are, where we came from, why we came, what are we doing here, suffering in despair in this world of matter, and where are we going, please read the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT of Rational Culture. You will learn and comprehend why one day we were monsters, then savages and later civilized ones who, in fact, are just mere sophisticated savages.  

Only thus, we will lose our material, impure, polluted, imperfect and mortal form, and finally return to our pure, clean and perfect World of Origin in the RATIONAL PLAIN, in the RATIONAL WORLD!


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