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The thought is a false teacher.

It is also a deceiver of students.

It is commanded by two energies: the electric and the magnetic, the latter really malignant.

The students of ‘Professor thought’ ignore that they serve as tools for that professor to carry out everything that it’s Owner, Nature, thus wishes.

They do not know the why of their suffering, or the why they are being so cruelly lapidated, for not having the slightest idea of who the teacher is, much less who they themselves are. They are so confused by the variations of the thought, that they find themselves their own teachers and, therefore, knower of everything. Wiseacre of the nothing!

Really, you are ignorant of everything, for no one, much less  ‘Professor thought’ could have the competence of teaching you who you really are, what is your origin, where you came from and where you are going. When the teacher is asked about this theme by some more intelligent, interested or curious student, the teacher always provides false answers based in the materialistic knowledge of the beguiling and of the tricks. A magnetism´s true trickster and illusionist.

A class with a curriculum of lies, of artifices, empty, with no value whatsoever. At the end of a course of that artificial progress, finally a diploma! Then, how much worth is that diploma? How much worth is that learning? How much worth are all these little years of suffered life?


Only waste of time. Everyone being deceived and beguiled all the time, until death.

Then, asks the student to the Director, owner of the school: “And is there a solution for that disheartening situation that for us, students, looks insoluble?”

And the owner of the school, very amiably and naturally, explains: “ As long as you students do not know your own history, where everyone came from and to where everyone is going, you will remain arrested inside that cage of classes, such as parrots, marking time, for even your teacher has not the slightest idea of who he really is. Do not elude yourselves!”

But, Director, ask the students, how can we get out of that dejected situation?  

Says the Director: until shortly ago, that would not be possible. However, in 1935, in the beginning of the Third Millennium, the school instituted a new course, the Advanced Superior Course for the Human Being´s Rationalization and Recuperation, until then inedited, dealing with the Rational Knowledge, based on the BOOK “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture. On that date ‘Professor thought’ was dismissed and substituted by ‘Professor Reasoning’.

And what difference does it make in the teaching?

Says the Director: you will stop being lapidated by the artifices of life created by Nature in the phase before 1935, the phase of the animal of Rational Origin and will come to Rationalize yourselves in the present phase in force, the Rational Phase, by the learning of the Truths taught by Nature´s natural, today Rational.

But how this will happen?

Each one of you will receive a BOOK entitled “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, with the Rational teachings that you will learn through the reading, rereading, study and research, and in the end you will take the final exam.

And what is the next step when we complete the Advanced Superior Course?

Well, says the Director: the ones who study, learn and come to Reason, will graduate and will become Rational Apparatus; you will leave this world of degraded and polluted matter and will ascend to where you came from twenty one eternities ago, a pure, clean and perfect RATIONAL PLAIN, in the RATIONAL WORLD, your true World of Origin, as it will be explained to you in the smallest details during the course.

The relapse students, who do not pay attention to the classes, have low attendance at school or simply stop attending, will be downgraded to inferior classes of the irrationals, where they will suffer for many more eternities.

Oh! Says the Director, one more thing: your presence is not necessary for the classes here at school. ‘Professor Reasoning’ gives his lectures in your own homes or wherever you are, for he speaks to you through the lines printed in the BOOK “Universe in Disenchantment”.

And the director went on: as regards the final exams, they will take place away from here and will be evaluated and judged by the members of the Rational Tribunal.

Therefore, hurry up and acquire your BOOK at the main office. It was dictated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, that is, GOD, to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of the EARTH, Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, and printed in his printing shop, at the Rational Ashram, in Rio de Janeiro.

Now that you are aware of how to develop your Reasoning, I wish you a good reading, good learning and an excellent trip back to the RATIONAL PLAIN, our World of Origin.

See you there!



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