(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)






The influence of the planet and the sign, which are belongings of life, is the fruit of a study born in Arabia made by the sages of olden times. Arabia is a country of many legends, many histories and much romanticism, where there existed, in other times castles of gold and marble. Castles that, in the course of time, were demolished and the people adopting new systems. But still today, there is not one who does not appreciate the past of the old Arabia with its histories, its tales and romances from the past.

There existed sages born in Arabia, veteran connoisseurs of astrology, who have looked for the map of life which everyone carries in their hands. And with the lapidation of the astrological science they started to pay attention to the heavenly bodies, for many, many centuries, notifying their movements and putting the name of planet and of sign. This study spread throughout Asia, later becoming universally known.

At that time, science was wholly natural and communicated with the heavenly bodies naturally, the living creature acquiring, this way, everything he needed. The sages then, proved to each person the why of his birth, what had to be, what was happening in life and what would happen in the life of each one.

With the passing of time, this science that reigned in the olden days ti guide everyone, started to be put aside and the new generations creating new sciences and abandoning the knowledge of astrology. At that time the teaching was only that one, and in time, the living creatures created the new alphabet that they utilize until today and which they considered better. They forsook the true alphabet, which is the one of astrology, where the living creature finds how his whole life is, how it is not and how it has to be. This is the one alphabet born in other ages when everyone knew why they were born, what they had to be in life, and what would happen to them up to the day of their death.

The progress and the mode of understanding each other was completely different. The new generations started to invent new alphabets, thence appearing all the hindrances that there exist in the world. The happiest living creatures in the world are not those that are governed by one´s sign or by one´s planet, but the ones who are governed by another different part of this vacuum, which is the Rational part.

It is the Rational part that governs all the planets, its force always above them all. And the study of astrology, which was a very advanced study to regulate yourselves in the olden days, had absolutely no value in relation to the strength of the Rational part. It was good only in order for the living creature to know why he was born and the course of his life. It was very good to free the people; it was more advanced than this system, this alphabet invented by the men of Earth, who then became beasts once and for all. They invented this alphabet to see if they could avoid or cut out things which should happen. At that time there was no god on Earth, the god was the sun and the goddess was the moon.

Above all this learning is the strength of the Rational part which is not guided by the caprices of planets or signs, because it subjugated to the superior part, and thus the planets obey what this superior part wants.

At that time the orientations were different, starting by putting names in things which they saw in the heavenly bodies, thus starting the ABC. For example: Jupiter, one letter; Saturn, another letter; Venus, another letter. And to each planet a letter and to each sign, a number, completing this alphabet in order to understand yourselves through it, as until today you understand yourselves.

However, the alphabet of astrology was much better than this one that you invented and that until today you adopt because with the astrological learnings, everyone knew themselves and knew one another. For someone to know the other, one needed what ask who he was; it was enough asking him to let his hand be seen. One knew to whom one was talking to, what his age was, what was happening with the person, and what would come to happen in his life.

It was a much better alphabet, as better also was the way of living, for everyone knew one another. This alphabet in time declining and the living creatures wanted to see if they could live better still than they were living. And they started with the inventions, knowing that they were going for the worse because the searched for betterment is as you are seeing in the Universe. This astrological alphabet is very easy for the one who wants to learn it, and I do not teach it here because it is an ancient alphabet and the one that presently reigns in the world is another one.

All that is for you to see how the evolution of the world was. How many things have already come to pass that is not worth the while commenting on.

However, now, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION appears there in the world. It was born in Brazil, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, for the new generation that, when they arrive there in this world, will adopt it because of it being a single comprehension, and for being all for one and one for all.

And who is this one? It is the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

All this is for you to come to the conclusion that life is good and it is not only the evil that reigns, the good also reigns. The evil only reigns with the evil ones that end up badly. The good reigns with the good ones that end up well, for having in themselves the good administered by the Being Supreme to everything and to everyone.

Therefore, what is a planet? A planet is a living creature of the heavenly  bodies, with his life and his force, in this force being his influence. This way, when the living creature is born and this or that planet has its influence over the Earth, the living creature receives its influence. If the influence is from Mars, the living creature suffers much, grieves much. If the influence is from Jupiter, the living creature suffers less; if it is from Aquarius, still less and so on.

What is the sign? The sign is the stone or the metal which the planet adopts and where it has every influence, which is the number, the letter being the planet. And for that reason, each stone with its planet, each metal with its planet. And thus, the plants, the animals and everything there exists in the world, for even to make a plantation, one needs to choose the planet and, many times, the living creature thinks that it brings rain, the living creature plants and the planet that comes is dry and everything dies. Many times the moon promises rain and it does not rain, and other times it promises not and it causes rain.

The planets reign with great furor in the world, there existing the ones that indicate drought for a long or short time. For that reason when, formerly, you guided yourselves by the planets, you lived much better. The men were more painstaking and the women too.

Here is the knowledge of the primitive alphabets that appeared in the world, where there existed many, but the best one was the one of astrology. With the alphabet of astrology the people understood themselves and governed better. With the alphabet that reigns until today one only sees in the world a progress of martyrised ones and of sufferers. It is a wholly complicated alphabet which gave everyone this mania of betterment, and everything worsening more and more.

Today you look at the alphabet that is  on the palms of your hands , at all these traces, to all these little dots and tou know how to decipher nothing.

All this has its sayings and the living creatures do not know how to decipher them. You are with the knowledge on your hands, with your whole life traced on the palms of your hands, which is the astrological alphabet and without knowing what it means.

