Division weakens everything and everyone who was and continues to be divided. And when the world and its inhabitants´ lives reaches the chaotic point of monstrosities, to the point of each one caring less for the misfortune of his brother in benefit of himself, that is a sign that the division reached the absurd and the backwardness´ maximum tolerance point, where no one withstands any longer that kind of living, for the suffering coming to be the greatest brilliant of everyone´s lives.

And in that circumstance it becomes proved and verified the total inversion of values adopted by rulers, legislators, businessmen, workers and families generally speaking.


Because LIFE, truly as it is, does not have two sides, does not admit divisions, for GOD, its absolute OWNER, is one only.

And as the living creatures understand differently, they come to develop the thought without GOD, the irrational thought, moving away from the SUPREME FORCE superior to everything and everyone, which keeps the unity of everything and everyone in ONE only BEING, the RATIONAL BEING, who does no lean to any side.

Negativity originates from the division of the living creatures who base themselves on the material being, for the material being was born from the division of a RATIONAL BEING, which divided itself in two parts, one positive apparent and the other negative. These two opposite parts, the electric and magnetic, for millions of millennia continued to divide themselves infinitely, until the human beings exhausted of being commanded by them, went back to the essential and real life, which is the UNIT, which is reached by the development of the Reasoning, which is to “love GOD above everything and everyone, and your neighbor as you love yourself, doing the good, irrespectively”.

It is returning to the UNITY, through everyone´s unit through the development of the Reasoning  that humankind will conquer the GREAT VICTORY over the division that puts brother against brother, placing matter in its due place and us , sons of GOD, united to HIM and consequently, together with HIM.

Thus, together, we are the UNIVERSAL SUPREME FORCE, solving in the blink of an eye all the crucial problems of the world resulting from the division.

Detached from HIM we stay linked to the matter, being nothing, worth nothing, and continuing the problems multiplication always bigger and monstrous.


Because GOD is a RATIONAL SUPERIOR TO EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, having TRUE  ABSOLUTE SAPIENCE and consequently the solution for everything and everyone, and for that reason, the ones linked and together with HIM, also come to have the solution of everything in their lives, given by HIM.

And for being HIM a SUPERIOR RATIONAL BEING, HE does not interfere in one´s free will of the INFERIOR RATIONALS, otherwise HE would not be respecting the freedom of HIS sons, a freedom which came to the extreme of disrespecting each other.

Freedom is Nature´s imperative and Nature does not negotiate its rights: sawed the good, reap the good.

Therefore, GOD expects that each one becomes aware by oneself, that without HIM we are nothing, for us to understand, that for being originated by GOD, who is a RATIONAL BEING, we will only get out of that chaotic situation in which we are in this world, with HIS development inside ourselves, which is the development of the Reasoning, the development of the RATIONAL BEING, which only , and just only can be  achieved through loving GOD and your neighbor.

And that is the DIVINE BASIC LAW, RATIONAL, which must rule everyone´s life, in all situations and conditions, at home, at work, in the everyday life with everyone and everything and, therefore, indispensable for the success, for the victory, for the happiness and for the peace of RULERS, LEGISLATORS, BUSINESSMEN, WORKERS AND FAMILIES.

All that is proved and verified to whom it may concern, for will is free, in the Books of Rational Culture, “Universe in Disenchantment”, dictated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR to the people of the Earth, from 1935 to 1988, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, having the Brazilians the odd and sacred mission to divulge that grandiosity to all the peoples of the Earth, for we all are brothers of the same race, sons of GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, with no seconds or thirds.

GOD received various names, according to each nation´s culture, but names are not important, as it is of no importance, for instance the name that is given to an orange in Portuguese. It is the same orange in the English speaking countries where it is known by “orange”.

That difference of names is due to the material classification of things and beings, which must not interfere in the perception’s natural feeling that one has about the fruit, which is the same the world over.

To see that the division has nothing to do with the natural reality. And since reality is childishly influenced by the apparent values that classify everything and everyone, people cannot see that RATIONALLY, we are all equal, sons of the same FATHER, wishing peace and happiness without finding it.

As long as we are linked to the matter, which only divides and weakens everyone through the undue adoption of the magnetic thought, the evil thought, which is a provisory passing state, everything is pure lie. It does not correspond to the Rational reality of that suffering humankind, which has been selfish against itself, for thinking magnetically, and receiving the change for his backward thought, which is the suffering.

In conclusion: in Brazil, we are one step away to the consummation of the general good, missing only everyone´s clarification about the development of the Reasoning, continuing the evolution of everything that is goodness that was Rationally developed  by the world civilization, ignoring what distorts of that goodness, continuity and evolution that will place all institutions in the glorious apex of its true natural function, which is the RATIONAL function, complying  universally with its point of TRUTH.

