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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




Who lives in the matter lives bottled. Who lives in the materiality´s frenetic traffic without knowing himself, ignoring why he lives thus, that way, lives bottled in the illusions of life, in the day to day lapidations, in the no ending beguiling, thinking that everything is really thus, that life is really just so, that they themselves created the confusion that they got into, and that they themselves have to straighten what they twisted.

They command and countermand their own lives as well as others´ lives, judging to be the owners, generators, and creators of everything and everyone, never making it right.

For ignoring their path of life, they ignore where they came from, do not know where they are heading to and find it very natural to be bottled in the confusion of a crazy traffic, without solution, always heading against the flow, incapable to define the impediments that they face in their lives. And without the Rational GPS to guide them, they will never get out of that situation, lost in that pretence road that links the nothingness to nothing.

That is because reality is something else, inconceivably bigger, embracing much more than the thought that guide them. The traffic jam is general, paralyzes the whole world, a world materialized inside this gigantic bottle, a world that is the second, a consequence of the first and only, where everyone and everything was originated and came from.

Only the knowledge of that long ride wandered blindfold for 21 eternities –  when from there in the distant first world, the RATIONAL WORLD, some creatures of GOD, using their free and spontaneous will, entered a part of the Rational Plain that was no ready to make progress – might give the necessary visibility to those needy ones, to see the reality of their own lives.

Thanks to the DIVINE PROVIDENCE, we arrived alive to the last phase of mankind on Earth, the Third Millennium Phase, the Reasoning Phase, and only that transcendental Rational Knowledge may save us living creatures, lost in our failed thoughts, and lead us back to our true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

But, it is worth remembering that many are called and few are chosen, for this gigantic bottle, which is the world of matter, has a very narrow bottleneck, where only those who have established a permanent connection with the RATIONAL WORLD, with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR and with our pure, clean and perfect brothers, will pass and be received with parties and celebrations of joy and happiness.

Also reminding that will only pass through the bottleneck the ones who in union with their World of Origin and through the reading and study of the Maximum Transcendental Work of Rational Culture “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT”, divulge in all directions to their brothers who have never been aware of it, or had access to it, thus being ignorant and innocent about the teachings of the Literary Work.

These, await the arrival of the Rational GPS, the Book that teaches us how to Reason, thus avoiding the terrestrial bottling, leading us through the Spatial Road, where the influences come from above, from the RATIONAL WORLD, where there are no hindrances of any kind, where life is pure, clean and perfect, where the existence is eternal.

Therefore, bottled we came, bottled we are, and bottled we will remain for 7 more eternities if we do not dematerialize urgently the Rational Genius, the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, who is imprisoned and materialized inside the bottle, which is the Pineal gland.

And that can only be attained by reading, re-reading, studying  attentively, understanding and comprehending who are we, where did we come from and to where we are heading; to free ourselves once and for all from this elusive world made of appearances only, and return to our True Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Therefore, hands on the wheel and on the Literary Work “Universe in Disenchantment”, in order to, through the Rational Knowledge acquired, liberate the bottled Genius who eagerly awaits the right moment to take his original corporeal form of pure, clean and perfect Rational cosmic mass, and ascend, in the invisibility of his superior state of being, to the world of his true origin: the RATIONAL WORLD.




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