reflexões racionais 20

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The beast lives enraptured all the time by the things of the matter, wanting to make out right and never being able. Always short of making out right, for the right that he knows is not right, it is an apparent right. And how much worth is the apparent right? Worthless!

That is the motive of the blunders and of the disequilibrium, the reason of the perennial fights, wars, misunderstandings and sufferings:

Battling for the nothing that warrior,

Always by the nothing being vanquished,

A true exotic, quixotic knight

Dueling against imaginary windmills,

Ignoring what outside exists,

For he ignores who inside he is.

These beasts of the Rational animal phase are so hardened by what they think is right, that only the lapidation of the rough battles of life and death can bring to you the perfectioning and the maturing that will allow you to attain the understanding of the existence of a phase superior to the one you are now, the Rational Phase, and a class superior to the one you are now, the Rational Apparatus class.

All that and much more, for having left your true World of Origin, pure, clean and perfect and descended to this world of matter that you gave cause in your descent, to suffer the consequences of that which you created and did to yourselves.

What one sows one reaps.

Who harms, is lapidated and destroyed by it, for the evil destroys itself and ends itself by itself. That is the consequence of living in a world out of the true natural, a world that is not really yours, in a world strange to your origin: only suffering, disgrace and death.

But, such as the descent is only distress and lapidation, the recuperation and ascension are only joy and celebration. How could the pure, clean and perfect living creature live well in an impure, polluted, imperfect and mortal world? Never!

There is the motive of the joy and happiness of the human being for his return to the World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.   

And how does that perception of the proximity with your Origin happen?

Upon the retrieval  of the lost knowledge of your true history, through the reading and rereading of the Transcendental Work of Rational Culture “Universe in Disenchantment”, the student starts to have glimpses and later on clear clairvoyance of his Rational life twenty one eternities ago, when he inhabited the Rational Paradise with his pure, clean and perfect brothers. He recalls and evidences the crime he perpetrated paying no heed to his FATHER´s calls of attention, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, proceeding to progress for his own account in the part of the Plain that was not ready to make progress.

The Rational reading, through the Rational Energy, goes on developing and fluidifying the person´s Reasoning, until he attains with his integral positive consciousness, the total comprehension of his own “I”; where he came from, where he is now, what he is doing here, to where he is going , how and when.

Thence, the lost pieces of the jigsaw puzzle start to fall into the empty spaces created by the Inhabitant´s absence in the RATIONAL WORLD, which is now materialized in the living creature´s head, inside the Pineal gland. It is at that stage that the beginning of the dematerialization process of that Inhabitant takes place and of his subsequent return to the RATIONAL WORLD; finding the sense of life, finding his originality, finding the originality of his own life, finding the World of his own Origin.

There is the reason of the joy, of the euphoria, of the manifestations of happiness resounding throughout the eternities: “Now I know who I am, now I know how to define my own “I”, now I know from where I came, where I am and to where I am returning!”

These are lives that are being saved by the Devine Providence, WHO made available the BOOK for humanity to disenchant itself and, consequently, disenchant the Universe: UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

These lives are really being saved by themselves, having wakened up from a long and petrous sleep, resurrecting for a new life, the life of the Eternal Reason.

The Rational Light that illuminates the BOOK´s pages flares resplendently, removing the darkness that surrounded the then backward, rude, and brutal being, but never forgotten and always loved by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR to lead the beloved son to HIS intimacy, in the RATIONAL PLAIN.




Once in a while the living creature and divulger might be surprised by the unexpected offering of Rational Books by a student/brother of Rational Culture, for having given up his Rational studies.

Before accepting, the divulger must in the first place, with the utmost delicacy and calm, for the good comprehension of his neighbor, make an abbreviated exposition of the Scripture, as if he were divulging to a new comer for the first time.

Then, always suavely, remind him that upon disconnecting from the study of the Rational Literature, he will fall into a grave fault, for having already become aware of the Rational Teachings and assimilated them through the reading, thus becoming totally responsible for his acts.

That means that by not paying heed to this warning, he will be unduly using his free and spontaneous will and his free choice, as he did 21 eternities ago, when he and some others did not pay heed to the FATHER, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, and went on progressing for their own account in a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to make progress.

That means that in the current Reasoning Phase, that living creature is still living in the past as a free-thinker, and since the thought phase ceased to exist in 1935, he is since then, under the command of the magnetic energy with the aggravating circumstance of his being a student of Rational Culture. In case he wakes up, reasons realizing his mistake and walks back, congratulations to the student/brother and to the living/ divulger who will have that merit taken into account by the Rational Tribunal.

However if the student/brother persists in the error, then it means that he was vanquished by the electromagnetism of the world of the beguiling and illusory artifices and will be led by the cruel magnetic to the inferior classes of the irrationals.

Only then, the living divulger shall, conscious of his decision, accept the donation and make good use of the offered Transcendental Books, “Universe in Disenchantment”.   

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Do well to all regardless.




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