(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




You live because you have life, ignoring why, ignoring the reason for nature, for the world and for everyone being this way. Before the nothing you were deformed bodies, in the point of your extinction. Before being deformed Rational bodies, you were pure, clean and perfect Rationals, and when you were this way, you lived in the plain with the others that are still here with their progress, in accord with the formation.

And why have they wanted to progress by their own account in this part of the plain which was not yet ready for the normal Rational function? Why have they wanted to progress by their own account? Was it for their own free will or they ignored the effects of the disequilibrium that might happen?

No! They foresaw none of this, because they did not know what suffering was, they did not know what was to suffer, and still less what deformation was. And had they not someone to call their attention?

They had and they have! They had and they have the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, who warned them not to enter through this part of the plain which was not yet in condition for the Rational progress. But they entered, and nothing happened to them because indeed, nothing happened with just passing or transiting. And they thought they should enter and progress by their own account.

They had their attention called but they did not want to retrocede, thinking that they were very well, for they did not know what suffering is, like the ones who are still here. Thus they were going deeply into this part of the plain until entering a certain part which was not yet ready to enter into progress, and they aimed to progress by their own account. This part of the plain, started to displace itself from the plain for not being ready to enter into progress.

Thus started the beginning of the deformation, so slowly that they did not feel the transformation they were making. It is the same thing as this insignificant comparison: no one feels one´s own growth, one grows without feeling it.

As they went on progressing by their own account, they thought that they were very well.  They were pure, clean, perfect and without defects, but even though being called to attention, they thought they were going well, and they started there their first steps of the origin of this deformation. The part of the plain which was not yet ready to enter into progress started to displace itself from the part that is up here.

The part of the plain through which they entered, started to deform itself naturally, descending, and they also deforming themselves, losing the virtues without feeling it, and in time, already more distant, they wanted to retrocede, but they were not able to, and they continued.

In time, then, more and more they deformed themselves, coming the extinction of these bodies upon the plain  and the ones who were deformed there formed one sex, and the ones who extinguished themselves upon the resin from this plane formed another sex.

And why did this resin from the plain appear? When the part of the plain started to displace itself the beings were losing their virtues, and these, gathering themselves, becoming at first a dim light, and in time, increasing, starting to heat up.

And as the beings were deforming themselves, they were losing the rest of the virtues they had, and these, becoming accumulated, becoming reunited in a single focus, which more and more heated up until in time becoming an ember and from this ember, the fire. That is the origin of the sun. This heat was increasing, heating up this deformed plain due to there becoming accumulated, constantly, in this focus, the lost virtues from the Rational bodies.

Then, later on, this plane turned to water and the rest of it, to resin which, as the heat increased, started to become blistered, toasted and after being toasted, with the intensity of the heat, turning to ash. And the other part, with the heat, transformed itself into gum that kept on softening until turning to water.

It was the infiltration of this water into the ash from the resin that, with the heat of the sun, caused the rotting, so that later on, after it being rot, the microbes appearing in every form, in every way, from there originating all the beasts. That is why the sun is the creator, generator, and destroyer of everything in this deformed world, because the sun constructs, nourishes and destroys.

The Earth is a productress of animals, producing beasts of all species and in every manner. Everyone appeared there from the nothing, to live in this seeming everything. You have never known how you were made. You did not know the before being this way, before being as you are and how you were.

Now, you are knowing the before being this way, the why you are this way, the why you ignored the origin of the world, of everything and of everyone.

Still later then, there appeared the formation of the moon, product of the virtues of the deformed plain and some virtues of the resin.

The plain turned to water and the resin turned to ash,, that is the origin of the Earth. That is why the moon regulates with the water and with the earth; it acts upon the water, upon the Earth and upon all its makings that have action over it.

The stars arose from the rest of the virtues of the water and the resin. Here is a small part from the conclusion of the before being of this world and this formation, how you were. In these primitive passages of the formation, everything enhanced fulgor, for not everything was deformed.

Now, after everything being deformed, the plants appeared, all different from the present vegetation, and already, long before, everything was paralyzed, the deformation of the human bodies as you are used to recalling the rational beasts and the irrational bodies.’’

That is why you did not know how all this was made, you could not know how you were made from nothing. How could this nothing exist? You could not know. It is now that you are knowing its beginning and this enlightenment made by the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION that will transform everything to the natural state that is here in the RATIONAL PLAIN.

Here are the means through which the extinction of everyone has happened, from where you came and to where you are going, how you came and to where you are going. Here is the reason for the living creatures ignoring who made all this and now seeing that it was the inhabitants themselves, who are there, who gave rise to this world, how they started to make it, the transformation that they came on making, the reason for they having arrived to the state of this great ignorance of themselves and of everything, due to the extinction of the Rational formation.


The above chapter, which has been only partially transcribed, is a very small sample of the thrilling contents of that transcendental and inedited Scripture of Rational Culture, “Universe in Disenchantment”.

This is the first and only book that describes mankind´s complete history: where it came from; when and how it appeared here on Earth; who made this world of matter; how it was made; what caused it; and what was the  origin of the cause.

And because it is a Transcendental Work, it also points towards the future, as much ignored as our past is, describing in a detailed way how this future is, and how it is for one to live in it Rationally, in order for all of us to return from where we came: the RATIONAL PLAIN.

Synthesizing, dear Reader, in this world of matter nothing is created, nothing is lost and nothing is taken away, for everything transforms itself.

We have been living in and out of transformation phases through millennia, a unit of time that the Rational Culture named “eternity”, due to the impossibility to fit it within the limited capacity which our rudimentary understanding and perception can attain. Twenty one eternities represent the elapsed time since when we came out of our World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, until the present moment.

Therefore, what is briefly exposed herewith by the Rational Scripture is just a flash of our full history, of the lives of each one of us since we were generated by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, in His image and perfection as pure, clean and perfect beings; until our present condition of degenerated, degraded and polluted beings materialized in a equally imperfect world.

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail to the address below informing your town and country and we will be very pleased to advise where you can order your Book “Universe in Disenchantment”.

E-mail:  orders@universeindisenchantment.com

So, esteemed reader, do not waste more time and do not waste this opportunity to get to know yourself and return to your true World of Origin, reading, re-reading, and learning everything that the contents of that magnificent Work of Rational Culture “Universe in Disenchantment” teaches: that aliens are ourselves, really!

Rational salutes!


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