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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)



 Death is Nature´s natural transformation. To see how death is important for the transformation of the passing life into eternal life.

Death is a way chosen by Nature for the living creature to return to his true world, the Rational World, the eternal life´s Paradise.

The rush is great running after all the inedited scriptures, everyone looking for the knowledge ignored by everyone, for they are looking for the solution, looking for something new, from a culture that may save humankind.

And the solution is there, in the development of the Reasoning, in the Rational Phase of the Third Millennium, in the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, the culture that will make possible the confraternization of all the peoples and of all the races in one only. Nature´s natural evolution.

And what it is the unknown?

The unknown is what the person does not foresee and if it happens is because the living creature does not know himself. All the machines need to work to get where they wish, to get where it is required, which is where your true natural state of being is, of pure, clean and perfect Rational.

And since this is a natural movement to attain the natural, there is no effort or sacrifice nor impossible, for everything becomes possible when connected to the most powerful energy of all energies: the Rational Energy.

Those connected to the Rational Energy are already classified in the Rational Apparatus category, for they have attained the highest point in their life in the matter, for they know it, know its value and know how to get out of it. They know how to stop being a nothing to be an everything in your true world, the Rational World, pure, clean and perfect, in its progress of purity.    

The remnants of the second millennium phase, remain “cannon tampions of the magnetic”, who laughs his head off when he sees them transforming themselves at each shot of his mortiferous weapon, downing one by one, that when fallen, descend immediately to inferior classes, already deprived of their Reasoning.

That is how the magnetic rules in the second millennium, destroying the remnants that are carefree with themselves, ignorant of themselves, thinking (they still think!) of being what they are not, for appearances are not truths.

And everyone who ignores himself is in the magnetic´s radar screen, for they do nothing to know themselves and to know the why they are in that situation, unattainable, dominated by the beguiling of the artificial and natural life, ignoring why.

Only those who came to understand these things came to know who the thought is and who the imagination and the Reasoning are.

To live not knowing oneself is to live being lapidated inclemently by the magnetic who also has a last mission to accomplish: to clear the Third Millennium Phase for everyone´s return to the First World, by removing all of those who still insist in thinking and imagining, making room for the ones who insist to Reason, for they already know themselves.

That is the magnetic´s last cleaning mission on Earth, for his retirement time is approaching and he already glimpses his return to the RATIONAL PLAIN from where he came 21 eternities ago, for everyone was, is and will always be sons of GOD.

The magnetic is already in the process of knowing himself. And if he is coming to know himself he is also coming to know the Reasoning as his natural state of being, and as such he is already glimpsing the existence of a Superior World and the existence of his true origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN, for as a deformed Rational Energy he also is Nature´s son, who in turn is GOD´s daughter.

The magnetic is not, then a strange in the nest, for he is a legitimate son of the energy that generated him in that deformed way, since as a formidable deformed energy derived from a much stronger energy he is equipped to fulfill what was determined by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

Upon accomplishing his mission he will reacquire his original corporeal form of pure, clean and perfect Rational Energy and return to his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Evolution is a joint and whole move of everything and everyone, for being harnessed to one energy only, the Rational Energy, with which everyone comes to Reason:

Rational: Reasoning – Reasoning: Rational

Only who has a well developed Reasoning can define the Reasoning and who feels the effects of this development, feels the interior peace transmitted by it. This most beautiful sentiment is only brought to the innermost of the person through the development of the Reasoning that later glitters outwardly: the Rational Aura!

Praise be to the Divine Providence that provided the Third Millennium for everyone who wants to save himself.

Praise be to the DIVINE PROVIDENCE that provided the inferior classes to save the remnants who stayed back with a dried thought and no Reasoning whatsoever.

Praise be to GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, Who provided for all the sufferers, all the wounded and all the dead in the first and second millennium, the possibility  for everyone to remain safe and sound in the Third Millennium.




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