rational moment 98


(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




Then, what is the cause of the physical, moral and financial destruction?

Nature´s change of phase.

The Rational animal phase ended and the Rational Phase has entered Nature.

And for having ended the Rational animal phase, the makings entered into liquidation, and there is the physical, moral and financial liquidation.

It is violence in the order of the day reaping lives and destroying everything it can.

And who knows the cause eliminates these effects; the Rational Phase, the Rational animal´s recuperation phase.

If one has come to know  the Rational Phase and enters into the Rational Phase, Nature´s natural phase, the natural phase of the development of the Reasoning; all these evils will cease, all that physical, moral and financial destruction, all that liquidation caused by violence.

For the Rational Phase is Nature´s natural phase, the phase that is ruling Nature, the Third Millennium phase, for the second millennium phase has ended, the Rational animal phase.

And for having ended the Rational animal phase, Nature stopped feeding the makings of the phase.

And for having Nature stopped to feed the makings of the phase (for the phase has ended), the makings went into liquidation.

For the Rational Phase has entered the recuperation phase of the Rational animal.

But for living artificially you could not hit upon Nature´s natural change.

And you continued with the Rational animal phase not realizing that the phase ended, and encountering tremendous difficulties to continue the progress of the Rational animal phase.

Seeing the moral, physical and financial liquidation, ignoring the why of that liquidation, and not looking for the right cause to make out right, all that blunder.

Not looking over, for you became accustomed to live artificially.

Today, those that came to know themselves, know the cause of all this that is happening all over the world.

The end of the Rational animal phase.

Being replaced by the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning, the Third Millennium Phase.

For the second millennium phase, which is the Rational animal phase has ended.

And for the phase having ended, Nature stopped feeding her makings, for the phase ended.

While being fed by Nature´s natural phase, everyone lived so and so, from 1935 backwards.

The Rational animal phase ended in 1935, and from 1935 to here, everything started to deteriorate with that speed that you are seeing; yesterday it was one thing and today it already is another much different.

All that why?

Because the Rational animal phase ended, and for having ended, the makings lost the right to be fed by Nature´s natural phase.

That is the cause of the whole world´s disequilibrium, and for that reason there are no culprits.

No one is guilty, for it is Nature´s natural change of phase.

There are no culprits.

But who lived without knowing himself, for not knowing himself, lived blaming each other.

But with the Reasoning developed, everyone has with whom to rely and where to hold on.

For with the Reasoning developed you are linked to the RATIONAL WORLD.

And linked to the RATIONAL WORLD, you can rely on the Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, having thus, with whom to rely on and where to hold on, which is with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

With the Reasoning developed, everyone´s equilibrium is Rational.

And for everyone living Rationally in equilibrium, life in the second world changes, becoming a Rational Paradise.

That is the Rationalization Phase.

It is the world becoming a Rational Paradise, for everyone being with the Reasoning developed.

Becoming immunized from the evils of the second world, for being linked to the first world, the RATIONAL WORLD.


So, esteemed Reader, do not waste more time and do not miss this opportunity to get to know yourself and return to your true World of Origin, reading, re-reading and learning everything that the contents of that magnificent Work of Rational Culture “Universe in Disenchantment” teaches: that aliens are ourselves!

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Rational Salutes!


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