The origin of matter is in the magnetic force that comes from the water. In the water are all the fluids of the evil, and that which is evil is material.

The water only produces the evil, which is material, but if the water did not exist, there would not be this life, which is material. Therefore, from the water comes the whole of this seeming everything,  for that reason all the beings are nothing but standing “water-tanks”, they melt because they transform themselves into water!

What are we made of?

Of water, of the spermatozoon that is a liquid, originated from the water, and because of that we are made of water, and when we die, we turn to water. From our body, the vapor which is the fluid comes out and turns to water. The vapor, fluid of the evil, because of being material, is originated from the water. The material being is a fetid, loathsome thing, without qualification, with seeming value only, but the   appearance is not the truth!

What is spermatozoon?

It is a tiny water drop and from this infinitesimal  of water we are made, and following that, we transform ourselves into the water again when we die. For that reason all that which starts from the water ends up in water and not in dust as many dare say: “From the dust thy came and to the dust thy will return.” But everything comes from the water and not from the dust, for the water is everything and dust is nothing.

In the fluid of the water are all the colors. The white fluid of the water makes the white one, the black fluid makes the black one, the yellow fluid makes the yellow one etc., etc.

The water transforms itself, because of that all the beings produced by the water are deformed, are beings of the evil, material, of this deformation.  The water always transforms itself, because of that, besides being deformed, it is irregular. Thus we have fresh water, salt water, ferruginous water, sulphuric water and all the species of water.

A part of the plain (* 1) turned to water and the water, in turn, deformed itself into all the things existing in this world. That being so, water is everything, and dust, the soil, is nothing; for that reason dust dissolves in water.

In the spermatozoon – which is from the water – is everything of our body: the hair, the skin, the nails, the blood, the nerves, the bones, in short, all the organs and all the cells.

The electro-magnetic assembly belongs to this deformation where we are born and we die. Therefore our body is a system identical to the nature which has made it, nature that is also electric and magnetic. The electric part is the fire that burns and destroys, and the magnetic part is the water that builds and forms everything. The magnetic force is the water, it builds that which is of evil or material, deformed. And the electric force is the fire, it destroys everything, causing everything to turn into vapor and following that, into water again.

Therefore, in magnetism is the evil, the material. Thus, the philosophies, the sciences belong  to the enchantment (*2 )from the formation of this evil assembly fire and water – from this deformed assembly. That is why everyone in the world  is going from bad to worse and more and more the disequilibrium increasing.

And now, the living creature asks: “What would it be of all in the world who are based on these forces of evil, these two material forces, the electric force and the magnetic force, if it had not arrived now, for everyone, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION to equilibrate everyone? What would it be of everyone in these conditions?”

The destruction of everyone, the total destruction would happen, because the evil, by itself, destroys itself. And that is why the unconsciousness is very great in the world, and the unconscious one does not know what he is talking about and even less what he is doing.

But now, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION has appeared in the world and it has appeared in Brazil for the salvation of everyone.


Read the Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, the True Origin of Mankind.


(* 1) Rational Plain, part of the TOP WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD, which gave origin to the world we are in.

(* 2) Appearances


Contacts and book orders can be done by the following emails:


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 (562) 818-4731


(*)  Text in Portuguese:

Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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  1. Mary Sana disse:

    The world is really a mad house and the greater part of its inhabitants does not perceive what life is in this lowered deleterious and perishable, and at each day, month, year, it goes more and more the way of SELF DESTRUCTION, for it is EVIL, it is MATTER, not being able to exert a positive function.
    There is no way something that has no SUSTENANCE can guarantee happiness, health, quietness, and the concretizing with perfection projects that the INFANTS idealize. This is so visible, for we have been millions of years in the planet without ever noticing that someone has accomplished his ideals, kept himself plainly happy and healthy, or being able to vanquish death.
    This “irony” must be mentioned to ADVERT ourselves about the deceitful periods of pastime in which we live awaiting our maturing.
    A living creature prepared by the lapidation of the mismatches of life, starts to question it to find the way to its ORGANIZATION.
    What we have been watching since the world is known as such, is the degeneration of the physical bodies, because the WATER is present in greater part of their composition, suffers with time its DECOMPOSITION.
    The start of life already announces that it will DEPAUPERATE, for the same Nature which made us, kills us.
    Here, in this fanciful life, nothing is taken advantage of, except what links us to the eternal life, providing sense to our days, when we come to become CONSCIENTIOUS of where we came from and how we can return to OUR TRUE NATURAL, which has no similarity whatsoever to the material being´s VULNERABILITY.
    ETERNITY is imprisoned in the Pineal Gland and when that CHANNEL OPENS ITSELF, then yes, we come to know and to live with LIFE, with the REASONING, the TRUE FRIEND who goes on ORIENTING, PROVING AND REGISTERING, that we dreamed with eyes opened, that we were some kind of walking dead beings.
    “Universe in Disenchantment”, only that COMPENDIUM OF THE TRUTH OF THE TRUTHS can DISENCHANT the animal being, for it TALKS with the LIVING PART of each one of us, LIFE´S ETERNAL AND ABSOLUTE OWNER: the REASONING.
    LET US WAKE UP, whilst time there is for the DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING to SAVE us!

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    • nalub7 disse:

      What a brilliant Rational comment about that so splendorous message of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR about the being´s formation. The message is found right at the end of the first Basic Work volume of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture.
      In spite of that, due to the colossal magnetic charges accumulated inside ourselves eternities ago through the constant degenerations, it became necessary that the RATIONAL SUPERIOR dictated twenty more Basic Work volumes totaling 21 Books; then, 21 basic volumes of the Replication (proof of the Basic Work books); then, 21 of the Rebutter books, and still 943 Books of the Historic, which are the complementation of the Suppletive Work (Basic, Replication and Rebutter).
      All that to make us see the evident revelation that is brought to us in this message of the first Basic Volume, “Universe in Disenchantment”. However, the smashing majority cannot perceive it due to our advanced degenerative, deforming, polluting and weakening state.
      This was caused by the disobedience we incurred millions of millennia ago, a result of the unfolding of the primary disobedience, when we turned our backs to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the true GOD, and decided to use our free will beyond the eternal Life´s boundaries, which caused the great disaster.
      That disaster was the formation of an inverted world, imperfect, full of defects, transitory and passing, in constant transformations, inside an electromagnetic evil ring (which we, ourselves, caused), made of water and fire, where water destroys and forms, whilst fire destroys, forming an interrupt partnership for the liquidation of everyone and everything.
      Surely, after many years of that magnanimous Work of Rational Culture in the hands of so many people, time became ripe for all of us to come and study “the formation of the being” message, which is enough and sufficient for everyone to change their behavior for the better, turning our backs to the matter, fraternizing with everything and everyone, stopping the complains and living the remaining years of our lives ashamed and thinking day and night and night and day of the arrival of the RATIONAL POSITIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, which came to liberate us from darkness and from absolute unconsciousness.
      And who does not attain that condition is because he has already identified himself with the matter and, for that reason, will continue to want to be better than anyone else, for judging himself better than GOD, or being “god” himself.
      That is because he is not able to notice nor realize that the ALMIGHTY acts as always in a fraternal way and not as a MASTER of his sons, who are ourselves.
      Congratulations Mary, for the beautiful comment!

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