Mecânica Celeste e Racional

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The world we live in is an electric and magnetic set, the sun being its energetic pole.

Everything and everyone on Earth depends on the sun for fertilization, generation, formation, growth, movement, weakening and death, because everything in this world has a beginning and an end, in the life of matter it is like this, for this world is a degeneration of a small part of the Upper World, where life is eternal, of pure, clean, perfect energy: RATIONAL.

Then everything and everyone is out of place, out of their true natural.

 We have talked so much about it, but it still needs to be repeated a lot, so that people feel the importance of wanting to return to their true natural state of RATIONAL.

The Rational Energy is now on Earth, and it is the energetic pole of the Rational animals which binds us to Nature.

The mankind is under the dependence of an electric and magnetic pole, which is the sun we know, which governs the animal part, which has always left humanity unbalanced; since the sun is electric and magnetic, it never sustained our Rational part, our true BEING, since we know that we are Rational Being living the experience of the animal life, by abuse of the free will.

As we have always lived within this electric and magnetic ocean that is this world, we could never understand what this Rational part meant, for we could only be aware of that if the RATIONAL Superior World sent someone here to reveal us the truth about it.

Much less could we know that the RATIONAL part of our body, located in the center of our heads, in the pineal gland, was what it is, that is: what remained of our original body, of pure LIGHT, when we were inhabitants of THE RATIONAL WORLD, living together with our Inhabitant Brothers of the RATIONAL WORLD, who continue living there until today, pure, clean and perfect, bodies of Rational cosmic mass, with their progress of purity.

We are only dealing with the matter now, because the sending of this BEING from the RATIONAL WORLD to Earth, whose unprecedented, magnanimous and unparalleled mission, caused in 1935 the connection of this Second World with the First World from where we came to come about through the entry into force of RATIONAL ENERGY in charge of Nature.

What is the purpose of the Rational Energy on this plan?

To be the energetic pole of the Rational animals, as the second SUN, replacing this electric and magnetic sun that we know, which will happen gradually and naturally involving each human being, through the Rational development of the pineal gland, which can only be achieved through THE RATIONAL ENERGY, on daily, patient and persistent reading of the Books of this SUPERIOR ENERGY: Universe in Disenchantment.

Therefore the only energy that develops the pineal gland, within the formal and natural context of its transcendental function, is the RATIONAL ENERGY, whose LIGHT is the True SUN of the Rational animal.

The Rational animal, after being connected to the RATIONAL ENERGY, becomes the Rational Apparatus, no longer depending on the electric and magnetic sun, which subjugated the human beings. The LIGHT OF THE RATIONAL ENERGY is the True Light of humanity.

The curiosity about the second SUN is very great, and it has been reflected on popular songs, but, it is not enough to be alone in the curiosity. It is necessary for everyone to realize that the mission of the electric and magnetic sun in the development of the human being is coming to an end.  And that is why the phase of thought has ended and is in liquidation, which has caused all these disorders in the world of moral, physical and financial imbalances.

And we are moving towards the end of this degenerated condition, because in 1935 the Energy of our True World, THE RATIONAL ENERGY arrived in this world.

However, all this is happening very naturally, with the awareness of humanity, through the persistent dissemination that the students of Rational Culture, Books Universe in Disenchantment, have done all over the world.

And, after all the hecatombs that will come to awaken mankind, everyone will feel the urgent need to connect with the Second SUN because it is a vital issue, otherwise, they will be led to the lower classes of the irrational.


Because the electric and magnetic sun is the sun of the irrational, which are all classes of life which cannot reason, the category of animals, which are beings made and governed by the electric and magnetic energies.

The Rational animal was being governed by these two energies from the ground, because it did not know itself, did not know that it was a BEING of the RATIONAL class, but connected in the category of the beasts.

 Because the category is one, of Rational animal, divided into two classes: Rational and irrational.

Rational is the class, the part of the SUPERIOR WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD.

And animal is the part that corresponds to the category of animal.

And now, for everyone to attain balance, once and for all, is to try to connect to the RATIONAL ENERGY, the RATIONAL LIGHT, which is the Second SUN, the True SUN of the Rational animals, to get out of that electromagnetic prison that holds us to the ground.

It is when, after everyone is connected to the Second SUN, free from the weight of the electric and magnetic energies, they will all travel through space very naturally, for the RATIONAL ENERGY is space energy; moreover, this is the TRUE advancement of humanity in the SPACE ERA.

The alignment of the planets, who are living beings just like us, however in a different category of life, has announced with this alignment the TRUE SPACE ERA, all in the same LINE, the RATIONAL LINE of RATIONAL ENERGY, governed by the Second SUN, which is the LIGHT OF RATIONAL ENERGY, the new energetic pole of mankind, the restorer of this humanity and the provider of its full equilibrium, therefore, all Rational animals will continue living on Earth, but ruled by the RATIONAL WORLD, through the complete development of the reasoning of all mankind.

The sun we know will continue for seven more eternities to rule life on Earth, except the lives of the human beings, who need to connect to their true SUN, which is the LIGHT OF RATIONAL ENERGY, which is, of course, the TRUE SUN of all human beings.


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