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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




Every Nature´s change of phase is thus, bringing always great confusions among everyone and everything; it is the ending of one phase and the entry of another.

These are natural movements of Nature´s natural evolution.

And who is not acquainted with Nature´s change of phases, becomes alarmed, shocked, frightened, mixed up, for not knowing that Nature is changing phases.

One only feels that everything is changing, only feels that everything is becoming different from what it was, but ignores the cause and the why.

For in the Rational animal phase, everyone lived not knowing oneself.

And every change of phase brings always great disequilibrium of everything, and in the disequilibrium, the derangements, the unbelief, the discontentment, one against the other, the destructions of one against the other, for living  ignoring the why, and that is the cause of the ignorance of Nature´s natural changes.

The phase was of Rational animal phase and changed to the Rational Phase.

Now, until you know the Rational Phase, the confusions remain hard among everyone, giving to the changes an appearance of almost the end of the world.

For the disequilibrium is general, and everyone suffers and feels the consequences of Nature´s natural changes.

It becomes a bad time for the ones who do not know.

It becomes a devastating hurricane for the ones who live ignoring themselves.

It appears that everything is ending in nothing for the ones who live ignoring themselves.

Except for the one who already came to know himself, knows the cause of everything and the true destiny of everything.

The ones who came to know themselves, know very well the why of everything being thus.

But the one who lives without knowing himself becomes alarmed with Nature´s natural changes, with the effects of the changes. Why?

Because he lives without knowing himself.

One phase of Nature has ended and another one had to come, as the Rational Phase came; for in Nature everything is thus, has a beginning and has an end.

And the Rational animal phase, the thought phase, ended,  such as your life had a beginning and will have an end, for everything in the matter is that way, has a beginning and an end.

But for living without knowing yourselves, you could not be well informed about Nature´s natural movements.

And these movements of these changes cause always great upsets in the whole world. 

The upsets appear to be the end of everything, the end of the world.

For all these phases are born, grow, re-flower and disappear afterwards.

It ends by letting its place to another phase, a superior phase.

And for that reason, all Nature´s natural phases have their beginning and their end, as everything in the world thus is, have a beginning and have an end.


Because Nature´s natural law is of transformations.

Everything always transforming itself, everything always changing, and it is for that reason that the world´s evolution has always been that successive change of everything.

Transforming itself from one thing to the other, for Nature´s natural evolution is that, in which everything transforms itself, in which everything changes from one thing to the other.

So that is why the end of the thought phase came to the end, which is the Rational animal phase; it ended and a new phase had to come, as the Rational Phase came, the Reasoning´s development Phase.

Now in order to become acquainted, what has one to do?

Read and reread, to know how it is the development of the new phase and why it is.

Getting to know, then, the why of the development of the Apparatus´ three parts: the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus, for then, develop and become linked with Nature´s natural phase that is in force, in order to then be favored by the phase, for being linked to it, the phase of the development of the Reasoning.



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