Who was born in the Rational Phase, therefore from 1935 onwards, was born to follow NATURE´S NATURAL LINE of the Rational Apparatus, in the quality of Apologist of the Reasoning. And as an apologist of the Reasoning, duly protected, supported and guided by the SUPERIOR ASTRAL, by the RATIONAL MEDIATING ENERGY.

And who follows that most elevated line, must work with determination with himself, for his Rational development, putting to work his Reasoning machine, the greatest power that we count in our head, in the isthmus of the midbrain, in the Pineal gland .

It is when the living creature opens the Gate of Eternity to himself, having to take on, alone, all the day-to-day actions inside the RATIONAL LINE, in order to be successful in that ETERNAL LIGHT enterprise, until coming to prosper in it. 

That prosperity goes to the point of living faithfully to the Transcendental Knowledge acquired through the reading of the BOOK of the ETERNAL LIGHT, “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT”, the Rational Knowledge converted into RATIONAL ENERGY.

To be an  Apologist of the Reasoning  is an enterprise of the most sublime and highest importance, which does not require any sacrifice of any kind, for it happens to be something of the living creature´s nature that he ignored, for it depends only on his daily reading in his own home or wherever he is.

Add to that, the advantage that this development does not conflict with anything which the living creature already knows, for it is the continuation at the UNIVERSAL SUPREMACY level, of all the knowledge developed in the philosophical and scientific culture,  by the human imagination and thought, a phase that has already ended since 1935, therefore it is in a failing and liquidating phase.  

It is, therefore, the proper Culture for the Third Millennium, the Rational Culture, for the development of our Third Vision.

And that development will give us the privilege of returning to our true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, where time is not limited, eternity rules, and the reason why the equilibrium is perfect and constant among everyone who inhabits there.

Hence, there is no suffering.

Up there, everyone is pure, clean and perfect Rationals, for they were generated, created and maintained by the Creator, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the Superior Entity of the RATIONAL WORLD, HE being then, as a consequence, the true GOD of this second world where we are, which was originated from the First World, the RATIONAL WORLD.      

That inedited Rational development consists, in summary, in the development of the Reasoning which is  a RATIONAL ENERGY  materialized   in the Pineal gland, in the development of the Rational Clairvoyance, in the development of the Rational Apparatus and in the development of the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, who is materialized in the form of Reasoning machine.

And what is, then, the Rational Culture´s aim?

It is the return of humankind to its true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, through the RATIONAL ENERGY, which is the one that connects the human being to the RATIONAL WORLD.

For a better understanding, let us consider the RATIONAL WORLD as the eternal life´s MATRIX, and this world that we inhabit, its passing life´s subsidiary.

The subsidiary now makes contact with the MATRIX and returns to its natural state of eternal life, through the development of the Reasoning, which is achieved through the permanent and persistent daily reading of the Book of Rational Culture “Universe in Disenchantment”.

And with the arrival on Earth of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment”, a link was established between the two worlds making them two in one only, placing the second world of Nature under the ruling of the RATIONAL ENERGY. That caused the thinker´s disequilibrium who needs to harmonize himself with Nature´s new phase, the Rational Phase of the Third Millennium.

That was required in order to continue to count upon  Nature´s protection, safety and orientation, which is in her  Rational evolution, otherwise the thinkers would fail and collapse, as fully proven with proofs and verifications of the moral, physical and financial disequilibrium around the world.

Just as the MATRIX is from Above, we down here are from there too, for all of us came from there, both visible and invisible.

Invisible, you said?

Yes, for  this second world that we live in, is led by the invisibles of the space, reason why we did not create anything, everything was created by the electromagnetic irradiations of the invisibles of the space.  

And how was that connection of the second world to the First World made?     

 The living creature acquires the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, starts to read and study it and through the RATIONAL ENERGY contained as a materialized form in the Scripture, for being transcendental, fluidizes during the reading and is transferred to the student´s head, penetrating his Pineal gland where the materialized Reasoning resides, in the form of Reasoning machine. That is the beginning of the slow dematerialization process of the Inhabitant.

That Reasoning machine materialized in his Pineal gland, (who is you) plus some other Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, eternities ago, exited the RATIONAL WORLD and entered several times by their own account a part of the plain which was not ready to enter into progress. They were called to attention by our FATHER, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, but gave no heed to His calls.

The consequence of that blatant disrespect to the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING, was the detachment and the descent of that part of the plain together with everyone who were in it, their bodies of RATIONAL ENERGY losing their virtues until extinguishing themselves in the beginning of the materialization process of the earth and of the water.

The, unique, pure, clean and perfect Rational Energy from which we were formed, just in that pre-materialization final moment, materialized in the form of Reasoning machine, forming the Pineal gland where it cloistered itself.

All that made in the beginning of the earth and the water, a result of the RATIONAL PLAIN which was not ready, and that, with the degeneration, divided itself into two distinct energies, magnetic and electric, forming the imagination machine and the thought machine , which came to rule, then,  the Rational animal life in the matter.

 In case the person does not develop his Reasoning, the return to the RATIONAL WORLD will not happen and there will be a reversion of the living creature´s destiny and the heading will come to be vertically downwards, to inferior classes where only the irrationals of the animal, vegetal and mineral kingdoms inhabit. Everything and everyone under the rigid control of the magnetic.

