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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




The lumbering dreamer with eyes open,

Lulled by the so many visions

That life provides graciously to him,

Has not the faintest idea of what he is doing,

Or even, that he is a participant in that reverie.


Only when the dream ends is that the dreamer realizes,

That life is a nightmare and that everything has value only

For the one who is dreaming, be it at night, during the day,

Whatever the time be.


However, now, with the arrival of the Rational Phase,

It is possible the awakening of the human being,

To the reality of his existence in this world of

Passing life, where everything is summarized                                        

As cause and effect.


And that awakening occurs,                                                                    

Upon the sounding of the RATIONAL ALARM,

By the inedited teachings contained in the Work


Dictated, from the RATIONAL WORLD far above,

To Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho,


Who printed IT here, in the Ashram´s Printing Shop,

That Rational also is.


That awakening of the living being,                                                

Means to disenchant himself from the enchantment                    

Of the embargoed life of a sufferer in the matter,

Where everything is good, everything is useful,                      

Everything is worthwhile; however, apparently,

For appearances appear to be, but are not.


The enchanted is the one who ignores by whom he was made,

The why he was made,

For what he was made,

From what everything and everyone was made,

For he already found everything ready when he came,

And no one to clarify or explain.


The present moment for the Rational living being


For it is the moment of Nature´s change of phase,

Whose natural is now with Rational basis and logic.


And the Rational Phase came

To awaken the human being,

From the permanent elusive dream in which he lives,

And lead him back

To his true World of Origin,



Fair winds will blow for the ones                                                                               

Who have access and become aware of the

Transcendental Rational teachings contained in the Book.

Therefore, Reason now!

Reading, rereading and Rationally transcending,

Through the positive fluids emanated by the Work.


Life is infinitely and incommensurably better,                                    

In verity, impossible to compare,                                                               

If lived eternally in the companionship of the                           

RATIONAL SUPERIOR, our Father,                                                         

And our brothers pure, clean and perfect,



Providentially, we do not keep in our memory

Remembrance of these memorable times,

For if they had been engraved in our minds,

Even the BOOK we would prescind,

For we would already know who we are                                                      

And who we were before thus being;

Pure, clean, perfect and eternals.


Only knows, the one who knows, and who knows

Read and learned in the pages of the


Of Rational Culture, available on Earth in many idioms,

For whoever wishes to learn and know who he is,

From where he came and to where is going.


When he eventually becomes knowledgeable,

He will have finished building his returning road

To the Rational Plain,

Where he came out from, 21 eternities ago.


Let us be positively and Rationally, conscious and awake,

Acquiring the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION to attain our freedom

From this viscous world of matter.                                                 

Let us get out of that state of dormancy, to learn how to Distinguish the true truth from the false untruthfulness.


Only thus, we shall dematerialize the Inhabitant of the

RATIONAL WORLD, the Reasoning machine materialized

In our heads and will finally return to our World of Origin,



Sound, alarm, sound,

To awake the population

Asleep in splendid cradle,

Sound, to wake up this country blessed by GOD,

And lead it back to the RATIONAL PLAIN,

From where one day advertently it came,

And to where, certainly it will return.


Sound, alarm, sound,

Announcing the arrival to this suffering world of the

Savior and clarifying Literary Work “Universe in Disenchantment”,

For the benefit of the population beguiled

By the appearances and illusions,

Of the degenerated, degraded and polluted matter.


Sound, alarm, sound,

To Rationally disenchant and immunize

This confused, retarded, complicated,                                                  

Suffered and lapidated world,

A consequence of the First and one only,

The World from where everything and everyone came

And to where, with no exception, everything and everyone will return:






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