All that having as a starting point the nation of Brazil, and from Brazil over to the World.

And thus, all nations will become ONE ONLY through the development of the Reasoning, the Rational Apotheosis: EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN FULL EQUILIBRIUM – for Nature will calm down, happy with humankind unified , putting an end to the natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanoes  eruptions, killing drought periods, killing cold spells, terrible illnesses. Also extinguishing insects and harmful animals that harm life on Earth, just remaining the irrationals that contribute to the ecological equilibrium.

This is the world´s future, eternally happy under the ALMIGHTY GOD´s  unique ruling, for only HE knows how to orient rulers, legislators, businessmen, workers and families about how to put everything in their proper places, orderly and disciplinarily , so that everyone lives fully balanced, loving each other and building peace, fraternity and universal concord of ONE for all and all for ONE, through the development of the Reasoning.

For us to achieve all that in a relative short time everyone must update culturally according to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR messages, to become aware of how to live in line with the Third Millennium Rational Phase, which is promoting the Rationalization of the peoples, where everyone will come to know the world of our true race, which is RATIONAL, knowing how to return in life to our True World, which is the RATIONAL WORLD, through the development of the Reasoning.




Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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  1. Mary Sana disse:

    That text may be considered a SENSIBLE ALERT and still in time for all the peoples on Earth!
    Independent of the race´s of socio-cultural position, the several societies of the world are more or less in the same degree, disorganized, and that is due to the heads being disconnected from the CONCERNING GOVERNMENT to the Third Millennium.
    Since the year 1935, the Universe VIBRATES in the RATIONAL ENERGY frequency, which is the TRUE GOD Energy.
    Therefore, it is necessary that everyone gets to know,(whilst there is a possibility of recuperation), that the COMMAND of that phase, the Rational Phase is of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, who is a Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, an energy Superior to all energies.
    The planet is not yet under the SHELTER of the SUPREME BEING to everyone and everything, for freedom is an imperative of Nature and all the living beings are free to make their choices.
    The REPRESENTATIVE OF THE RATIONAL WORLD, LORD MANOEL JACINTHO COELHO, (1903-1991), RESPONSIBLE for the edition of the Books “Universe in Disenchantment”, discharged HIS DUTY, making it available Universally for a reflexive study the RATIONAL WORK.
    The RATIONAL KNOWLEDGE clarifies that it is fundamental to reason for the preservation of all species of life, mainly the human race, for carrying in their heads the Pineal gland, the INTELLIGENCE´s BRILLIANT and ETERNAL LIFE kept in everyone´s brain.
    That MARVELOUS REALITY, is going to be consummated; Earth will be a TRUE RATIONAL PARADISE, but depends on the REACH, COMPREHENSION and AQUIESCENCE, on the part of the people when receiving our divulgence. The greater their number to promptly absorb and feel MOTHER NATURE´S message who never STOPS for time is PRESSING, the better for them and for the GLOBAL REMAKING.
    It is fundamental to emphasize that without suffering, the enchanted Rational animal does not look for the UNIVERSAL SUPREMACY, and for being him an infant, the overwhelming majority only remembers GOD in the adversity, which undresses our impotence before HIM.

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    • nalub7 disse:

      Very grateful, Mary for this beautiful complementation of the text, where it becomes more evident the preoccupation of those who study RATIONAL CULTURE with the ones who have not yet decided for IT. That is because they ignore that since 1935 Nature vibrates in another energetic frequency already confirmed by Earth´s Science, or as a consequence of their disinterest for everything related to Nature.
      I hope there is still time for the majority to get to know themselves through the development of the Reasoning, for it is sad to see our brothers going into a moral, physical and financial failure, for neglecting what is most valuable in the world: the return to our True NATURAL state, through the development of the Reasoning.

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  2. Sonia Regina Pereira disse:

    We are in the Third Millennium Era, thus being fundamental and primordial the development of the Rational Being, who is materialized in the form of Reasoning machine in the Pineal gland, which is located in the isthmus of the mesencephalon in the center of the head of the human being .
    Therefore, through the study of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment”, the person connects to the rational energy and acquires the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, which provides the True Knowledge and the equilibrium, as well as the possibility of the Universal Concord.

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    • nalub7 disse:

      Most certainly, Sonia. Because all human beings are of Rational origin , from the RATIONAL WORLD, and are out of their natural state, thinking and imagining.
      Rational, Reasons!
      Beast, thinks, imagines!
      Then, to return to our true natural state, which is of pure, clean and perfect Rationals, only with the development of the Reasoning, which is abbreviated with the reading and study of the Books of the Reasoning “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, Nature´s natural Culture.

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