(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




Where there exists backwardness, there exists suffering, there exists darkness because everyone is living  in the dark, suffering without knowing how they can get rid of this suffering. Where there is advancement there is light and there is no suffering. The one who knows does not suffer and the one who does not know suffers. There are those who think they know, but suffering proves they know nothing, for if they knew they would not suffer, nor would they make the others suffer.

The world is converted by an inverted wisdom, where the backwardness is adopted as a learning. This is so visible, like the suffering in the world is visible, so much so that you admit the salvation of the world through the development of the destruction. In a short while you will see how the water boils and cools suddenly like a live ember that extinguishes itself when thrown into the water. I, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, make everyone aware that in a short while everything will be normalized and peace will reign universally.

Men were born in the world, but one must notice that the world does not belong to men, does not belong to its inhabitants, and because the world does not belong to its inhabitants, not everything can they resolve.

Now you are going to start seeing things, direct yourselves to new bearings and characterize universal betterment. There will end the absurd fact of the living creature that was born there in that world not knowing that all that is not his and wanting to have a frank domination, judging everything by his way of seeing, facing his fellow creature with such indifference that he does not consider them as beings equal to himself, for considering himself better in everything without being it.

That is the reason for the inhumanities and the sad end of the world to be in a form so different than you thought. You thought it would be through the trances of the progress of the fire and the destruction caused by it, and in the end it is so different, it is through the knowledge of the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

And so, I, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, day and night, night and day, here working for the redaction of this grandiose and greatest universal Literary Work. This is for you to see to what point humanity has come to and the reason for all the ruins of this world.

Therefore, what is the worth of life? It is not worth anything at all! Apparently you go on trying to remedy until no longer being able to, with death always close to everyone, moribund, exposed to suffering and sentenced to death.

Everyone learns much but knows nothing. You are born from the nothing without knowing why, you are formed into an everything without warranties, an everything that was born from the nothing and to the nothing will return after undergoing the natural transformation. The mysteries were there all incubated, maintaining the enigmas of the enchantment, and only today, by means of the Scripturation “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT”, there comes the conclusion of everything and everyone with solutions defined from beginning to end of where you came from and to where you are going, why you live this way and why you became thus.

And thus, with the Rational equilibrium, encountering the happiness, the peacefulness and the harmony. All these three things in a single assembly for their being Rationally balanced. The Rational equilibrium is different from the things adopted by the Irrational humans, the humans who have no Reasoning and for that reason adopt as an element of prestige, the spiritism, in every form, in every way and in every manner.

The irrational ones think they are endowed with the faculty of Reasoning and they make a very great confusion, confounding thinking with Reasoning. Reasoning is something pure, clean and perfect, with true and definite equilibrium, and thought is something completely without regulation, varying and foul.

The irrational ones, when they are thinking of this or that, they often say they are Reasoning, thus making all these confusions without knowing the difference there is between the thought and the Reasoning.

All the animals think, all the animals have thought and because of that they raise and remember their off-springs, they know when they are close to having suckling and much before that they make their bed, then go fetch nourishment for them, knowing very well that which they can or cannot give in order to feed them. The females think about the males, and the males think about the females. But all that which thinks is beast and has no stability. That which is Rational is clean, pure and perfect.

The free-thinker is a beast without equilibrium, who lives in experiences, and the Rational is conscious, is equilibrated and possesses the whole happiness.

The best thing in the world will be when everyone becomes Rationally Immunized. Then yes! While there exists the rudeness, the disequilibrium, the greediness, the envy and the jealousy, everything will come out crooked and from worse to worse.

The stores overstocked with deceitful books, presenting things mysteriously in the infinite, leaving everyone mixed up for not being able to show the truths of truths, and due to that, seeing that the truth does not exist in these philosophies, where self-suggestion shines for the increase of the illusions. They present an infinitude of truths, but without basis and you go on philosophizing as you can, putting everything aside, for you comprehend the nullity of all these philosophies.

The power of life and its solutions are not in the histories of the philosopher man, who was born there  like everyone that does not know why one was born, that has not seen how the world was made, and due to that, does not know how to define anything.

You make a lot of books with infinitude of descriptions in your mode of interpreting, but you do not know, you have not seen, you ignore everything of what you say for being enchanted, and as such, true blind ones.

Those who look up the books and delve deeply into them become completely disillusioned and say: “I am just the same”.

Deceitfulness is all that which cannot provide a solution for itself, from where it came and to where it is going, the why of the world´s existence, the why of everything. Deceitful means: enchanted, enigmatic, mysterious; starting with one´s being ignorant of how it originated and ended in other things. Deceit is the reason for all the confusions, for all the struggles and for all the evil there exists in the world, for knowing nothing, learning nothing and being certain of nothing.

In the brilliance of hopes, all of you have long been living full of hopes, stuffed with limitless hopes, many of them, due to the variations, turning into dreams of flowers from the enchantment, from the thousand plus thoughts, in the cogitations of the dream´s realizations, in order to assuage the shackles of the desires.

Life will only be good when it is Rationally lived by means of the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION knowledge. The immunization does not take anyone´s freedom, rather, it gives a balanced freedom. With the Immunization, the greediness, the envy, the pride, the ambition, the treachery, and the jealousy cease.   

The RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will give the human being a normal life in everything with a complete regulation for the perfect equilibrium of the living creature.

The thought will be transformed into Reasoning because you are immunized, and this way, everyone will live in a march different from this one, which has long being going on in the world. RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is the human being´s greatest treasure. And thus, shining days, shining hours, joyful days, joyful hours, shining steps and joyful steps culminatingly multiplied.



This is where the exit is. In the constant and attentive reading of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture.

Praise be to the Divine Providence who provided the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION for the salvation of all living creatures who wish to understand what RATIONAL CULTURE is, studying and researching keenly this Masterly Transcendental Work transmitted by God, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, to His Representative on Earth, by Him designated and sent to this world of matter: Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, in Rio de Janeiro, then the capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

The full Work is comprised of a little over 1000 volumes, composed by the 21 volumes of the Work itself – the first volume already encompasses the meaning of the whole Scripture; the Replica; the Treplica and the Historic, all of them printed in the facilities of the Rational Graphic, in the Rational Ashram, near the City of Nova Iguaçu, state of Rio de Janeiro.


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