It is important to learn the difference between the conscious Rational animal and the unconscious Rational animal. The latter only negotiates on the “give-and-take, take-and-give” basis. Reasoning never negotiates anything: it is on the basis of: TO BE or NOT TO BE; IT IS or IT IS NOT.

And which are the goals of the Apologist of the Reasoning?

1.To study and deepen himself into the Rational Knowledge, reading, re-reading and researching the Rational Scripture “Universe in Disenchantment”.

2.Make notes of what he learned during the study, to apply later in his life; as regards his remaining doubts, wait to enquire later to more advanced students.

3.Divulge the Rational Culture to whomever, in all manners, forms and ways.

4.Participate in caravans and Rational Band parades.

5.Divulge the Rational Culture through the internet, by means of Blogs, videoconferences, or social nets, remembering that the greatest merit of the Apparatus for his ascension to the RATIONAL WORLD is doing good to all regardless, and not wishing to your brother what you do not wish to yourself.

6.Live in simplicity, humbly.

7.Be patient, confident and persistent, mirroring Nature’s own Rational behavior, therefore integrated to Her in her new and last phase in the matter, the Rational Phase.

8.Keep in mind the watchword:


DESCEND NEVER: to the IRRATIONALITY of the lower classes.

9.Have in mind that the Entrepreneur of the Reasoning is a representative on Earth of his MATRIX which is in the RATIONAL WORLD, and as such, it is his duty to perform these obligations with the RATIONALITY that the phase exacts.

10.Never abandon the dematerialization process of the development of the Reasoning machine, so as to fully comply with the first paragraph of your Company´s Statute: “Return to where you came out from and belong: to your MATRIX, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Keep the RATIONAL ENSIGN always draping in the highest mast.

Walk in the RATIONAL LINE all the time, so that at a certain moment of your lifetime it is unveiled to you the short cut that definitely shrinks the distance  between the two worlds, diminishing the time of return and accelerating the ascension process to the RATIONAL WORLD.

It is of the highest importance for everyone to acknowledge the difference between the free- thinker and the one who is seeking his development in the Reasoning Line.

The thinker is an amateur of life, for he knows nothing and for that reason, lives from the illusions and from the arts, from the prestige that the appearances grant him. He lives the ephemerid of an innocuous life, that has beginning and end, for everything in the matter is thus.

Therefore, how much worth the thinker´s life is? Zero, nothing really, for he loses in everything  for lack of life’s true knowledge, erring more than making it right, not subtracting anything consistent for a good and beautiful living!

The thinker is an inveterate materialist under the guardianship of the magnetic, ignoring it, and if he does not perceive, sooner or later he will be inexorably dragged by the malignant to inferior classes of life. The RATIONAL  SUPERIOR, as HE already did several times in the past, alerts the unwary: “free thinkers, do not try to negotiate your lives with the magnetic, for no one beats the malignant in the give-and-take game”!

On the other hand, the Apologist of the Reasoning is linked and protected by the World of his true Origin, knows himself by the verse and the obverse, already disenchanted himself, and for being a machine, works for the benefit of himself as well as for the remaining, as a Rational Culture student, so as to graduate at the level he once was: of a pure, clean and perfect being, a much dignified and honored representative of the RATIONAL WORLD on Earth; a Rational Being.

There it is, then, the importance and the magnitude of the Apologist of the Reasoning on Earth. Performing his mission with the integrity of a Rational in order to deserve the most elevated consecration: the eternal purity, cleanliness, and perfection from his true world, the RATIONAL WORLD.

And in order to make possible all these opportunities to come to us human beings, loudly and personally, Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH, descended to this degenerated, degraded and polluted world, presenting Himself divested of His divine extra cosmic  garments, such as any suffering and mortal human being, however, with a proviso; his REASONING in full functioning capacity, the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING, to make in person, here in this Brazilian Brazil, the greatest and most important disclosure ever made from the First World to the Second.

Leaving here the greatest cosmological and cosmogonic masterpiece, totally inedited, in its                                                                                                       over 1000 Books of the Transcendental Scripture “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT”. That inedited and Devine event, determined that BRAZIL became the LAND OF PROMISE as well as the future headquarters of the RATIONAL PARADISE here in the Planet.

Only then, whenever that happens, humankind will understand and comprehend: why GOD, not by chance, is Brazilian; why the human being is an Astrological Center; and the why the Universe gyrates around our planet, the geocentrism theorized by Ptolemy (90 aC – 168 aC) duly confirmed by the Rational Culture; and not the reverse, having the sun as the center, the heliocentrism, a more recent theory confirmed by Kepler and Galileo Galilee, according to the belief in those days, which still prevails.

Let us be, then, feverous apologists of the Reasoning, in the performance of our new TERRENE MISSION, and true collaborators of the RATIONAL WORLD, thus contributing for the acceleration of the peoples´ Rationalization, thus making the process of mass ascension possible to be attained, as foreseen in the masterpiece “UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT” of Rational Culture.


Praise be to the DIVINE PROVIDENCE!




Contacts and book orders can be done by the following emails:


or  by phone:

 (562) 818-4731


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