Momento Racional 59

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For everyone carried an agony inside oneself that they could not explain.

However well they were, they were not satisfied.

The permanent agony of the magnetism inside their minds, that permanent agony, that thing that the person could not explain.

Then the person asked himself:

“Why am I thus?

I have everything, nothing lacks for me.

Why that agony remains in my inside, like a sadness that I cannot explain?”

And living thus and appearing to be what you were not.

Appearing satisfaction and the inner soul being devoured by the permanent agony that remained night and day.

And the infant, sad to be that way, got tired to ask:

“Why am I thus?

Why do I pretend to be joyful to be able to live, if that agony that remains in the inner soul has no explanation?”

This is the very nature of the magnetism essence.

Everyone is like that, some more, some less, others too much.

The inner soul agony is the magnetic energy of the materialized magnetic energy formation.

Thus being an agony of everyone´s own nature.

And that agony is the cause of all the forms of nightmares.

It is the magnetic energy that produces all that ill-feeling.

Many acquire the impression, by the negativities that are transmitted by the magnetic energy and stay in such indecision that cannot explain it.

All this, magnetic action of everyone´s true natural, for being the materialized magnetic energy.

It is the natural evil of the true electric and magnetic formation.

Everyone is like that: some more, others less and others that do not resist any longer, for everyone is magnetic energy in matter, materialized.

And the magnetic is the causer of the permanent interior and exterior agony, in the inner soul and outerly.

And when you did not know what you know, it was worse still, for the emptiness of anxiety formed itself.

The emptiness of anxiety to know.

Then it was still much worse, for the inner soul emptiness increased the agony.

And then, there was no peace, the unease remained, for the emptiness of the anxiety getting united with the natural agony of the materialized magnetic.

Everyone is like that: some less, others more, others too much and others that go beyond the limit, unbalanced by the agony generated by the magnetic energy materialized in matter.

The expansive ones suffer less and the silent ones suffer twice as much.

The silent ones cry in the inner soul instead of crying outwardly, the tears run inwardly.

All that made from the magnetic energy materialized in matter.

With the Reasoning´s development, it goes on normalizing itself little by little, for the Reasoning is the Supreme energy of the body.

And that energy goes on destroying and eliminating the inner soul agony, generated by the magnetic energy.

Since the Rational energy is a pure, clean and perfect energy, it goes on eliminating little by little these effects of the magnetic energy that is materialized.

And all that is with time, to allow time for the development being made by the Rational Energy.

It is Nature´s natural development, for Nature´s natural phase is Rational.

And that the ill- feeling´s healing is in the development of the Apparatus, by the Rational Energy.

But as long you are connected with the magnetic energy, you are always being victims of the inner soul agony, generated, formed and made by the magnetic energy.

But with time, with the development of the Apparatus made by the Rational Energy, all the evils will disappear naturally.

And the healing lies in the Rational Energy materialization in the Apparatus, which is the total connection.

Once the Apparatus is connected to a pure energy, the impurities of the other energy are eliminated, disappear.

This is everyone´s natural: many become agonized for everything, others are stronger and the stronger dominates the magnetic, dominates the evils of oneself, and for that reason wants to speak, but does not speak.

Speaks inwardly, speaks in the inner soul.

And thus is Nature, that for your living unaware of yourselves, no one could say why you were thus, for everyone lived ignorant of yourselves.

But now the Rational Phase is there, it is there the development being made by the Rational Energy developing the Reasoning, the Rational Clairvoyance and the Apparatus.

And in that development everyone being healed and stopping being thus, everyone becoming completely changed from being bad to oneself, to being  good, through the development made by the pure, clean and perfect  Energy, the most powerful energy of the world, the RATIONAL ENERGY.

Happy are all of those that returned to your true world, the RATIONAL WORLD, the world of the pure, clean and perfect ones with your progress of purity.

Happy are all the ones that are being developed by the Rational Energy and developing the Reasoning, the Rational Clairvoyance and the Rational Apparatus.

These are the happy ones, for they will stop being sufferers and mortals.



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