Eternity exists and is proved and verified, by the revelation, whose arrival on Earth was announced by the men of good heart, who lived among us many centuries ago, known as sages and prophets.

The revelation had its spokes-person on Earth, born in December 30, 1903, Master Manoel Jacintho Coelho, carioca from the former Federal District of Brazil, prepared by Nature since his birth until 1935, so that the TRUTH of the truths completed all knowledge  developed by humankind, liberating everything and everyone by the rebuilding of the world, through the development of the Reasoning of the Rational animals, making possible everyone´s return to the TRUE LOVE, that only exists in the RATIONAL WORLD, the WORLD OF THE ETERNALS.

In eternity there is no room for death, of any kind. For that reason, it is in eternity that we find the TRUE LOVE, reason for the existence of the SUPERIOR WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD the world of life´s reason.

We are, everything and everyone, originated in that SUPREME WORLD, where we came out from by our free  and spontaneous will, turning our backs to the EVERYTHING and giving cause to the NOTHING, which is that underworld where we stayed lost, by the transformations that we went through, becoming unconscious of the TRUE LOVE, of our true origin. And from that NOTHING, we constituted this APPARENT EVERYTHING, where everything has limited duration: to be born, grow up and disappear – which is death´s life, the life of the matter. It is not the true life.

Where life is apparent, everything that exists in it is also apparent. And where the appearance rules, the TRUE LOVE cannot exist, it is only suffering and pain, caused by falsity, by hypocrisy, by treason of illusion and fantasy, thinking that the natural of life may exist where death rules.

Abandoning the true love means death of all that is good and beautiful. And it was that death that caused the condemnation to perdition of some Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, who multiplied themselves until nowadays, in this underworld. And those ”some Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD” are all of us who today fight to survive in this underworld.

We are the causers ourselves of our condemnation, sentenced by our joys and wills – and we did not know, nor knew how to get out of that crossroads.

In December 30, 1903, the SUPREME OF THE RATIONAL WORLD, for being the TRUE LOVE, the SUPREME LOVE, who has always been watching us from ABOVE from the RATIONAL WORLD, so that this great penitentiary, which is this underworld that we caused, did not implode itself for the so many horrors that we caused, decided to rescue His sons, giving everyone the opportunity to return to the WORLD OF THE ETERNALS, the RATIONAL WORLD.

And so it was, that HE projected himself in this world of matter, appearing like a beast like ourselves, but without being a beast, to save all the beasts of the ground, who are all of us, who turned our backs on HIM 21 eternities ago.

And thus, to give mankind the lost POSITIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, HE dictated, from 1935 to 1990, the inedited messages about Humankind´s True Origin and the formation of this second world, which we caused, detailing the why of the visible and the invisible, so that humankind came to understand and comprehend the RIGHT and the STRAIGHT  of each BEING, developing each one in oneself the sublime will of wanting to see everything and everyone in their due places, according to the natural laws of the Superior Nature and, through that sublime will, feel the necessity  to collaborate for the rebuilding of the underworld, until this underworld returns to be the pure, clean and perfect PART that it was in the SUPREME WORLD.

And everyone, imbued and conscious of that holly duty towards the SUPREME POWER TO EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, will abbreviate, in an instant, the RATIONALIZATION OF THE PEOPLES, which is everyone knowing the TRUE WORLD of its race, the RATIONAL WORLD, knowing how to return to IT, through the development of the Reasoning, for everyone is of RATIONAL RACE and, for that reason, we are all brothers.

The development of the Reasoning is the detachment of the material being and the linking to the TRUE GOD energy, the RATIONAL ENERGY through the reading of the “Universe in Disenchantment”, making it possible for that material being return to what he has to be – RATIONAL – after the whole humankind rationalizes itself and returns to its pure, clean and perfect Rational natural state, with its progress of purity, that being the Rational animal´s true natural.

The return to our true natural state in the RATIONAL WORLD is the return to the TRUE LOVE, that everyone looked for here on Earth and did not find.

And who could reveal to us all that except the TRUE GOD?!

See, then, friends, the importance of this December 30, 1903, which opened on Earth the ETERNITY´S door for everyone who always dreamed to find and enter that PORTAL.

Words do not exist in the matter to thank this gift of such grandeur, of odd magnitude, who only the TRUE GOD, who is the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING, as well as the ENERGY SUPERIOR TO ALL ENERGIES, only HIM could give us, because HE is the POWER OF THE POWERS, that identifies for all humankind in simple message, concise and most beautiful, which we transcribe from HIS Encyclopedic WORK, “Universe in Disenchantment” of RATIONAL CULTURE:




At last GOD identified Himself and we have here, the TRUE GOD´s identity.

If HE identified Himself it is because he is watching the Earth.

And here is HIS identity in the Books “Universe in Disenchantment”.

What is the most powerful force in the world?


The most powerful force of the world is the Rational Force, for everything that exists is of Rational Origin.

Then, the Power of the Powers is Rational and for you to find  everything that you desire, only in the Rational Knowledge. Then, Rational is the origin and in the origin is the Power of the powers.

Soon all mankind, some sooner, others later, will take notice of one´s true origin, for if the world is of Rational origin, the most powerful force of the world is Rational, because this world is originated in that force.

Then, it is in the Rational word the Power of the powers, the All Powerful who is the true GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, for if we are of Rational Origin, the True GOD is RATIONAL, a Superior Being of our origin, and for being Superior treats Himself as RATIONAL SUPERIOR.



Praise be to the TRUE GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR!

Praise be to the 30th December day, birth of the TRUE LOVE for humankind, represented by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR´s spokes-person on Earth: Master Manoel Jacintho Coelho!

Praise be to the Rational Phase of the Third Millennium, the phase of the development of the Reasoning, to illuminate and save mankind and the invisible ones of the spiritual world who surrendered themselves to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR and collaborated with HIM for the return of everything and everyone to its true natural state of everything and everyone, in the RATIONAL WORLD!

Enter, friends, the ETERNITY portal, making the passage from 2019 to 2020 reading the book “Universe in Disenchantment” and guaranteeing your reunion with the TRUE LOVE, TRUE GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, through the development of the Reasoning!



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or  by phone:

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