It is so beautiful the living creature look at the palms of his hands and know why he was born, know everything he has to go through, what he has to be in life, there being of no use running away from that what is written in his own hands. To know all his future route, the day and the hour of dying. Everyone could live so well.

It is the fault of the generations of olden times that could know everything until reaching the acme: if they were born for this or that art, for this or that science, being able to guide themselves by the map of life that is on the palms of the hands, which indicates to everyone the career they should follow, the place they should live in, the fortune, the richness, and the remedied passages.

The ambitious and greedy ones who had the want of being rich, but the alphabet showed that they would be remedied, the others to whom the alphabet said they had to be musicians, they did not want to be musicians, they wanted science to be made in accordance with such wants of being which they were not born to be, then, it was these discontents who arranged to organize another science and another alphabet so that through it, they could give vent to their wants.

To no avail were the efforts of these said ones who did not resign themselves to their destinies given by the astrological alphabet. Then, they did not want to guide themselves by the right, which is the mania  of many, and they followed the wrong for their conveniences.

That is what has happened in the olden times. Not everyone resigned oneself to the description of the alphabet which one carried on the palm of the hands. For example: the alphabet said he could not travel, for this or that reason, he would have to remain in the same place but, as the will of the living creature was another, he did not resign to the life he had to lead. One other, who did not have many possessions, strived to elevate himself in order to give vent to his will and erring completely. That is why the new generation of that time kept modifying everything, and the ones who know today, lament it.

It is that sad mania of no one wanting to resign oneself to being small, everyone wants to be big. No one resigns oneself to being an underling, everyone wants to be on top, because of their caprices, without knowing that they are with the map] of life on the palms of the hands indicating the whole trajectory which they will have to go through.

It is the alphabet of astrology, given by Nature herself that should govern. And then, the living creature would know by the reading of the palms of the hands, what would be his passage in life, who would substitute him on the mission he was carrying out in the world, who would be his substitute. But many living creatures of the olden times did not resign themselves to not being, by the astrological chart, the substitutes of those which governed.

And so, in the anxiety to govern, they went to look for resources in order to give vent to their wants. Thus, they invented this alphabet that still today they adopt in the world, and thence starting all the misunderstandings and the disequilibrium of everything in the world. Sometimes in the family a remedied one, a son was born with the title expressed in the astrological alphabet, to govern and be the substitute of the one who was governing or that would still govern.

The rich had their sons that many times were not born with these endowments given by Nature and they did not like it they did not resign themselves to it, they were rich, they wanted their sons to be great and rich also.

In the Orient, people still use much the astrological alphabet. In India, the Hindus and even in Arabia people still make use of this alphabet. Just imagine how many phases have gone by until the present time, when we are going to pass through another phase superior to all and which is the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION , the knowledge that I, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, am now giving, with all the enlightments, bit by bit, of the why of everything, with all the solid basis on everything in this world and out of it.

The world has long been coming with its modifications and all that exists in the world always transforming itself for the worse, unexpectedly arriving now a transformation for the better, which is the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

No one knows what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is, but you are going to know now, by means of this Scripturation “Universe in Disenchantment”. Thus, it is then that you are going to know what RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is and come to the conclusion that it is one of the greatest discoveries of the world.


Dear Reader:

The above chapter, which is only partially transcribed, is a very small sample of the thrilling contents of that Transcendental and Inedited Scripture of Rational Culture, “Universe in Disenchantment”.

This is the first and only Book that describes mankind´s complete history: where it came from; when and how it appeared here on Earth; who made this world of matter; how it was made; what caused it; and what was the origin of the cause.

And because it is a Transcendental Work it also points towards the future, as much ignored as our past is, describing in a detailed way how this future is and how it is for one to live Rationally in it, in order for all of us to return to where we came from: the RATIONAL PLAIN.

Synthesizing, dear Reader, in this world of matter nothing is created, nothing is lost and nothing is taken away, for everything transforms itself.

We have been living in and out of transformation phases through millennia, a unit of time that the Rational Culture named “eternity”, due to the impossibility to fit it within the limited capacity which our rudimentary understanding and perception can attain. Twenty one eternities represent the elapsed time since when we came out of our World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, until the present moment.

Therefore, what is briefly exposed herewith by the Rational Scripture is just a flash of our full history, of the lives of each one of us since we were generated by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, in His image and perfection as pure, clean and perfect beings; until our present condition of degenerated, degraded and polluted beings materialized in a equally imperfect world.

If you are interested, we suggest you contact the following website to find out how and where to purchase your first volume of “Universe in Disenchantment”:


So, esteemed Reader, do not waste more time and do not waste this opportunity to get to know yourself and return to your true World of Origin, reading, re-reading, and learning everything that the contents of that magnificent Work of Rational Culture “Universe in Disenchantment” teaches: that aliens are ourselves, really!

Rational salutes!


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  1. Mary Sana disse:

    Marvelous Rational Lesson, illuminating the importance of the first opportunity that mankind was given to return to the RATIONAL WORLD, through the Astrological Chart that everyone carried in the palm of their hands.
    The Rational Culture of the Books “Universe in Disenchantment”, in a masterly way, such its simplicity is, to surprisingly reach all the social and cultural levels, carrying in its interior the KNOWLEDGE of TRANSCENDENTAL SPAN.
    Therefore, the above text is a demonstration that whoever decides to study such a GRANDIOSE CULTURE mitigates once and for all his thirst for sapience, for he finds in a detailed and meticulous way a LITERARY GUIDE, which contents are above the human knowledge that we have had access until the present days.
    Congratulations, Gilberto, for the providential publication and the brilliant RATIONAL ADVERTISEMENTS additions.

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